9 The Most Useful  AI Sales Tools You Should Adopt In Your Work Routine

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The sales process has evolved over the years, from exchanging things between people to new marketing strategies to involve people in buying. Since we live in a consumer society, everyone wants to sell us more and more, although only some companies can do it qualitatively. The main purpose of marketers is to advertise things as well as possible to new consumers and promote their companies to the highest level. It can take a lot of effort to balance between completing the tasks and doing the job properly, coming up with new ideas, and trying to avoid bringing the company into disrepute. Fortunately, because we live in a consumer society, we also live in a time-saving society, which means that artificial intelligence can help like never before. 

9 of The Most Useful AI Sales Tools

Artificial intelligence today is taking root far and wide, not forgetting sales tools as well. We gathered 9 of The Most Useful AI Sales Tools that you should adopt in your work routine to make your marketing strategies successful!


If you are looking for the best customer database, Optimove is there! According to Optimove’s policy, the main goal is to cooperate with the company to find the best customers and build the strongest trust between you for further cooperation. This AI Sales Tool helps you engage customers by creating the most relevant message, based on customer history and data. 

Best Features 

  • Demonstration of the customer data platform in real-time
  • Making Multi-channel decisions for the best communication with customers
  • The Full Personalization with OptiGenie AI
  • Supports email, mobile push notifications, mobile in-app messaging, web push notifications, etc.
  • Marketing Analytics dashboard


  • The price depends on your needs, which means that you have to contact Optimove’s manager

Optimove gives you an incredible opportunity to learn more about your prospects, connect with them, meet your marketing needs, and initiate ever-increasing cooperation now and in the future.

Albert AI

    Albert AI is intended for digital advertising and declares itself as an autonomous ally for marketers. So, it’s true because this AI sales tool helps you start by planning advertising options, creating and attracting new campaigns, optimizing media and budget, and ending with reporting on every single insight. Albert AI not only provides you with the most relevant campaign suggestions but also assists you in setting up collaborations and exploiting hidden gold features.

    Best Features

    • Integrated with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Bing
    • Provides you with the best campaigns’ recommendations 
    • Flexible budget management, relying on your needs and market conditionals
    • Customers Succes Team with non-stop support
    • Intended for B2C brands


    • You have to contact the manager for a customized pricing plan

    Alberta’s AI policy states that this AI sales tool cannot replace your entire agency because it serves as a virtual assistant to the team, not a full-time employee. Also, it cannot create new strategies, it can only follow established tactics like many other AIs. But fear not, this tool knows how to work with human intervention and quickly changes algorithms with any minor corrections.

    Seventh Sense 

      Have the perfect campaign spokesperson, but do not know how to calculate the perfect time to pitch? Seventh Sense as an expert email marketing tool will take care of it! This platform is convinced that marketers should change the main algorithms they use in their email marketing strategy and replace them because they can get more performance by using a Seventh Sense email strategy.

      Best Features 

      • Increase deliverability, engagement, and conversions
      • Send Time Optimization at optimal engagement time
      • Integrated with HubSpot and Marketo
      • Works with each individual database by analyzing their activity


      • HubSpot Pro & Enterprise Marketing Bussiness Subscription $80 per month (billed annually) for 5,000 marketing contacts 
      • Adobe Marketo Engage Bussiness Subscription $450 per month (billed annually) for 50K Leads
      • Each program also provides a Custom Enterprise Subscription

      This email marketing tool works like an AI sales tool by providing a unique list of email addresses and scheduling each email based on that campaign’s information. It deeply analyzes the activities of potential customers and tries to attract attention as long as possible. Therefore, our sales deals should be much more successful!

      Salesforce AI

        Salesforce AI as a customer relationship management tool promises to provide your company with increased sales, accompanied by better service and lower cost. Owing to them, you no longer need to do CRM manually, as this tool provides automated processes and sales, allowing your team to sell much more efficiently than before. This AI sales tool allows your team to focus on building your customer loyalty as they handle boring repetitive algorithms for you!

        Best Features

        • Sales Cloud helps you to sell smarter and is also intended for B2B 
        • Service Cloud assists you to be in touch with your customers and deal with problems faster
        • Marketing Cloud provides you with powered AI marketing software, which includes smarter automation, analytics, and launching multi-channel canals
        • Einstein 1 Platform allows you to build excellent apps with a click or code for connecting with your customers’ data 
        • Commerce Cloud empowers your team to be connected with your customer’s preferences in every commerce channel 
        • Works with many countries in America, Europe, and Asia


        • You can choose the most suitable subscription for you depending on your needs

        Not only can Salesforce be a great tool that can replace any others that are created nowadays, but it’s also amazingly affordable. Their Einstein 1 Platform price starts at $25 per month and works across commerce, sales, service, and marketing. This is truly one of the most powerful AI sales tools you should look into!


          Ortto is another email and SMS marketing tool that has become much more interesting with new AI improvements. It gives you a full-fledged platform for the best marketing automation and brings all your customer data together with code-free integration. Its new AI enhancements are all about omnichannel engagement, allowing you to integrate with your customers without boundaries through AI-powered live chat.

