How To Get Verified On Instagram

We help you with getting mentions in federal and global media to go through the verification process on Instagram and get the blue badge.

The blue check on Instagram will significantly highlight your profile and give more credibility to your account.

To get verified on Instagram you'll be featured in publications like:

Your account must comply with Instagram rules and should not be noticed in violation of user policy: mass linking or mass following.

Another advantage of the blue badge is the ability to add a link to Stories even for those accounts that have less than 10 thousand subscribers.

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Alexandra Tachalova, Digital Marketing Consultant

Alexandra Tachalova
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What happens when you get verified on instagram?

There have been many talks around this mark since it first appeared on Instagram. Here are some of them: the verified badge increases coverage, prevents you from a shadow ban, mitigates penalties for violations of social network rules, posts from verified accounts quickly go to the top and get updates first and so on.

In fact it works another way. The verified blue badge does not solve any problems and does not help in promoting the account. The only thing it does - confirmes that an account is the authentic presence of the public figure, celebrity or global brand it represents. In other words it confirms that the account is real, not fake. This will prevent you from becoming the hero of a fabricated scandal or attack of fake accounts.

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What Exactly You Should Know To Get Blue Badge On Instagram

What does the blue badge on Instagram mean?

A blue badge or verification icon is a badge that appears next to the Instagram account name, in search and in profile. The presence of a blue badge means that Instagram has confirmed that the account belongs to a specific person. This is usually applied for famous persons, public figures, celebrities or global brands that represent this account. Otherwise, anyone could create an account for the president of their country and post anything, misleading millions of people.

What are the requirements for verifying an account on Instagram?

According to Instagram rules, in order to issue a blue badge for verification, a number of factors are taken into account that determine whether the account meets the public interests and whether they meet the verification criteria.

The principles of compliance are as follows:

  • Authenticity: the account must match the real person or company.
  • Uniqueness: only one account per person or company can be verified.
  • Content: the account must be publicly available, have a biography, profile photo and at least one post. The profile should not contain links to other social networks.
  • Fame: the account should be a well-known person, brand or company, with wide citation in the media (while advertising articles are not accepted for consideration as sources).

If false or misleading information is provided during the verification process, Instagram will remove the verification icon and may delete the account.

How many articles in the media do you need to get verified on Instagram?

There is no exact answer to the question of how many articles you need to provide to Instagram to verify your account. At least because different personalities have different media profiles. A talented surgeon may be less active in social networks and the media space than a politician or a rock star.

However, in practice it’s enough to provide 10-15 links to media references over the past 6 month.

My Instagram Profile Verification Application Was Denied

Instagram declined your verification request? You can reapply for it after 30 days. Don't lose hope! The person needs to have a Wikipedia page or articles on a popular news website proving their credibility and celebrity image to get a blue tick next to their name. That is how PRnews will help you this time.

Instagram and Facebook regularly update their criteria for notability. It has made it more stringent to avoid anyone and everyone from getting verified. In 2021 you need a solid online presence on Google with many news links talking about you, a good, active social media following, and many more factors.

How to Stay Verified on Instagram?

Don’t make your account private after receiving an Instagram verification badge! The main requirement is a public and unlocked account. Stay cool!

Play safe! Don`t forget about Instagram Terms of Use and Community Guidelines. Instagram verification badge does not give you the right to break the rules. Only fully abide by all Instagram policies and guidelines is a key.

Be real! Make sure that your account still represents a real person, organization, or business.

Do not lie. Be authentic and carry utmost genuineness while creating your profile also ensure that your account is duly completed without any missing details.

However, in practice it’s enough to provide 10-15 links to media references over the past 6 month.