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A powerful and accessible tool for companies, organizations and individuals to promote a business or personal brand. Provides advanced filters for media searches, full access to the marketplace catalog, priority support, and more.

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Bulk Site Checker

Analyze your competitors for backlinks and placements in the media.

With our Bulk Site Checker, you can get immediate pricing for publication placements and gain insightful information about the publication source such as audience size and valuable SEO data. PRNEWS.IO PRO saves you time by bypassing the need to contact editorial offices and media platforms one by one.

Additional PRO Benefits

Export media lists to CSV

Export marketplace media results in a CSV format so that you can work in the environment that suits you best.

News Outlets for sensitive topics

Get access to the marketplace advanced catalog, including websites that work with sensitive topics and offer services, which are available only by personal request.


Add media that you have no interest in using onto a personal blacklist with just a click of a button.

Selected media lists

Save selected media in separate lists and use them in your projects at the appropriate time.

Advanced filters for media

In addition to the standard filters we offer, the advanced filters allow for domain zone filtering, websites that don’t require advertising purpose disclaimers and websites that allow you to set the date of publication.

Bonus Media Stats

Get access to advanced media data including: Ahrefs DR, MOZ DA and other data statistics, which are not provided in our standard media description.

PRO support

The PRO account also includes, in addition to regular email support, priority support through our online chat or telephone.

A love of nature

Our company is built on a love for the outdoor world around us. We believe that the more that nature is in balance, the more the people and animals that share that nature find a harmonious flow. That’s why PRNEWS.IO is committed to improving the beauty of the great outdoors by donating a portion of its profits to planting trees to improve our environment.

Eco-Friendly Business

Our online marketplace was born with caring for nature in mind. From digital contracts to online marketing materials, everything is done to ensure that we keep our paper use at a minimum while staying green.

We love to serve green-minded clients

Among them is which provides satellite imagery and processing of space and earth data to solve problems in the spheres of agro, forestry and minerals. Releaf Paper is another favorite of ours that is involved in the production of paper made from dried fallen leaves.

We are partners with:

One Tree Planted is an organization that plants one tree for every purchase of a PRO account on PRNEWS.IO.

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Your Power

With our PRO features, you'll be able to gain an edge over the competition, pinpoint the perfect media and help keep our planet beautiful.

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What are the advantages of the PRO account compared to the standard version of the catalog?

The PRO account includes:

  • The ability to export media lists to CSV;
  • News outlets for sensitive topics;
  • Blacklists for media that are of no interest to you;
  • Selected media lists to organize your projects;
  • Advanced filters for better searching and organizing;
  • Bonus media stats such as Ahrefs DA and MOZ DA;
  • PRO support that gets you the help you need when you need it most.

If I am on the monthly PRO account plan, will the subscription automatically renew?

No, we will send out a reminder several days beforehand to let you know that your subscription will expire soon. You will have the option to renew, if you so desire, or do nothing and your PRO account subscription will no longer be accessible after the expiration date. There is no automatic renewal at this time.

How can I export websites from the catalog and how can I work with the CSV format?

You have the option to generate a CSV file when subscribed to our PRO account that can be opened and saved in any modern spreadsheet application. Please keep in mind that each CSV download is limited to 10,000 rows only.

How can I find websites related to sensitive topics? Will there be an extra fee to publish on these sites?

You can find sensitive topic sites by using the appropriate filters provided in our category search. Some sites do charge an extra fee if they are related to things like politics, cryptocurrency, gambling, etc. If there is an extra fee required, it will be listed in the additional pricing column.

How is the PRO account support different from your standard support?

PRO account support requests receive priority status within our support department meaning you are immediately placed at the front of the line for any requests.

Which additional search filters are available in the PRO account?

In the PRO account, you can filter according to the following category topics: Alcohol, Backdated, Betting, CBD, Dating, Gambling, Meta Tags, Political News and Tracking Pixels.

How can I export a list of websites?

The option to export websites through a CSV file is available only in the account settings of a PRO account.

You may also download the entire database of websites or individually depending on how you use the account category filters in the PRO account.

Can I unsubscribe from a PRO account?

The PRO account is a prepaid service and is billed on a 30-day cycle. To cancel it, you simply need to discontinue payment for the service.
A PRO account subscription provides access to additional media data from the PRNEWS.IO catalog.
In the case that a paid subscription is renewed, access to the PRO account information will be restored to the account holder.

Will I lose my data if I cancel my subscription to the PRO account?

A PRO account subscription provides access to additional media data from the PRNEWS.IO catalog.
This access will be revoked if the PRO account subscription is not paid before or on the payment due date. If and when you choose to continue your PRO account subscription, all features and informational data will be restored to your account.

Coming soon…

Every day, we at PRNEWS.IO work hard to improve the quality of service we offer to our customers. We do this by improving the stability of our platform and services, increasing the development of personalized communications and enhancing our technical support and customer service.

API methods for exporting

Handy APIs that will bring to the table the ability to export media and obtain data metrics as well as authenticate, order and receive reports.

Demographic data and filtering

Gain access to valuable demographic data and filtering for media audiences through additional APIs.

Article virality tracking for social networks

A great tool that offers the ability to track mentions of targeted keywords in news sources around the world. It will also allow the monitoring of information noise coming from your competition so that you can adjust your communication levels to stay ahead of the game.