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Your story is being told online. Have you checked to see what people are saying about you in the digital world? In a nutshell, you can choose to control your image yourself or leave it to chance.

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Three easy steps to increase your personal visibility

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Schedule an appointment with us for a personal interview

Choose a suitable plan and schedule an interview with us at a convenient time in any of the available slot.

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We will develop a personalized content plan for you

As a result of a meeting with a PR expert, you will get a personalized plan and ideas for content that meets your needs

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Enjoy being a hero on the popular media agenda

With our reporting system, you'll always have your finger on the pulse of new media mentions


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98% Positive Feedback. We always try to make our customers happy and satisfied. We try to provide the best products and services

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We know exactly what to highlight for in your professional experience. A customised strategy for each client and a careful approach will help create a compellingstory of your talent thatwill make your relocationcase a success.

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We provides guaranteed placement of sponsored content in online media around the world. Over 100,000 publications in 197 countries

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Our team consists of highly qualified specialists who, in addition to professional qualities, also have creative thinking. We have more than .... years of experience in the market.


Content Planning


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  • For everyone
  • Personal interview(before payment)
  • 10 content topic ideas
  • Fast turnaround time (5 business days)
  • Content distribution plan
  • Guaranteed placements
  • Report
78% of our customers choose this plan!

Turnkey PR Coverage



  • For everyone
  • Personal interview(before payment)
  • 10 content topic ideas
  • Fast turnaround time (7 - 12 business days)
  • Content distribution plan
  • 10 guaranteed placements
  • 1 TOP-tier media included (like Forbes, Interpreneur etc)
  • Report

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Get 10 professionally created pieces of content proofing your publicity. Let our team do it for you!

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A Beginner's Guide to Publicity in Online Media. Best practices for handling journalistic inquiries. From the journalists themselves.


We’ll answer all your questions in a format that is convenient for you

Why use PRNEWS.IO to publish my article?

Fast, easy and you get what you paid for:

  • You don't have to reach out to the media outlet or hire a PR agency, you have the publication and our support if needed.
  • You know what you pay for: no hidden fees, everything is crystal clear.
What are the news sites I will be published in?

The ones that you choose. Forget about wondering where and if you will be published, with PRNEWS.IO you can choose the News Sites more relevant to your business case and get featured there.

How does the writing process work?

You have three options: you can write the content for yourself; we can do it for you; the publisher/contributor to the publisher can do it.
If you chose us, we guarantee you highly skilled copywriters.

Can I check the article before it's published?

Of course!
You'll be able to see how your article will look on the publisher's website and you have to approve it before it's published (or at least you have 3 days to do so). You can even chat with the publisher and ask for edits before the publication is online.

How long does this process of publication?

Usually, it takes 3 to 5 days to publish, but it can be faster or longer, it depends on the conditions of the publisher.

Can I request that you rewrite my news story?

Sure! We offer "Rewriting" as a service.

What are the article guidelines?

Each publisher has its own rules and you can check them all on the publisher's webpage on our platform.
The main guideline to keep in mind for each of them is this: the content you want to publish should be relevant to the audience of the publisher.
Don't buy Real Estate media outlets if you want to publish content about Web3.

Do the articles stay published forever?

98% of the cases yes, but you can check the "Permanent Placement" on the publisher's webpage or use it as a filter on our platform.

How I can get into Forbes?

PRNEWS.IO is the simplest way to do it, we will write an article about you that will be published by Forbes.

Can I talk to you about how my article will look and where it will appear before publication?

We have an efficient support team that will be glad to assist you. And you'll be able to speak to the publisher once you paid and submitted the publication.

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