Brokeree Solutions Tripled Media Mentions and Achieved a 5-Point SERP Jump with PRNEWS.IO

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Today, we want to share a case study on the collaboration between PRNEWS.IO and Brokeree Solutions. We are very grateful to Anton Sokolov, Marketing Manager at Brokeree Solutions, who spoke with us. Based in Estonia, Brokeree Solutions has overcome challenges in the B2B trading technology sector, emerging as a leader in Fintech industry. In turn, we have assisted them in transforming their media presence.

About Brokeree Solutions

Brokeree Solutions is a leading technology provider for retail brokers, specializing in Social Trading, PAMM, and Liquidity Bridge solutions. The company empowers brokers to launch investment systems for traders and connect trading platforms to liquidity providers, facilitating the execution of client trades in the market. Operating in the B2B trading and investment industry poses unique challenges, demanding an international approach due to the dominance of global players and decision-makers dispersed worldwide.

 PRNEWS.IO's Impact on Brokeree Solutions - A 2023 Report of 3x Mentions and DR Advancement

The Challenge 

Brokeree Solutions faced a critical need for heightened visibility and media recognition in the competitive B2B trading technology sector. Striving to establish itself as a leader, the company recognized the importance of a robust public relations strategy to navigate the challenges of the international market. The task at hand was to effectively position Brokeree Solutions in the industry, creating a narrative that would resonate with their target audience and stakeholders. The absence of a comprehensive media presence posed a significant obstacle, requiring strategic solutions to overcome this limitation and propel the company to the forefront of the fintech landscape.

The Solution

In addressing the challenge of limited media visibility, Brokeree Solutions turned to PRNEWS.IO as a strategic solution. Leveraging the platform’s capabilities, the company implemented a comprehensive public relations strategy to amplify its presence across key media outlets. PRNEWS.IO provided an efficient and automated system for publishing press releases, simplifying the otherwise intricate process of engaging with diverse sources.

Content Marketing Platform in fintech industry.

Automating the publication process on PRNEWS.IO proves highly effective. Dealing with individual sources usually involves overcoming numerous barriers, whereas PRNEWS.IO streamlines the entire process. Rapid selection of suitable publications for additional exposure in specific regions or countries is made possible, saving weeks of effort compared to manual processes. Some publications may have been challenging or impossible to engage with on a one-time basis, but PRNEWS.IO overcomes these limitations.

Additionally, the service enables resource selection to bolster the backlink profile, ensuring control over publication quality and mitigating concerns about spam portals tarnishing the search reputation.

Brokeree Solutions exclusively collaborates with PRNEWS.IO, expressing a strong satisfaction akin to “love at first sight.” The automated system’s efficiency, simplicity, and comprehensive coverage meet the company’s needs seamlessly.

PRNEWS.IO has become the linchpin of our marketing strategy at Brokeree Solutions. The seamless automation and efficiency in media publication have not only tripled our mentions but elevated our Domain Rating significantly. It’s a love story in business – we found our perfect match, and there’s no questioning the pivotal role PRNEWS.IO plays in our planning. The results speak volumes, and I can confidently say, if there’s a new challenge, we’ll undoubtedly turn to the PRNEWS.IO team for their expertise and support

Anton Sokolov, Marketing Manager, Brokeree Solutions.

Results Achieved

The collaboration with PRNEWS.IO has yielded significant results. Mentions in media have tripled (300%) compared to 2022, with over 30% of mentions originating organically. The Domain Rating (DR) has increased, and the average position in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) climbed by 5 positions. These outcomes have surpassed expectations, establishing PRNEWS.IO as an integral component of the marketing strategy.

PRNEWS.IO has met and exceeded expectations in terms of timelines, quality, and convenience. For the entirety of 2023, the portal has been an indispensable part of Brokeree Solutions’ marketing efforts, warranting a continued and prioritized place in future planning. Anton Sokolov expresses an unequivocal willingness to approach the PRNEWS.IO team for new challenges, solidifying the satisfaction and trust in the service.


The collaboration with PRNEWS.IO has not only addressed the challenges faced by Brokeree Solutions in the B2B trading and investment industry but has significantly exceeded expectations, providing tangible results in media presence, search ranking, and overall brand visibility. The seamless integration of PRNEWS.IO into the marketing strategy showcases its effectiveness in streamlining and enhancing the media publication process for B2B businesses operating on an international scale.

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