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Privacy Policy

LAST UPDATED: December 10, 2019


This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) is effective as of the date set forth above. PRNEWS OÜ (“We”, “Us”, “Our”, and so on) is committed to honoring and encouraging the protection of your privacy (both our Users, who are registered, and Visitors, who operate without registration).

This Privacy Policy describes how we collect and use the personal data (personal information) you provide us with through your use of the website (our “Site”).

When you (as the User or as the Visitor) submit your personal information to the fields and forms or at the request and commands pushed through our Site, you expressly consent to our collection, use, and disclosure (if necessary) of your personal information as explained in this Policy.

This Policy addresses activities the Company is conducting and the services offering on our Site.

We cannot control employees and contractors engaged by our partners. If you visit another site that is placed on our Site, another person or entity may collect and use your personal information. Be sure to check their privacy policy before accepting their terms or services.

Be attentive while disclosing your sensitive personal information (e.g. data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade-union membership, and the processing of genetic data, health, your sex life, or sexual orientation) (“Sensitive Information”) to other Users and Visitors through the Site!

You should print a copy of this Policy for your records.

Data Controller

We are:

PRNEWS OÜ: (Reg. No. 14603363)
Address: Laeva tn 1, 10111, Kesklinna linnaosa, Tallinn, Harju maakond, Estonia
Telephone: +372 8801336

Data We Collect

1. Information we ask you to provide us with account setup (creation):

  • Your name;
  • Business email address;
  • Phone number.

You do not have to fill in the data mentioned above. However, your profile gets you an opportunity of richer experience from our Site, including the opportunity to get in contact with publishers.

We treat the information as true data about you. We use these data in order to identify you and confirm your persona, to facilitate the communication between you and prospective publishers.

2. Information created when you use our Site

When you use our Site, we may collect information created by the software, protocols, networks, and devices you use to access the Site (including, but not limited to identifiers, logs, and metadata).

Such personal information may comprise:

  • IP address;
  • The browser you use;
  • Network connection;
  • Geotags and location data (user token associated with the user ID);
  • The language you use;
  • Device identifiers.

We use this information to make the functionality of our Site available to you, enable you to use third-party services, enhance our Site, and answer any questions or queries you may have.

We also use third-party payment processors to assist it in processing and share with them personal information payment information securely. The following data might be collected:

  • Email address;
  • Tax number.

Please note that we do not collect your credit card data. We use payment gateways to process your orders.

Location data

We may ask you to disclose your location determined by the geolocation features of your device. We need this data to offer you publications targeted at your city, region, or country. Location data is used as you allow its collection in the privacy settings of your device (always or only when you actively use the Site).

To determine your location, various personal data may be automatically collected and processed, including your IP address and other sensors.

3. Information obtained through the use of live chat

We use a live chat service. This live chat service allows us to connect with you and answer sales and customer services questions quickly and directly through the form you fill in. The form may comprise the following personal data:

  • Full name;
  • Phone number;
  • Business email.

We ensure that this service provider protects your data but you should not provide any Sensitive Information in this chat, which is intended to provide you with quick answers to basic service questions only.

4. Information about you obtained from other sources

We do not receive any personal data on you when you visit the links or use the services from our partners. We only know the number of clicks on certain links made by our users. All the data you fill in there or provide our partners with is under their responsibility and is collected, used, and disclosed pursuant to their privacy policies. Please, check their privacy policies before accepting their services.

We may obtain Information from free access sources such as public databases, resellers and channel partners, joint marketing partners, social media platforms, or other publicly available information for the purposes prescribed under this Policy. If we combine or associate information from other sources with Personal Information that we collect through the PRNEWS OÜ website, we will treat the combined information as personal information in accordance with this Policy.

We use this information (alone or in combination with other information we have collected about you) to enhance our ability to provide relevant marketing, offers, and services in conducting our Services.

We will additionally ask for your consent in case we need your data for the purposes not described in this Policy.

Cookies and Third-Party Technologies


A cookie is a small piece of data sent by the webserver to be stored by your device. A cookie may contain your unique identifier (see Information created when you use our Site) and typically serve to improve your experience of Internet surfing: for instance, due to cookies, you are able to browse pages you have once visited quickly, to set your unique options in “settings” menus, as well as monitor your way through the webpages in order to aggregate precise information about your navigation and preferences, so the site owners may analyze the information and offer you a better service and relevant ads in the future.

You may learn more about cookies we use here:

Why we use cookies

We implemented cookies on the Site for a few reasons:

  • To verify your persona (your account on the Site and device) and help prevent identity theft or other fraudulent use of credentials;
  • To ensure your good experience while using our Site, for instance:
    • To avoid re-entering of your login and password each time you use the Site;
    • To recognize your device and remember the options as to the settings you have made earlier;
    • To provide you with the webpage formats tailored to the device and software (web browsers) you use and so on.
  • To analyze the way, the Site is used and accessed (your clicks, time you spend reading a page or an ad, etc.), etc.

