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New Horizons for Agencies

PRNEWS.IO is an online tool for digital agencies around the world. We are almost like a remote part of your team.

Using the system, agencies discover new opportunities for doing content marketing internationally and in the volume that seemed to be impossible. Just think of how many customers you had to refuse because of this.

Featured in publications like:

Focus your efforts on finding the best solution for your clients based on the wide choice of websites and the audience metrics that we aggregate.

Monetize your expertise, with the knowledge of how many articles you need to get published, what websites to publish them at, when to publish and what tone to use for the articles. And we will do all the mechanics in the specified terms.

The philosophy of PRNEWS.IO implies a choice. When each individual website sells only itself, PRNEWS.IO — provides a wide choice of websites for you. So you can make the right choice for websites, based on the objective parameters.

No “pipe dreams” — you pay for the result; only when the article is actually published. Otherwise, we return the funds to the balance. Your client is protected against the risks.

Managed content

PRNEWS.IO allows you to place managed content on your own terms. With the theses and accents needed for your client.

No more slight mentions, taken out of context, as is the case with contributors. No more links in the footer of the website, as is the case with link exchanges.

A Variety Of Websites

PRNEWS.IO collaborates with the top editions of news websites around the world. This is something new! You'll never find them on the link exchange markets. And you can find sites for almost any task.

In the case of exotic niches, we are working on the range on request.

Save on Logistics

Payment logistics is one of the PRNEWS.IO advantages, as we are focused on cross-boarding business. Pay in any currency whatever you want. For example, you pay rubles or Nigerian naira and we will pay the publisher in Brazil with reals through our own channels.

One window

Leave behind all the confusion with multiple contractors, which grow like a snowball with each new client. Use a single balance and distribute resources among related customers.

The transaction history is available in the account, along with the invoices.

PRNEWS.IO helps me determine whether a sponsored post is justified, and if so, the marketplace allows me to do it with just one click. This means I don't need to waste time on communication with the editors of those sites. Also, the tool offers a 100% money back guarantee, allowing me to backup all business risks that might be associated with purchasing sponsored content directly from a site I've never worked with before.

Alexandra Tachalova, Digital Marketing Consultant

Alexandra Tachalova
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Few clicks apart from any location worldwide

Distance is no longer a problem in reaching your customers and partners overseas. Share your news with multiple media contacts from any spot on the map with just a few clicks. No matter where you are and where your target audience is — your press release will be distributed instantly, with just a few easy steps.