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Our desire to provide the best for our clients' needs is what drives us towards success.

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PRNEWS.IO makes it easy for businesses and individuals to build publicity in digital media outlets

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With multiple filters, you can easily select the news sites that best fit your budget, size and type of audience you desire, traffic sources, domain quality and more.
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With our easy-to-use platform, you can have your article published in just a few hours.
It will be indexed shortly thereafter by the most popular search engines to benefit your brand visibility for the long term.
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What makes us different:

Tired of constant outreach and guest-posting efforts that drive unpredictable results? Want to cut costs for PR and SEO activities? Thinking of optimizing your in-house campaigns and outsourcing them? Don't want any long-term commitments with agencies?

We have the right solutions for you!

Common Pains
  • Outreach and guest post efforts do not pay off.
  • Tons of “Dear Sir” link-building offers with no moneyback guarantee.
  • Language gaps and complicated negotiations with publishers.
  • Time wasted having to compare websites while spending money on paid website metric analyzing tools.
  • Unclear publishing conditions that drive unpredictable results.
  • Failed deadlines for your PR & search engine optimization campaigns.
  • Non-transparent prices, hidden fees and uncomfortable payment methods.
  • Messy processes of communication between different publishers when multiple articles are involved.
  • Poor explanations from publishers on how paid orders are processed.
Solutions We Offer
  • Lower prices due to discounts from publishers that cannot be obtained directly. Close to 100% guaranteed results if basic guidelines are followed.
  • Access to the largest online media catalog available with valuable statistical data for detailed analyses. Verified publishers that deliver what they promise or your money back.
  • Multi-lingual support is available for people around the globe.
  • Standardized naming conventions that make it simple to understand what you are getting without having to decipher industry-specific terminology.
  • Transparent conditions, prices and terms are available without any required registration.
  • An easy-to-use shopping cart and checkout that provides multiple payment options for your convenience.
  • More control when working with multiple publishers at a time with easily accessible order and payment history records.
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We would love to share some amazing stories of how PRNEWS.IO has helped our customers achieve their goals.

  • Notino
  • eTalk
  • Wego
  • LondonLovesBusiness
  • Interfax-Ukraine
  • Ottawa Life NEW
Notino uses PRNEWS.IO to promote
its online store and increase online
sales in European markets

Joined PRNEWS.IO eight years ago to start creating content
marketing and needed to distribute it through news websites
as well as get backlinks.


The whole team started using PRNEWS.IO to expand into European markets.


Pavel and his team have placed 800+ orders with PRNEWS.IO
and have engaged with 580 publishers from 21 countries.

Pavel Smericka
Digital Marketing Expert at Notino

I like to use PRNEWS.IO because it gives me the opportunity to address problems quickly. They do an amazing job at providing solutions for my needs and it allows me to communicate with one source only. They know exactly what I want and how to achieve it.

Online learning platform eTalk uses PRNEWS.IO
to increase online visibility

Joined PRNEWS.IO two years ago to build brand visibility.


After receiving seed investment from a private equity firm, eTalk has focused on an organic traffic strategy, for which it is actively using the PRNEWS.IO platform.


Vyacheslav and his team have placed 50+ orders with PRNEWS.IO and have engaged with 38 publishers from Poland, Romania and Spain.

Vyacheslav Zhiradkov
Founder at eTalk Global

With the help of PRNEWS.IO, we got our company media coverage quickly and efficiently. My business story became publicly available to the professional community and future partners at the Alpha Wolves Summit Forum and beyond. So share your projects, make your story public, and prepare content in advance without waiting for a mega-important event. Very often, young entrepreneurs and startups do not realize what to write about themselves on social networks. As a result, there are no mentions in the media about the company. It is harmful to business networking and brand promotion. Start talking about yourself from the early days of your company

Travel & Booking platform Wego
uses PRNEWS.IO to strengthen its
content marketing strategy

Wego joined PRNEWS.IO in hopes of attracting more readers
in select countries.


Wego was able to simplify and accelerate the content distribution process by guaranteeing placement in various online publications around the world.


PRNEWS.IO plays a crucial role in increasing Wego's blog readership by providing a huge global platform for its content.

