7 Underrated Functions Users Especially Like in PRNEWS.IO

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Businesses strive to be the best in their industry by putting in significant effort and resources into effective communication, marketing, and sales activities to generate maximum revenue and ensure sustainability.

PRNEWS.IO provides businesses with an efficient platform to interact with news site publishers and streamline the process of disseminating branded content such as press releases, promotional articles, interviews, and news. The PRNEWS.IO team can help save a significant amount of time by providing effective content services.

Here is a quick guide to help you get started.

PRNEWS.IO Overview

There are three primary strategies that this tool is well-suited for:

  1. Increasing brand awareness and managing reputation. Posting regular branded content on high-traffic, reputable sites can help readers become familiar with your brand and increase social proof. Articles are featured in Google News and quickly indexed by search engines, making them more likely to appear at the top of search results.
  2. Digital PR through building backlinks to your website. Many news sites link to the websites of the people or companies featured in their stories, and these links are visible to search engines. This helps to build a network of links and increase the search engine ranking of your site. These links are more effective than links on forums, social media posts, or paid links on low-quality websites.
  3. Driving traffic to your website. Published articles can attract users to your site who are already interested and engaged. Since many websites publish articles indefinitely, you can continuously generate traffic. This is more cost-effective than pay-per-click (PPC) ads that stop driving traffic as soon as you pause the campaign or run out of funds.
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Hidden Features of PRNEWS.IO that Users Appreciate the Most

Sorting sites by attendance by country

This feature is available in the PRNEWS.IO catalog, and it allows you to easily find sites that are popular among residents of a specific country. The high percentage of British traffic on Polish sites indicates a significant number of expats and ethnic Poles living in the UK who consume “home” news. This feature is highly valued by clients in the money transfer segment who post promotional materials on news sites popular with expats.

Publishing to sites with access to their Google Analytics

Sorting sites using Google Analytics – placing materials on these sites will allow you to track analytics by viewing the article in your personal account.

The service offered by PRNEWS.IO is unique and unmatched worldwide, providing unparalleled opportunities to businesses. With over 1600 connected domains and counting, including high-traffic sites and millionaires’ websites from the US and UK, the platform’s reach is constantly expanding. The connected sites can be sorted and analyzed, and the list of selected websites can be easily exported to a CSV file for further reporting and analysis.

Sort by parameter range

The advanced view of the catalog provides the flexibility to customize the columns and their order for display. Additionally, all values can be sorted by a range of criteria, giving users more control over how they view and analyze the data.

For instance, professional users can benefit from this format as they can choose to display sites with traffic ranging from 1 million to 20 million people per month. This level of customization can help them fine-tune their search results and find the most relevant sites for their needs.

Our Popular Solutions wizard available on the user’s dashboard. Wizard suggests using the three basic strategies listed above. Choosing an option – Digital PR will take the user to the catalog in advanced mode, where all the necessary filters have already been applied. Since digital PR directly depends on the quality of the domains from which the link environment is built, the system selects sites with pre-necessary parameters in terms of domain quality, hyperlink conditions, etc.

It remains only to apply filters related to the desired geography or language of the site:

  • Region and Country – select sites from the respective regions.
  • Site Language – Selects the available language versions of the site.
  • Category – selects the topic of the site.

Visit data for several years

You can view monthly traffic, average time spent on the website, the average number of pages viewed per user, and the bounce rate using our SimilarWeb feature. By default, SimilarWeb shows results for the last 6 months, but the paid version extends the period to the last 12 months. However, by using our service, you can track 2-3 years of data, making it a unique and valuable feature.

Bookmarks and Lists

Adding sites to favorites or blacklists and creating bookmarks is a convenient way to access frequently used sites and quickly view them.

Bulk Site Checker

An extension of this feature is the Bulk Site Checker for a match with the directory. Allows you to check a list of links, for example, a list of backlinks to your competitor’s site from Ahrefs, and compare against the presence in the PRNEWS.IO directory. In fact, this is a ready-made media plan: just put the found sites in the basket with one click or create your own list based on the results. This feature is currently available for PRO accounts, but it is planned to expand it to all users soon.

Search media by keyword

One of the key features of PRNews.io is the ability to search media by keyword. This means that users can easily find media outlets that are relevant to their business or topic by entering specific keywords or phrases related to their industry or niche.

For instance, if a dentist wants to promote their new dental clinic, they can look for media outlets that cover healthcare, oral health, and dental-related topics by entering keywords such as “dentist,” “oral health,” or “dental care” in the search bar. The platform will then produce a list of media sites that match the user’s search parameters.

This feature saves users time and effort in finding media outlets that align with their marketing goals and audience. It also increases the chances of their content being seen by the right audience, as they can target media outlets that have a specific interest in their topic or industry.

Other benefits of PRNEWS.IO:

  1. The largest media catalog – has 102 publications in 197 countries in 77 languages.
  2. Easy-to-use interface. Buying a branded article is no more difficult than buying a microwave oven from Amazon.
  3. Full control over what will be published. Theses and accents placed in the material will remain and will not be taken out of context by indirect references.
  4. Postponed publications. The “Embargo” function allows you to delay the launch of the material until the specified time.
  5. Payment logistics and work with one counterparty instead of a dozen (the accountant will thank you!).
  6. The ability to follow the publication: the number of views of each material, the history of orders. An already published article can be further advertised.
  7. Unique viewers estimator. Allows you to predict the expected number of article views.
  8. Income for webmasters. If you are a publisher of a news site, you can offer advertising space and accept orders for press releases, news, and promotional posts.

Content Marketing Platform

  • 100,000+ media publications;
  • get backlinks to your product;
  • scale work with content distribution.

Bottom line

PRNEWS.IO is the perfect tool for broad media coverage in a few clicks. It helps to implement three basic strategies: increase brand awareness, create digital PR through a high-quality reference environment, and attract targeted traffic interested in your business products and services.

The service is useful for any kind of business. Startups should provide a media explosion that will provoke a wave of interest and attract the first customers. For companies that have already established themselves in the market, to make their business viral and recognizable among large masses of the population. And this, in turn, will attract clients from the zone of the early and late majority – the most numerous groups of clients who rely on the arguments “famous”, “fashionable” and “largest” when making a decision. SEO specialists in site promotion – to get backlinks from visited resources and traffic to clients’ websites.

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