Teamsale CRM Uses PRNEWS.IO to Increase Media Visibility in New Regions

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About Teamsale CRM

Teamsale CRM is the definitive CRM solution that seamlessly integrates voice, messaging, and analytics features. It helps businesses centralize and streamline core workflows while optimizing contact center operations. With an intuitive interface covering everything from customer relationship tracking and manager performance monitoring to task management, deal stage tracking, and accounting report generation, Teamsale CRM offers accessible solutions for businesses of all sizes. Pricing options start from a free version for up to 5 users, where customers only pay for calls.

Teamsale CRM is one of the services offered by Zadarma, a leading VoIP provider. It seamlessly integrates with Zadarma’s wide range of services, including phone numbers in over 100 countries, a free Cloud PBX with over 100 features, call recording capabilities, and advanced speech analytics.


Teamsale CRM, a robust customer relationship management (CRM) platform developed by the internationally renowned telecommunications company Zadarma, headquartered in the UK and Bulgaria, faced a hurdle as it aimed to expand its reach. The company had recently added new languages to its product and website, targeting exciting new markets.

However, securing media coverage in these regions proved more challenging than anticipated. 

Their initial approach of directly contacting media outlets yielded limited results. Here’s a closer look at the difficulties encountered:

Time-Consuming Process

Identifying the right journalists with a genuine interest in the CRM space within each new target region was a laborious task. Researching contact information, crafting personalized pitches, and following up took a significant amount of internal resources.

Finding the Right Contacts

Pinpointing the most relevant journalists within each media outlet became a time-consuming hurdle. Media outlets often have fluid editorial teams, and outdated contact information could lead to wasted effort.

Building Relationships

Cultivating relationships with journalists takes time and consistent interaction. Direct outreach often lacked the necessary foundation for securing coverage, especially with a new product entering an unfamiliar market.

Uncertain Timing

Even after securing a journalist’s interest, there was no guarantee the article would be published within a specific timeframe. Media outlets have editorial calendars, and unforeseen events could easily push coverage back.

Content Control Concerns

Direct communication offered little control over potential edits or changes to the information provided. Journalists have editorial discretion, and some may modify the content to fit their publication’s style or target audience.

Fragile Coverage

Even if a media outlet published the content, there was no guarantee it wouldn’t be removed later. The ever-changing online landscape could lead to articles being archived or deleted, limiting the long-term impact of the coverage.

These challenges underscored the need for a more strategic approach to secure media coverage in new regions.


To achieve their goal of increasing media visibility in new regions, the Teamsale CRM team partnered with PRNEWS.IO. The team at PRNEWS.IO worked closely with Iryna Kadiievska, a marketing specialist at Teamsale CRM, to create a comprehensive list of relevant media resources and develop a strategic publication plan.

At the heart of Teamsale CRM’s philosophy lies a commitment to empowering businesses worldwide with innovative solutions that foster growth and success. 


Through their collaboration with PRNEWS.IO, Teamsale CRM successfully increased visibility and drove more traffic to their website. Iryna Kadiievska commended PRNEWS.IO, stating, 

“PRnews.IO is a convenient platform for searching among different resources on various languages with a fast booking option and communication channel.” 

Teamsale CRM and PRNEWS.IO Partnership Results (2019-2024)

  • 79 articles published in media across 11 countries
  • Featured in high-authority media (Avg. Domain Authority: 65)

The service met Teamsale CRM’s expectations in terms of timing, quality, and convenience, and the company expressed a willingness to approach the PRNEWS.IO team for future assignments.


Success for Teamsale CRM means achieving global reach and earning the trust of satisfied clients worldwide. To sustain and grow their business over the next five years, the company plans to expand its language offerings, improve and widen technical integrations, and continue delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of businesses across industries.

Reflecting on their experience with PRNEWS.IO, Iryna Kadiievska expressed gratitude for the dedicated support and assistance provided by their manager, Alina Nigmatulina, throughout the collaboration.

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