Bojoko Used PRNEWS.IO to Enhance Visibility and Expand Audience in iGaming

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Christoffer Ødegården, the Head of Casino at Bojoko, invites us to explore their success story in collaboration with PRNEWS.IO. Bojoko, operating under the registered name Good Game LTD, is a prominent player in the iGaming affiliate space, focusing on the United Kingdom and Canadian markets. Renowned for its transparent and informative approach, Bojoko empowers players by providing them with tools to find casinos, sportsbooks, and bingo sites that match their preferences. Bojoko’s mission is to help players choose the best gambling sites for their tastes and preferences.

In this case study, we’ll unravel Bojoko’s journey, delving into the challenges they faced, the strategic solutions they employed, and the remarkable outcomes achieved through their partnership with PRNEWS.IO. Bojoko’s experience exemplifies how adaptability and effective communication strategies can elevate a company’s standing in the competitive iGaming industry, showcasing the pivotal role of innovative partnerships in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Bojoko’s mission, encapsulated in the motto “Empowering Choices, Building Trust,” underscores their commitment to transparency and user-centric services. Success, for Bojoko, is measured by the trust they build with their audience, guiding players to discover the best online gambling experiences.  


Bojoko, an iGaming affiliate based in the United Kingdom and Canada, faced the challenge of getting their press releases noticed by a significant number of publications. Despite previous attempts with other PR companies, they struggled to achieve the desired impact and visibility for their announcements in the competitive iGaming industry.

We have tried a few companies similar to PRNews in the past, but they did not yield the desired results. In fact, most of them did not have any noticeable impact.

— Christoffer Ødegården, Head of Casino, Bojoko


Bojoko turned to PRNEWS.IO to address their PR challenges. The team at PRNEWS.IO actively assisted Bojoko, providing valuable tips, guidance, and new opportunities for exposure. The partnership with PRNEWS.IO proved to be a game-changer, as prominent publications instantly picked up Bojoko’s press releases, indicating a successful collaboration.


The collaboration with PRNEWS.IO resulted in a substantial increase in Bojoko’s exposure. The enhanced reach facilitated by PRNEWS.IO contributed to increased visibility and raised the industry profile of Bojoko. While specific statistical data wasn’t disclosed, Bojoko attested to reaching new heights in terms of exposure and achieving their goal of expanding their audience.

Through PRNEWS.IO, we reached new heights when it came to exposure, and with their help, we could be seen by more eyes than ever before. The reach they provided us helped increase our visibility and industry profile. PRNews delivered well above our expectations. The service is always on point when it comes to deadlines, the quality of the reach is excellent, and the team always makes themselves available to us. We would not hesitate to approach PRNews with our upcoming PR campaigns. They have been a solid partner and will continue to be so in the future.

— Christoffer Ødegården, Head of Casino, Bojoko

Future Plans

Bojoko envisions sustained success by continuing to build trust with players. The company plans to leverage its expertise in the UK market to expand into new regions. The Canadian website is experiencing steady growth, and Bojoko aims to replicate its success by entering other markets and offering the same high-quality service.

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IGaming Industry Trends 2023  (Short Interview with Christoffer Ødegården, Head of Casino)   

PRNEWS.IO: What are the latest trends in iGaming, and how can a company stay ahead of the curve in terms of PR and marketing?

Christoffer Ødegården: iGaming is in a constant state of change. New trends are always coming up, and we have to keep up with what players are looking for. Right now, we have seen an explosion of interest in crash games along with the rise of slingo, two relatively new casino game genres, especially in the UK market. Another ongoing trend is the importance of live casino games, as people are interested in the communal aspect of casino gambling.

How we stay ahead of the trends is a multi-faceted approach. We look at what casinos, sportsbooks and bingo sites are promoting, test new operators, and play their latest games. We also keep an eye out for what people are searching online, and of course, we follow all the big game providers to see where their focus lies and what innovations may spike a lot of player interest. 

As a gambling site comparison portal, rather than someone actively creating or promoting games, our knowledge of these trends mainly helps us serve users on our platforms rather than in PR and marketing. That said, we do benchmark the PR coming from our partners and competitors.

PRNEWS.IO: How can iGaming companies effectively navigate the regulatory landscape and communicate their commitment to responsible gaming to the public?

Christoffer Ødegården: The regulatory landscape is a jungle, and as a responsible promoter of safe gambling, we need to know our way around it. But it is not enough for us to understand it; we need to ensure our readers understand it as well.

When it comes to regulatory changes, we follow the industry news. In our case, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission is fortunately very active in informing everyone about their updates and future plans. We know in advance what changes must be made and how to comply with the new regulations. In turn, we ensure that our readers are well-informed about the regulations and that all information they receive from us is up to par.

And we are not the only ones doing this. The operators are also looking for changes to regulations and new rules the UKGC may impose. They need to follow these rules very carefully and ensure that their customers are aware of them. We are in constant communication with the brands we list on our website so that we are aligned when it comes to the big regulatory questions.

In our role as a gambling site comparison platform, a large part of our role is also assessing just how well the operators we review and list tackle the spirit of the regulations, particularly regarding transparency and responsible gambling. While UKGC-licensed brands will follow the regulations at hand or face severe fines, there is also the question of what the regulations aim to achieve, and it is still possible to fall behind the curve. Our experts consistently benchmark the market and offer a clear account of the strengths and weaknesses of each brand in their reviews.

PRNEWS.IO: What are some best practices for crafting compelling press releases and news stories that generate media attention in the iGaming industry?

Christoffer Ødegården: The kinds of press releases you can create depend on the type of iGaming business you are. For example, a game developer is likely to drop a press release every time a new game is released. Meanwhile, other companies may only have something genuinely newsworthy when they reach specific milestones. The budget you have to work with will also play a significant role, and larger businesses can create large-scale marketing campaigns worthy of PR and news stories whenever they wish, team up with big personalities and more.

In terms of best practices, the best advice I can give is to understand that just because you craft a press release, the world doesn’t have to be interested. You need to think outside of your own company and consider the purpose of any given press release and who will be interested in republishing it. Is it a press release for shareholders or your regular followers, or do you wish to attract more widespread attention? If the latter, there are a few things you should do.

The first one is to craft the message in a way that is instantly appealing to publications for republishing. Pick a headline that is captivating and newsworthy, and do so under the assumption that this is the headline that will be used across the board. Don’t beat around the bush. Highlight precisely what is newsworthy, and if not self-explanatory, include why. The same process of not beating around the bush applies to the copy. Don’t hide information you want people to see. Shout it from the rooftops.

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Bojoko’s collaboration with PRNEWS.IO exemplifies the impact of strategic PR partnerships in achieving business goals. The increased exposure, industry recognition, and positive results reaffirm Bojoko’s commitment to providing valuable services in the dynamic iGaming sector. The partnership with PRNEWS.IO not only met but exceeded Bojoko’s expectations, establishing a solid foundation for future PR campaigns.

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