Digital Funnel Used PRNEWS.IO to Overcome Challenges in Securing High-Quality Media Placements for Clients

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About Digital Funnel

Digital Funnel is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Ireland and the UK specializing in various areas, including SEO, Digital PR, Web Design, and Google Ads. Their expertise in Digital PR, particularly in securing high Domain Authority (DA) backlinks in news outlets worldwide, sets them apart in the industry. They work closely with clients to achieve their digital marketing goals, contributing to their clients’ online success.


Digital Funnel faced challenges when trying to publish press releases for clients in niche fields. Finding relevant and reputable sites for these releases was a struggle. 

Navigating this intricate landscape was akin to finding a needle in a haystack. Adding to the conundrum was the realization that traditional wire services, often resorted to, not only proved expensive but frequently fell short of Digital Funnel’s expectations.

Sometimes when publishing releases for clients in more niche fields it can be difficult to find relevant, healthy sites so PRNEWS.IO was a great help for us. It also allowed us to maybe publish a release on one or two larger sites as opposed to splashing out for a whole wire when the story didn’t call for it. 

JJ Lee, Digital PR Executive at Digital Funnel


Digital Funnel turned to PRNEWS.IO to find suitable outlets for their press releases & articles in media. They would browse the PRNEWS.IO marketplace to identify potential outlets that matched their story. This approach allowed them to be more targeted in their distribution, ensuring that their releases reached the right audience.

Overall, the PRNEWS.IO catalog proves exceptionally user-friendly, providing a wealth of filters and customization options to facilitate the process of sorting and discovering the perfect media platforms for your content.

You have the ability to categorize media by language, geolocation (particularly vital for local businesses), by category (indispensable for those operating in specific niches and aiming for precise audience targeting), and even based on backlink attributes (including factors like Domain Rating and whether they are dofollow or nofollow), all of which hold significant relevance for SEO enhancement.

PRNEWS.IO came to the rescue, not only providing a solution to the challenge of choosing from a plethora of websites but also delivering on an urgent timeline. An illustrative example of Digital Funnel’s partnership with PRNEWS.IO underscores their commitment to meeting tight deadlines.

In a specific case, Digital Funnel aimed to publish a press release on within a day. When initially rejected the material due to format issues, PRNEWS.IO’s business development executive, Alina Nigmatulina, stepped in to offer expert guidance on the necessary improvements. The result? The press release was swiftly revised and successfully published the very next day.

But the story doesn’t end there. As an added bonus, Digital Funnel’s release found its way onto a collection of top-tier media outlets, including:

Despite the challenges, PRNEWS.IO made the seemingly impossible a reality, delivering results within an impressively tight timeframe and extending the reach to additional influential platforms.


Digital Funnel’s collaboration with PRNEWS.IO has produced positive results. By securing high-quality placements and backlinks through PRNEWS.IO, they have seen increased traffic to clients’ websites and enhanced visibility. 

PRNEWS.IO: Has the PRNEWS.IO service met your expectations? Timing, quality, convenience

JJ Lee: Absolutely yes, never had any problem.

PRNEWS.IO: Would you approach the PRNEWS.IO team with a new assignment? 

JJ Lee: Yes, the team has always been helpful.

PRNEWS.IO as a Tool for Digital Agencies  

PRNEWS.IO is a valuable tool for digital agencies. Our team simplifies the process of distributing press releases and other content. Digital agencies can efficiently share their clients’ messages with a wide network of media outlets, ensuring broad exposure.

Targeted Media Placement

The platform provides access to a diverse array of media sources. This allows digital agencies to select outlets that are most relevant to their clients’ industries and target audiences, increasing the chances of reaching the right readers.

Cost-Effective Promotion

PRNEWS.IO often offers a more cost-effective solution compared to traditional wire services. Digital agencies can choose outlets that align with their clients’ budgets, making it a cost-efficient option for content distribution.

SEO Enhancement

With the ability to filter media outlets by backlink attributes, including Domain Rating and dofollow/nofollow status, PRNEWS.IO supports digital agencies in securing quality backlinks for their clients. This contributes to improved search engine rankings and overall SEO strategies.

Geographic and Niche Targeting

PRNEWS.IO allows agencies to filter media by language, geolocation, and category. This is particularly beneficial for digital agencies working with clients in specific regions or industries, ensuring content reaches the intended audience effectively.


PRNEWS.IO serves as a versatile tool that empowers digital agencies to enhance their clients’ online visibility, connect with their target audience, and achieve their digital marketing objectives in a streamlined and cost-effective manner.

PRNEWS.IO has consistently met Digital Funnel’s expectations in terms of timing, quality, and convenience. They have not encountered any issues while working with PRNEWS.IO and are satisfied with the service. Digital Funnel expressed their willingness to approach the PRNEWS.IO team for future assignments, highlighting the team’s helpfulness.

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