How We Use Personal Data

Our Purposes

Our Site is aimed at providing you with the following opportunities: write and distribute PR content and publish articles on websites. Thus, we need your data to provide you with the respective Services.

As we mentioned in Data We Collect, we will use your personal data for the following purposes:

  • Facilitating the creation of your account;
  • Identifying and verification of your persona and your verifiable device;
  • Providing you with the required support in case of any queries and questions regarding the Site;
  • Screening the account in case of suspected fraud or breach of this Policy and Terms of Use;
  • Complying with applicable law;
  • Obeying the requests and court or other authority decisions;
  • Invoicing;
  • Technical and related support;
  • Saving the preferred settings;
  • Authorizations and smooth registration;
  • Statistics and analytics;
  • Improving services based on feedback provided by registered users.

Processing personal data for marketing purposes

Where you have opted in to receive marketing communications from us, we will process your personal data to provide you with marketing communications in line with the preferences you have provided.

The legal basis on which we process your personal data for marketing purposes is your consent. You are not under any obligation to provide us with your personal data for marketing purposes, and you can withdraw your consent to your personal data being processed in this way at any time by contacting us at in any marketing communication you receive from us. If you do choose to withdraw your consent, this will not mean that our processing of your personal data before you withdraw your consent was unlawful.

Disclosure of Your Personal Data

We ensure we always include the controls and warranties embodied in this Policy in the contracts and agreements we enter into with our partners and contractors to whom we grant access to your personal data.

Winding-Up, Bankruptcy, or Company Purchase

In case our company is sold, is in the process of the merger or acquisition with another company, or is subject to winding-up regardless of the cause, we ensure respect for your privacy by applying this Policy to the personal data we have collected up to the moment of transfer of controllership over our company or its cease of activity and the following sale of assets if the latter takes place.

We will warn you about the next steps we are to pursue to protect your privacy if such an occasion arises.

Grounds for Processing

We promise that we use the personal data we’ve obtained from you or on your behalf in a way that does not outweigh your rights and freedoms.

Despite this, we must comply with the GDPR requirements for the legal grounds for processing. The GDPR allows us to collect and process your personal data on the grounds as follows:

The processing is necessary to provide you with the Services and features available through our Site

To achieve this purpose, we may need Your account setup information (such as name, business email, and cell phone number), the data about your device, data obtained through the live chat, and from other free access sources.

The processing is necessary to fulfill our legal obligations

The law of Estonia, as well as other applicable laws depending on the relationship between you and our company, may affect:

  • the scope of personal data we collect;
  • ways we process your personal data in;
  • our ability to keep the confidentiality of your data and avoid their disclosure;
  • duration of the planned retention, etc.

Where the processing is necessary to protect the vital interests of individuals or public policy, we cannot refuse to provide the copies of your personal data we have collected or may have access to within the functionality of the Site to the authorities and enforcement agencies in case of receipt of their legitimate decision or demand to do so.

Also, we may be obliged to provide the aggregated information to the state statistics bodies or to state historical archives.

The processing is necessary to secure our or third parties legitimate interests

We may use the personal data we collect and process (including yours) in order to maintain and enhance our user’s safety and security (for instance, we use cookies in order to prevent fraudulent use of credentials), enabling or administering our business (quality control, consolidated reporting, customer service), transfer of ownership and so on.

Also, we will report to the police or other competent enforcement agencies in case we discover fraud, threats to other users, or any other violations of the applicable law or suspicious behavior or actions committed on behalf of your account

Pursuant to and as limited by your consent

Among the purposes we list above, we rely on your consent when we use your personal data (for instance, your experience of interaction with our Site as caught and stored via the cookies) for optimizing and enhancing the operation of the Site, developing new features and services (including when it is collected as a part to the aggregated data), and providing you with relevant advertising materials as long as it is allowed by your device or browser’s personalization and privacy settings.

Your Age

As we mentioned earlier, we do not provide services to subjects under 18 years old, subsequently, we do not process their personal data. We reserve the right to implement any tools and techniques to reveal the human trafficking and exploitation of children and report them immediately to the appropriate state authorities and enforcement agencies, including the personal data associated with the activities which, at our own discretion, are suspicious and may raise concerns about their association with the violation of applicable laws.

We do not intend nor knowingly collect and process the personal data of minors. We rely on the personal data we’ve received from data subjects (including data as to a User’s age and legal capacity).

By using or accessing our Site, you acknowledge that you are at least 18 years old and have all rights to enter into an agreement with us as to the receipt of Services and use of Site, as well as you give us the consent to collect and process your personal data for the purposes we mention in this Policy.

We respect the right to childhood and other rights of children preserving their health and education. Thus, we appreciate your awareness as to the presence of minors (i.e. any persons under 18) among our Site users. If you know that we process the personal data of individuals under 18 years old, please inform us by sending an email at

Retention of Personal Data

We will store and process your personal data for as long as your account is active or for as long as needed to provide you or our users with the Services. In case your account is not active anymore, the personal data will not be stored longer than 1 year from the moment of its last activation. Some cookies data might be stored longer. Its retention period you might find at Cookies Policy through

Where we have processed your personal data to provide you with marketing communications with your consent, we may contact you at least every 12 months to ensure you are happy to continue receiving such communications. If you tell us that you no longer wish to receive such communications, your personal data will be removed from our list.

