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Get extra income from leading brands.

Set your own price. Brands pay in advance, you'll get rewarded after the content is published.

PRNEWS.IO is ready to provide high quality content from trusted customers with a high reputation.

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Monetize your website

Sponsored content on your website is a simple and safe source of extra income.

To get started, you should quote your price for the placement of different types of content on your website.

Selecting your website, the customer makes a prepayment. You will get the payment after the placement of this content.

Free up time for more important things

After achieving a certain level, the websites receive a lot of requests for publishing articles. You need time to filter the poor-quality and controversial content. PRNEWS.IO does this for you. You will get only high-quality content.

You still make the decision wherever you want to publish the text. Before you accept or reject an article or news, you can view all the content with images and links.

Boost your website ranking with high-quality content

The quality of the content placed on your website has particular importance for website promotion.

PRNEWS.IO helps to get articles from famous brands.

Withdraw money at a convenient time

As soon as the client has accepted the work, the money on the account is unlocked and it can be withdrawn.

We have had a great experience with PRNEWS.IO with a steady flow of work, great support and an easy and quick payment arrangement. I would be pleased to recommend the platform to any online publisher.

Gavin Walker, Managing Director at Business First Online

Gavin Walker

Unified order processing interface. Payments from a trusted partner, there's no need to bother with payments from a bunch of customers.

Burak Celep, Digital PR Specialist at GMedya

Burak Celep

PRNEWS.IO is a very reliable partner. The publishers' dashboard is user friendly, it's easy to coordinate orders and publications, no matter if it's working or weekend day. The payments are always on time! Congratulations for this platform!

Severina Dokova, Sales Manager at Attica EVA Media Group Bulgaria

Severina Dokova

Very users-friendly interface, support staff always ready help, easy to withdraw money... Our cooperation with PRNEWS.IO is 5stars!

Michaela Kalodová, Executive Director at SPIRITmedia s.r.o.

Michaela Kalodova

Great communication, excellent commercial relations, is always a good partner for businesses.

Özgür Aytek Handan, Turkey Partnerships Manager

Özgür Aytek Handan