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In 2016 content marketing reached its peak and brought many unexpected discoveries to marketers. We asked a few entrepreneurs and marketing experts to share their views about content marketing, and how they used content for promotion throughout 2016.

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Company news

PRNews help users with their PR issues all these recent years. We created a platform that allows posting news in the company’s press room for free. Business owners can also use for distributing press releases and finding platforms for publishing native advertising and sponsored content.

Debates over whether “To press release or not to press release” are still commonplace around the Internet. The team has tried to study the present-day benefit of press releases; what structure they have currently; and what you should do to get your press release published in 2016.

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You are a business owner who wants to be published in the media. How do you fill out the brief without wasting your time and money? Read this guide for helpful tips and suggestions.

Every day the online media receive hundreds of press releases. At alone we help to distribute over 2,000 press releases every month. Journalists should obtain information quickly and decide what press releases to publish and which ones are not noteworthy. It’s no wonder that many press releases fall into oblivion.

Imagine that our PR kitchen has turned into a real kitchen where we’re to cook a dainty dish called “Press Release.” If we select the right ingredients and stick to the recipe, the dish will appeal to the taste of a professional taster — the journalist. And finally, the journalist will treat the readers — your potential target audience — with it. users often ask us to notify them when the media cut prices for their publications. Our managers usually contact each client to inform about the price drop. But there is another way of monitoring prices for media publications on our website. We will tell you how to do it with the help of our friends from TimeBuy.

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Meet Pavel Kurgansky, Internet marketing professional and SEO specialist with over 5 years of experience. He used to promote websites for many clients. Now he is a part of the team.

The beginning of 2016 was rough for SEO specialists. Due to the "Minusinsk" algorithm, the new AGS filter and penalties for twisting user behavior factors, the positions of many commercial sites in search results became unstable, and so did the traffic.

It’s actually quite difficult to give definition to a sponsored content. It’s sometimes easier to think of it in terms of what it does, rather than what it is and what it actually looks like.

There exist, perhaps, two hundred methods to wipe out the efficiency of any press release. PRNEWS.IO has identified and picked a dozen of the most sound and foolproof* out of them — those, which for sure will slander and damage a company’s reputation straight off. No black PR is needed at all!

It's a question that gets asked a lot. Advertorials tend to cause considerable debate amongst editorial teams and writers alike. Usually any discussion on the topic ends up with words such as morality and ethics being thrown into the conversation.

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