Casinovertailu Used PRNEWS.IO to Enhance Their Online Presence in the Competitive iGaming Industry

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Lauri Aro, the Chief Operating Officer of, has expressed interest in speaking with us so that we can create this case study. In the ever-changing iGaming industry,  Casinovertailu, a company based in Estonia, has successfully established its own unique position.

Within this case study, we will delve into Casinovertailu’s journey, examining the obstacles they encountered, the solutions they adopted, and the impressive outcomes they attained in collaboration with PRNEWS.IO. Their story serves as a testament to how innovation and strategic partnerships can drive success in the iGaming sector, showcasing the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Casinovertailu’s mission, encapsulated in the motto “Play with Prudence, Deposit with Deliberation,” reflects their dedication to providing honest and trustworthy information to their audience. Success, for Casinovertailu, entails ensuring that their readers are satisfied with the brands they endorse and the information they provide. Equally essential is the maintenance of strong relationships with their brand affiliates, as this is a critical element for long-term success. 


Casinovertailu, an iGaming affiliate company operating multiple websites in the industry, faced several challenges in their quest for high-quality online exposure. They aimed to promote their brands and share honest reviews with their readers. The primary problems that prompted them to seek the services of PRNEWS.IO included:

Limited Selection of Reputable Sites

Casinovertailu found it challenging to locate reputable websites in their target regions, which was crucial for enhancing their online presence.

Unwanted Contact from Link Sellers

They were frequently contacted by link sellers, raising concerns about dealing with the actual owners of the websites and avoiding fraudulent contacts.

The Need for Comprehensive Site Information needed access to detailed site profiles to make informed decisions for their online marketing strategy.

PRNEWS.IO provides a wide range of information about a website, including SEO parameters, geographical data, traffic, and more


To address these challenges, the team at relied on their years of experience in the iGaming industry to recognize the quality of websites and sellers. They also partnered with PRNEWS.IO to access a vast selection of reputable sites and the essential site profile information they needed. 

We definitely like that PRNEWS.IO has a great selection of available sites in our industry. And that the “site profiles” include all the important information. And of course the fact that through PRNEWS we are sure that we are working with the actual owners of the sites, avoiding fraudulent contacts towards and also getting great customer service from PRNEWS.IO. 

Lauri Aro, COO at

This collaboration allowed them to ensure that they were dealing with genuine site owners, avoiding fraudulent contacts and benefiting from excellent customer service.


While specific data may not be available, the collaboration between and PRNEWS.IO has had a positive impact on their online presence. The SEO strategy they implemented, which included acquiring quality links from reputable sites, contributed to improving their visibility. 

It’s important to note that SEO is a multifaceted effort, and the results are influenced by various factors. 

It is difficult to say in SEO, that specifically getting some links has been the single solution to a spike in the traffic. SEO in my opinion is like a combination of everything. If one thing does not work, there are no trophies at the end. 

Lauri Aro, COO at is satisfied with the efficiency and support provided by PRNEWS.IO, even when they encountered issues with a site.

Digital Marketing & SEO in the iGaming Industry (short interview with Casinovertailu’s COO)   


Can you provide an overview of your experience in the iGaming industry and your role in developing marketing and SEO strategies?

Lauri Aro:

I have been working in the industry for about 10 years. I started as a Country Manager for a casino and worked with a few reputable brands. In 2017, I moved to the other side of the fence and began working in affiliation.

I must admit that my initial SEO knowledge was not very strong, but the company had experienced individuals who taught me. However, I did have prior experience in marketing, so we also launched some non-iGaming websites in the entertainment and health sectors. My role was to create engaging content and attract readers from social media, among other methods.

Over the years, I have gained extensive knowledge in SEO. My main responsibility involves identifying interesting, upcoming, and trending SEO topics related to brands. As you may know, there aren’t too many keywords in the iGaming industry.


Can you explain the unique challenges and opportunities when it comes to implementing SEO strategies in the iGaming sector?

Lauri Aro:

As I mentioned earlier, the iGaming industry primarily relies on the same keywords it has used from the beginning. Therefore, breaking into the industry as a newcomer can be quite challenging. The competition is already fierce in many established markets.

However, when it comes to opportunities, they often lie in identifying undiscovered markets and emerging brands that have the potential for significant growth in the industry.


How do you stay updated with the ever-evolving search engine algorithms, and how do you adapt your SEO strategies accordingly for iGaming websites?

Lauri Aro:

That’s the thing, that nobody actually knows what the algorithms really are. As Google only gives hints, but the message is in the hints. In its simplicity, the reader is the king. So, we just try our best to create user-friendly websites and content.


Can you provide insights into ethical SEO practices in the iGaming industry, especially considering the need for responsible gambling and legal compliance?

Lauri Aro:

What we always do is remind players that gambling is for entertainment, and we stress the importance of playing responsibly.

It’s also important to inform players about the terms and conditions, including those associated with bonuses. We never claim that ‘you will win if…’ because there are no guaranteed winnings in any casino. It’s essential to remind players that losing money does not imply that the casino is fraudulent.

Furthermore, we consistently provide information about where players can seek help if their gambling habits become problematic.

Closing Thoughts

PRNEWS.IO’s service has met Casinovertailu’s expectations regarding timing, quality, and convenience. The team appreciates the efficiency of the service and the prompt resolution of any issues that arise during their collaboration. They have continued to approach the PRNEWS.IO team with new assignments, demonstrating their ongoing trust in the service.

This collaboration has allowed to overcome their challenges and enhance their online presence in the highly competitive iGaming industry.  

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