          Best Features

          • Subject Line Writer
          • Image generator
          • List Checker
          • Multi-region data hosting and automated translations powered by AI
          • An opportunity to train a custom AI model
          • 14 Day Free Trial


          • Professional Subscription: $509 per month 
          • Business Subscription: $849 per month 
          • Enterprise Subscription: $1,699 per month 

          * paid annually, with 10,000 contacts

          According to the Chinese proverb, “Good things come in pairs,” using Ortto as an AI sales tool, you can integrate your Salesforce customer data to capture more customer interest, 

          customize repeatable algorithms, and send customers much more personalized messages.

          Bearly AI

            Bearly AI’s main function is article summarization and YouTube transcription, but it can be useful in several ways for sales marketers. First, this tool can create marketing content, such as product descriptions or messages for campaigns. Second, it performs Sales Forecasting, to help your company to predict sales performance. Third, it can create personalized product recommendations, increasing sales opportunities. 

            Best Features 

            • Qualitative summarization of the material
            • Simple In-Use Interface
            • Also provides Customer Segmentation and Targeting, Predictive Analytics, and Customer support automation functions
            • Clear guide with a description of all functions
            • Available for IOS


            • Free Subscription includes 3,000 words daily (90,000 words monthly) in HyperChat
            • Pro Subscription: $20 per month for 600,000 words in HyperChat
            • Analyst Subscription: $60 per month for 1,800,000 words in HyperChat

            It might be obscure, but Bearly AI can handle a ton of selling stuff even without any subscription. If you have yet to decide whether you want to use AI Sales Tools in your work routine, you should try this tool first to understand. Bearly’s artificial intelligence performs tasks very well, and its excellent interface allows you to work with pleasure.


              Brandwatch has established itself as the #1 consumer intelligence platform for delivering the best analytics mission to better understand your customers. Their company has been researching industry-leading artificial intelligence for over 17 years, and as a result, they have created the smartest AI with fast-moving unstructured data. According to their website, they introduced us to the Four Steps to Actionable Insights: Search, Segment, Analyze, and Act. Of course, these steps are fully AI-automated by their companion Iris.AI, which handles everything manually, from research to content creation.

              Best Features

              • Consumer Intelligence allows you to understand your company and needs on the market
              • Social Media Engagement, which works with all the most famous platforms (Meta, X, Reddit, Tiktok, Tumblr)
              • Influencer Marketing with a great influencers database
              • Provides a unique feature to discover new trends first before others 
              • Solutions for each profession and need
              • Improved social listening capabilities 


              • For general information about tariff plans, you should contact the manager

              Using Brandwatch as an AI sales tool can be very helpful as they have been in the market since 2008 and are constantly improving their AI features. At the same time, trust in them grows very high. The big brands tested their mechanisms, so this Tool cannot fail you. In addition, Brandwatch promises to get you running daily campaigns with huge ROI, which is very tempting. 


              Sometimes this happens when you do not have enough time or motivation to do a report, or perhaps you cannot structure your work well. In this case, Supermetrics is not only ready to help you with these difficult tasks but also works as an AI Sales Tool for developing your advertising campaigns!

              Best Features 

              • No more manual reporting
              • Integrated with 150+ platforms, eg. Google, Microsoft, Looker Studio, Snowflake, Amazon S3, etc.
              • Suitable for collaborative work
              • Compares marketing strategies, and tests new marketing channels instead of you
              • Marketing Intelligence Cloud
              • GPT4 integration for summarizing and analyzing data
              • Free 14 days trial


              • Pricing works for all needs, these are the most popular for price guidance:
              • Google Sheets/ Looker Studio/ Microsoft Excel Subscriptions start from €29 per month
              • monday.com Subscription starts from €19 per month

              Marketing Intelligence Cloud by Supermetrics can be interesting because it gives you direct access to all relevant marketing platforms, allows you to mix data from paid media sources, convert currencies, and helps you determine accurate ROI according to unified data. It also takes your marketing reporting to the next level and will come in handy if you are not good at spreadsheets.


              Skai positions itself as the only platform for omnichannel media advertising, which can be trusted as well as a good team-worker. For marketers, Skai applies an app marketing software solution to reach the most appropriate target audience in the market. This tool will help you attract more customers by tailoring the creative on your product pages!

              Best Features 

              • Apple Search Ads support
              • Custom goal tracking
              • Campaign mirroring
              • Flexible reporting
              • Tags, labels, and cohort analysis
              • Omnichannel capabilities


              • You have to book a meeting for detailed information about the plans

              Skai, as an AI-powered sales tool, uses the latest AI technologies to help brands identify the best ways to engage customers, bringing together all media data in one place to illuminate critical insights into how and why the overall media program is performing. They have released Skai Decision Pro with key features such as Executive HQ, Spotlights, Media Forecasting, and Media Plans. This tool gives you a bird’s eye view of your marketing media program and is definitely worth a try!


              To summarize all the information, we hope you at least adopt one of these super-advanced AI tools because they can save you time and energy. However, you may find their price to be biting, you have to remember that every good product has to be a little expensive and you are paying to have more time for other important tasks. After all, if you trust artificial intelligence in your sales work, it should pay well! 

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