Steffi Teowira
Head of Content at Wego

Wego's content marketing strategy is no longer limited solely to English-language publications and readers. PRNEWS.IO has allowed Wego to reach Arab and Spanish readers, effectively increasing traffic to its blog and its visibility to a wider audience, including potential partners and investors.

LondonLovesBusiness uses PRNEWS.IO to work
with quality content from trusted brands
2017 joined PRNEWS.IO in 2017 to attract organic traffic from quality content.


Implemented orders for brands such as Stakers, Robomarket, and Get It. This helped the website grow its organic traffic by 36% and double the number of its monthly readers.


PRNEWS.IO is now considered to be one of the main paid content partners for LondonLovesBusiness to work with. Inspired by the partnership, they decided to expand their business and use our services to provide content for two more media sources: and

Cassandra Donovan
Sales Director at LondonLovesBusiness

PRNEWS.IO provides us with quality content from trusted brands with high reputations. This content about new products and services, business culture, and industry leadership generates interest from readers and attracts new organic traffic with long-form keywords to our media.

Interfax-Ukraine appreciates a long-term partnership with PRNEWS.IO in the distribution of press releases in the news network

Interfax-Ukraine joined PRNEWS.IO in 2015 in order to attract new customers and increase sales.


Expanded to work with major brands such as Meest, Comfy, Oniks and Webmate. Since the very beginning, PRNEWS.IO has been their main go-to source for media content.


PRNEWS.IO has now become a stable and effective partner for Interfax-Ukraine by publishing new orders instantaneously.

Marina Zgarda
Head of Interfax-Ukraine Press Center

PRNEWS.IO is a reliable service for publishing press releases for Interfax-Ukraine, which has been proven for years. The media content provided by the platform is always topical and interesting and is in the format required by our editorial board, which unambiguously is effective towards productivity of the publications. We are sometimes surprised when analyzing traffic view data from web media offered on PRNEWS.IO. The traffic is often higher than in non-commercial news publications, which indicates the value and relevance of the published content.

Ottawa Life Magazine increase number of worldwide customers with PRNEWS.IO
2021 joined PRNEWS.IO in 2021 with the goal of reaching customers worldwide and eliminating the hassles of having to pay multiple PR companies for various projects.


Provided articles for brands such as Topcashforcars, Roobinium and Kimbino, which greatly simplified the process of communicating with customers.


Now Ottawalife uses PRNEWS.IO as a source for easy communication with customers worldwide.

Dan Donovan
Publisher & Managing Editor for Ottawa Life Magazine

I like using PRNEWS.IO because it is a user friendly platform and the process is easy to navigate. We receive orders from the PRNEW.IO platform for an agreed upon fee. We confirm the content and post it. Customer confirms the article is live and we upload the invoice for the order and are paid. If any issues arise or we have any questions or concerns the PRNEWS.IO team gets right back to us.

Trusted by the world's best companies
Get Access To A Full Range Of Services
Get on board with a powerful and accessible tool for companies, organizations and individuals to promote a business or personal brand. Gain access to advanced filters for media searching, full access to the marketplace catalog, priority support and more.
More About PRO
News Outlets for sensitive topics
Get access to the marketplace advanced catalog, including websites that work with sensitive topics and offer services, which are available only by personal request.
Export media lists to CSV
Export marketplace media results in a CSV format so that you can work in the environment that suits you best.
Add media that you have no interest in using onto a personal blacklist with just a click of a button.
Selected media lists
Save selected media in separate lists and use them in your projects at the appropriate time.
Advanced filters for media
In addition to the standard filters we offer, the advanced filters allow for domain zone filtering, websites that don't require advertising purpose disclaimers and websites that allow you to set the date of publication.
Bonus Media Stats
Get access to advanced media data including: Ahrefs DR, MOZ DA and other data statistics, which are not provided in our standard media description.
PRO support
The PRO account also includes, in addition to regular email support, priority support through our online chat or telephone.

Press About Us

Check out the latest headlines about PRNEWS.IO.

PRNEWS.IO allows brands to publish sponsored content in their native format and in turn, publishers receive a reward.

PRNEWS.IO operates the world’s first sponsored content online store, with fixed prices for publications located at

E-Resident (PRNEWS.IO) creates an alternative to expensive PR in Estonia in the form of a content marketing platform.

PRNEWS.IO acts as an online marketplace for distributing sponsored news content.

