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Top Singapore media: online magazines, newspapers & websites

We invite you to check out the Top Singapore media. This will help you to declare yourself, expand your client base, talk about your services and products (which will be additional advertising) as well as create a positive image through top editions.

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Thomas Jefferson once said: “Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate to prefer the latter.” The publication in the media after many years still retains a reputation for verified and reliable information. And in some countries, they still have not abandoned the very old tradition of starting the day with a cup of coffee and a newspaper. This is a very important element between the public and the source of information, which keeps the balance in society.

Today the media are becoming more and more specialized, and PR specialists need to understand what audience the media is working for. But first, you need to determine your target audience, and then understand through which media you can convey your message to it.

Singapore media rating

Bank IT Asia tells how to effectively manage a business, a situation, competitors, and the market. A distinctive feature of “Bank IT Asia” is an analysis of the reasons for the events that have taken place on the market, and not a dry statement of facts. The pages of the publication describe the technologies of modern business and its current problems, brilliant ideas, and original solutions.

What to eat on the streets of Singapore and how to find the best Chilli Crab in town, where is the best breakfast and the juiciest fast food?

Singapore Business Owners
The magazine's topics cover issues that relate to macro and microeconomics, accounting, monetary policy, the operation of the national banking system, financial monitoring, online commerce, management.

Building Review Journal
Journal which publishes original research papers and reviews articles related to building science, highlights the latest news from the building industry, urban physics, collects analytical reviews and research by specialists.

Best network about the latest news from around the world, business, sports, lifestyle, climate change section, and more. CNA can be viewed in 29 territories across Asia.

Gcio Asia
A magazine dedicated to programming, the latest news in the world of information technology, the IT market and the Internet economy in general, discussion of IT legislation and the economic side in the idea of starting a business in this area.

This is a blog for academic and educational use at the National University of Singapore. Designed for students and professor's target audience. Format type - contributor post.

Singapore expats
It is a confident navigator in the field of finding modern housing. Business people and ordinary readers will have access to all news materials related to the residential and commercial real estate market in Singapore. And if your business is connected, for example, with the sale of apartments - welcome!

Does anybody know about your startup? It is difficult to achieve the popularity and interest of the target audience without media coverage. Select E27 that covers the latest news on new and disruptive businesses in the region. It is the largest media outlet in Asia.

If you are looking for an effective way to sell your services or products then choose this media. On this website, you will find the very best that Singapore has to offer. Various reviews, restaurants guide, events list, travel guide, the best Singapore events, and much, much more.

The magazine for fans of the “Big Bang Theory” series. It is considered the leading distributor of information technology, engineering equipment, chemistry, and nanomaterials in the Asia-Pacific region. Will be especially interesting for students and engineers.

Vulcan Post
Smartphones, tablets and photographic equipment, computers, software, the Internet, modern technologies, telecommunications, cryptocurrencies, Covid-19, and entertainment. The best option in the age of digitalization.
It is another rated web media about finance. Businessmen, top managers, accountants, auditors, freelancers, university professors, and their students can post here about current trends in the global economy and the functioning of financial systems.

Marketing Interactive
It is another rated web media about finance. Businessmen, top managers, accountants, auditors, freelancers, university professors, and their students can post here about current trends in the global economy and the functioning of financial systems.

How to choose media?

  • Start by identifying your target audience. Analyze who these people are? What media do they read, watch, track?
  • If your resource (time or financial) is limited, it will be much more effective to focus on a limited pool of media than trying to grasp the immense. For example, you are running a small social project and your communications budget is limited. As much as you want to get coverage on national TV channels, it may be more effective to focus on a few online media if their audience is the same as yours. In short, go where your audience is.
  • Be sure to create a media map to see which publications will be in your area of interest. Divide them into different groups/types of media - this will simplify your work.

Whatever one may say, the requirements for content today are dictated not by the editorial staff, but by the audience. The audience appreciates accessible presentation, multimedia format (not only text but also video, infographics, audio). Also, with each specific target audience, you need to speak their language. Our experts can help you with this because we know all these subtleties very well. Provide us with the information you want to publish, describe it and we will be able to arrange it nicely for all the digital requirements of our time. Either way, take advantage of this great opportunity to post on the top Singapore media. It still works today. And how will it be tomorrow, who knows? Do not waste your time.