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Unique Viewers Estimator

Get a count of readers that your article can attract on news websites all over the world.

We Can Predict the Number of Reads Your Post Will Get

Maximize efficiency of your PR efforts

Our Website Traffic Estimator helps you to get the most of you PR campaign. It predicts with high accuracy the number of views your sponsored content can receive on a platform of your choice.

Right quality in the right place

Easy to use Calculator helps you to choose the news platform to meet your needs. Balance your content performance with reasonable price and plan your marketing budget ahead. No guesswork there!

No more hidden metrics!

Estimator predicts a number of views your post can get on any news website or blog across the globe. It is effective even on those websites that hide their view counters.

Designed to support our community

We created our Unique Viewers Estimator for digital marketers as well as PR and SEO specialists to give them a hand with their publicity campaigns.

Have you ever wondered how much coverage your story gets?

Some news platforms allow you to find it out yourself by showing you the view count. Others do not. Wouldn't it be nice to know how many readers may see your content before submitting it to the chosen platform? Now imagine that you can predict the number of unique viewers that can read your post on a particular website. And then you can decide whether you want to publish it there or not. How?

We’ve got you covered and created Unique Viewers Estimator. We made it possible for you to estimate unique readers of your article without using any plugins, cookies or user IDs. Just enter any domain in the box above and our Estimator will tell you how many readers can you expect.

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