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Top Websites for Branded Content in Ukraine has gathered all the mass media in Ukraine on one page. Get your business story published with a few clicks.

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According to the Ukrainian Internet Association, there are 21 million Internet users in the country. But electronic mass media from Ukraine is also read in Russia, Belarus, the USA, Germany, the Netherlands and Kazakhstan.

List of all media in Ukraine

The main language of the media sites in Ukraine is the official language of the country, Ukrainian. Most of the Internet resources are also written in Russian, which all residents of the country speak proficiently. Some sites publish articles in English, and the Ukrinform news platform has moved even further: their articles are reproduced in seven languages, including Chinese.

Most popular sites in Ukraine:

  • — the first in importance among Ukrainian informational and news resources. The site presents economic, social, political and sports topics in detail. Its audience is 36 million people.
  • Оbozrevatel — reports about events in Ukraine and abroad: politics, society, economy, sport, culture. The audience of readers is very diverse, from schoolchildren to business elites, and measures around 34 million people.
  • Segodnya.UA — a daily socio-political publication on the news in Ukraine, Kiev and the world. On this site, you can read up-to-date and current news, opinion articles, and watch exclusive photo-reports. The audience for this publication consists of office workers in Russia and Ukraine, a total of 29 million people.
  • — an information resource that provides up-to-date information on the social and economic situation in Ukraine. Its analytical publications and a large database of video materials are of regular interest to 26 million readers.

How to post and distribute press release in Ukraine

The international platform provides all the data on the news and theme-specific websites in the country, including site traffic and SEO metrics. It is only necessary for you to add material that meets the conditions of publication on the selected sites, and the team will ensure the release of the material precisely within the agreed-upon timeframe.