Deleting your account will automatically entail deletion of your data unless its storage is justified by legal obligation or our legitimate interest to do so (i.e., your account has been previously noticed or suspected in participation in the fraudulent schemes, botnet, etc.). You may also solely delete your account under its settings, or request deletion of your account at any time by sending us an email at Executing your request, we will delete your account. Sometimes we may be unable to delete your account or personal data (for instance, in case of unsettled or unresolved dispute or claim, or in case we suspect you in being associated with a crime or other violation of applicable law, e.g. fraud, unsafe behavior, security incident). Upon the resolution or settlement of the claim, the conclusion of a criminal or administrative proceeding, or learning that our suspicion is unjustified, we will delete your account or personal information as provided for in Terms of Service.

Data Sharing and Disclosure

We may share the personal information we collect about you. Here we provide you with the list of third parties we may share your personal data with.

Third-Party Integration Partners

We may grant access to your personal data, in full or in part, to our integration partners such as CRM-system which serves as a place of storing your information to enable us to maintain your customer account. We implemented a need-to-know approach to range the scope of access granted to each category depending on the operations they ensure and the purposes they need the personal data for.

State authorities, enforcement agencies, courts

We may be legally obliged to disclose your personal data to the competent state authority, enforcement agency, or a court in case we receive a mandatory request for such disclosure from them.

As we warned you earlier, we may be proactive and address the competent authority in case we suspect a violation of law to be committed in association with your account or persona via our Site.

Your consent

We will notify you of the purposes and scope of the disclosure and ask for your permission in case your personal data is to be shared with a third party not mentioned in this Policy.

Cross-border Transfer of Data

Our headquarters is in Estonia. We process and store your personal data using the Creatio BPM'online, amoCRM, and Pipedrive technical decisions. You may check its data security compliances here:

We implement suitable security measures to protect your privacy and increase the level of your safety and security of your personal data we use to provide you with the Services through our Site.

Some data may be accessed and processed by the next companies:

Україна, 54020 м. Миколаїв, вул. Декабристів, 41/23-А;

Україна, 54029, м. Миколаїв, вул. 8-го Березня, 39/60.

In order to secure an adequate level of protection, we implemented the Standard Model Clauses as well as signed Data Processing Agreements in the relationships with the engaged contractors based in Ukraine, so they are bound to preserve at least the same level of personal data protection as it is granted by the law applicable to us.

Your Rights

Rights under the GDPR

The GDPR reserves a scope of rights you may enjoy as to personal data protection. The list of rights protected by the GDPR is as follows:

  • right of access (i.e. you may ask us to send you a copy of the data about you that we collected);
  • right to rectification (i.e. you may ask us to correct the outdated or false data, or complete the data which is missing or incomplete);
  • right to erasure (i.e. you may ask us to delete the personal data we retain, provided that the GDPR allows you to do so);
  • right to restriction of processing (if processing may be restricted under the GDPR);
  • right to object to processing (if the GDPR reserves your right to object as to certain kinds of processing or in certain circumstances);
  • right to data portability (i.e. you may ask us to transfer a copy of your data to another organization or to you provided that the circumstances comply with the GDPR).

Please remember that we do not charge any fees in relation to exercising your rights protected by the GDPR. We typically do our best to answer you as soon as possible or within a reasonable period taking into account the complexity of the request, but in case we are processing a large number of requests the answer may take us longer than you might expect.

You can send us the request via email at Please verify that your request comprises the details:

  • your name,
  • contact information,
  • right you want to exercise, and, where applicable,
  • your personal data in our processing,
  • reason/justification behind such request.

Right to Withdrawal of Consent

The GDPR reserves your right to withdraw consent to the processing of your personal data.

You may enjoy this right at any time you wish. Please remember, that the withdrawal of consent does not mean that the processing before the withdrawal is considered thus illegal.

You may withdraw your consent by sending us an email at or filling in a special form of withdrawal. Before withdrawing your consent, take into attention the outcome such withdrawal may entail (e.g. termination of your Account, loss of access to your tickets or insurance agreement texts, etc.)

We will verify your withdrawal of consent within 72 hours since the receipt of your request.

Data Protection Authority

In case you are convinced we are somehow infringing your personal data rights granted by the GDPR, you may lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority.

Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate
39 Tatari St., 10134 Tallinn
+372 627 4135
email: info[a]

Updates to the Privacy Policy

We may occasionally update this Policy. If we make significant changes, we will notify you of the changes on our Site or through other means, such as email. To the extent permitted under applicable law, by using our Site or our Services after such notice, you consent to our updates to this Policy.

We encourage You to periodically review this Policy for the latest information on our privacy practices.