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Build Quality Backlinks For SEO

Getting media coverage with you can easily kick the negative out of the first-page SERP on the most important keywords and branded queries. Just squeeze the unwanted information with positive or neutral sponsored articles in the trusted websites.

With our niche filters you can choose among thousands of websites that publish sponsored content, check their audience and quality metrics and get your articles published in just a few clicks.

Sponsored posts in the online media is a quick and cost-effective way to build your brand or personal reputation as well as get better SEO rankings with high-quality backlinks to your website.

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Save time

Save your time with our marketplace of flexible news websites that offer sponsored content placements.

Quality media

Get an authentic channel to share your story and PR materials with the leading news publishers and influencers worldwide.

Target audience

Try out approach to reach customers by publishing stories on sites targeted directly to your audience.

Save money

Choose the websites and pay for posts on the selected websites only with no monthly charges or hidden fees.

PRNEWS.IO helps me determine whether a sponsored post is justified, and if so, the marketplace allows me to do it with just one click. This means I don't need to waste time on communication with the editors of those sites. Also, the tool offers a 100% money back guarantee, allowing me to backup all business risks that might be associated with purchasing sponsored content directly from a site I've never worked with before.

Alexandra Tachalova, Digital Marketing Consultant

Alexandra Tachalova
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Buy Quality Backlinks In A Few Clicks

PRNEWS.IO collaborates with newsroom editors to help brands buy PR articles that may contain links and be useful for search engine promotion.

Purchased links located in the main content of the document — articles — are evaluated by the Google algorithm better than links in the sidebar, basement or header. This fact is based on the methodology for evaluating the quality of links depending on the surrounding content in Google’s patented technologies Reasonable Surfer, Page Segmentation and Boilerplate.

It is worth noting that the location of the links in the text matters: the higher the link is in the text, the more weight it transfers. It is important that the content on the page is unique.

The greatest efficiency can be achieved by placing one unique text with links on one unique domain. Mindless buying links on the same site reduces the effectiveness of the previous set. In other words, it will be more efficient to put 100 links from 100 sites than 1000 from a single site.

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