Smaily Increased Brand Awareness in New Markets with PRNEWS.IO

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Smaily, founded in 2005 by Erkki Markus, is a renowned email marketing and automation platform, managing over 20,000 client accounts globally and sending 2.5 billion emails annually. With a focus on simplicity and efficiency, Smaily has grown into a key player in the industry.

Challenge: Expanding into New Markets

While Smaily enjoyed success in Estonia, the challenge was to expand its email marketing services into new regions, specifically targeting Lithuania and Latvia. The goal was to increase brand awareness and attract new clients in these markets.

Solution: PRNEWS.IO’s Strategic PR Campaign

Smaily partnered with PRNEWS.IO, a leading platform for media distribution, to develop an effective strategy for brand expansion. The strategy involved a comprehensive PR campaign, including monthly article publications in Latvian and Lithuanian media outlets, targeting marketing and PR professionals as well as business owners.

Our sales cycle can extend up to six or seven months. Whether through social media campaigns or PR campaigns, our primary focus is on building brand recognition and establishing our position as a strong player, rather than immediate sales. Our collaboration with PRNEWS.IO is expected to positively impact our results in the upcoming quarter.

Erkki Markus, Founder and CEO of Smaily

Results: Surge in Brand Recognition and Client Acquisition

The impact of the PR campaign was substantial. Smaily experienced a significant increase in brand recognition and client acquisition in Latvia and Lithuania. Metrics include:

  •  Increased monthly article views
  • Expansion from one media outlet to three to four outlets in both countries.
  • Latvia and Lithuania now rank among the top five countries in terms of new client accounts.
  • Consistent growth in new accounts and website traffic since October.

PRNEWS.IO has been a valuable partner in our journey, particularly in terms of expansion. Through their localization services, we’ve seen a significant increase in views and new accounts. Our collaboration is setting the stage for continued growth in the coming months.

Tanel Rand, Marketing Director & Partner at Smaily

Future Plans: Global Reach with PRNEWS.IO

Smaily’s future plans involve global expansion, with PRNEWS.IO as a crucial ally. The immediate focus is on the Finnish market, followed by broader European and Nordic regions. Smaily aims to be a dominant force in email marketing worldwide, utilizing AI-driven personalization and e-commerce platform integrations.

By the way, you can also explore a webinar hosted by Erkki Markus and Tanel Rand in conjunction with PRNEWS.IO – “Is Email Marketing Still Relevant?” The webinar provides valuable insights into the evolving landscape of email marketing, offering perspectives on its continued relevance in the digital era.

Conclusion: The Next Level of Sponsored Content

For businesses seeking an effective platform to enhance brand awareness, PRNEWS.IO stands out. With a global network connecting brands with over 100,000 media outlets, the platform simplifies article placements without the complexities of hiring processes. Smaily’s success story is a testament to the effectiveness of strategic PR campaigns in collaboration with PRNEWS.IO.

Is your business in need of a PR makeover?

  • Benefit from media coverage assistance.
  • Witness a refined branding approach.
  • Watch as your recognition soars.

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