An online platform based on the mission of using big data to predictably communicate a brand to people through stories in the media.

A love of nature

Our company is built on a love for the outdoor world around us. We believe that the more that nature is in balance, the more the people and animals that share that nature find a harmonious flow. That’s why PRNEWS.IO is committed to improving the beauty of the great outdoors by donating a portion of its profits to planting trees to improve our environment.

We were born as an online marketplace, saving time and resources with our digital contract, and saving trees from printing contracts. No paper wasted on marketing materials.
Eco-Friendly Business

Our online marketplace was born with caring for nature in mind. From digital contracts to online marketing materials, everything is done to ensure that we keep our paper use at a minimum while staying green.

We love to serve green-minded clients

Among them is which provides satellite imagery and processing of space and earth data to solve problems in the spheres of agro, forestry and minerals. Releaf Paper is another favorite of ours that is involved in the production of paper made from dried fallen leaves.

We are partners with:

One Tree Planted is an organization that plants one tree for every purchase of a PRO account on PRNEWS.IO.

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PRNEWS.IO is the largest marketplace for publishing sponsored content in digital media worldwide. Think of it like an Amazon for press mentions, PR & SEO articles with high-quality backlinks included.

What is it for?

With PRNEWS.IO, you can publish articles in more than 100K media sources in 96 countries. With easy-to-use filters, it takes just a few clicks to zero in on the perfect media that matches your required audience, SEO metrics and budget. After finding your perfect media match, you can get your content published ASAP.

What are the benefits of using your platform?

PRNEWS.IO provides free access to the largest catalog available of digital media with an array of data metrics to compare websites, pricing and publishing conditions.
There is no need to negotiate anything with publishers because all of the needed details to plan your budget and set your deadlines are right at your fingertips.
In addition, the publisher gets paid only after your article has been approved by you and gone live. This ensures that you get what you pay for or your money back.
Because we work with so many publishers on a daily basis, we have been able to negotiate the best prices on the market that we happily pass on to you, our customer.
You will save additional time and money when using our one-stop-shop platform because we bring in everything for your PR needs under one roof. No need to pay for multiple comparison tools or spend your valuable time bouncing around between conversations with multiple publishers. With PRNEWS.IO, you are in the driver’s seat of a powerful PR machine that will take you places with ease.
Did we mention our awesome support? Our dedicated account managers are always there and ready to help you with any issues you might face. Our support team is available via online chat, email, multiple online messengers and phone. Feel free to check out the feedback from our customers at G2 and Trustpilot

Do I need to subscribe to use your platform?

You do not need to subscribe or make any long-term commitments with PRNEWS.IO. Our platform operates as a marketplace, so you are the one who decides on what to purchase and when. We do not set limits on minimum orders and do not have any hidden fees.

I’m in! What do I start with?

Sign in or create an account with PRNEWS.IO.
Use multiple search filters available in our online store to pick the perfect websites for your PR needs and add them to the cart.
Proceed to the payment page and complete the payment process.
Once your payment is submitted, you’ll see an information card appear in your account that, when clicked, will guide you to everything you need to upload your content for your purchase.
Sit back and wait for your content to go live! You can monitor the progress of the publisher in your account and you'll get an email notification with the link to your article as soon as it has been published.

How do I pay?

Multiple payment options are available for PRNEWS.IO customers.
Just choose the one that suits you best:

  • bank transfer;
  • card payment;
  • Bitpay;
  • USDT TRC 20.
Invoices are available in the transaction history of your account for any of the provided payment methods.

Please note that all prices in the catalog are directly from the publishers.
PRNEWS.IO charges a 15% service fee on top of the publishers' costs. The fee covers the processing of your order, organizing workflow, keeping the media database up to date, aggregating statistical data about sites (traffic indicators, SEO, etc.) and the ability to contact our technical support.

Who writes the content?

If you have your own copywriters, you can use your own content. But please make sure to adjust the content to the publisher’s content requirements that are listed in the description for each specific website.
If you don't want to bother with content writing, just click on the Writing Services additional option available for each website and our professional writers will take care of the rest.

What if the publisher does not accept my content?

Your payments are protected 100% by the PRNEWS.IO platform's money-back guarantee. If the publisher, for any reason, declines your content, your payment is automatically added back to your account balance and you can use these funds for alternative websites or request a refund.