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Top Websites for Branded Content in Czech Republic

Use PRNEWS.IO to promote your business on popular news sites in the Czech Republic.

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By posting materials about your company on websites in different countries, you attract new customers and partners, and increase your brand recognition on the international market. The native advertising agency cooperates with the editorial offices of Internet media in more than 100 countries in the world, including the largest publications in the Czech Republic.

Internet Media in the Czech Republic

A fairly new European country, the Czech Republic was formed after the dissolution of Czechoslovakia into two states, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Since gaining independence, the number of media outlets in the Czech Republic has been increasing every year. Now, the largest printed editions have created online versions of magazines and newspapers to compete with digital media.

The Czech Republic is a country with a rich ethnic composition, therefore Internet portals publish their materials in Czech, English, German and Russian. When publishing in different languages, you increase the reach of your target audience. Professional authors working for can write an article, make a rewrite, translate or adapt your material to the target language.

These Czech sites are the most read:

  • Novinky — news site, receives more than 80 million views monthly.
  • Super — entertainment site, collects more than 45 million views per month.
  • Sport — a sports portal that has more than 33 million views per month.

In addition to Czechs, these sites are also visited by residents of Slovakia, Great Britain, Germany and the United States.

How to publish an article on Czech websites

The catalog contains more than 7,000 news and entertainment sites from Europe, Asia, America, Australia and Africa. Our service agency has collected all the necessary information: traffic sources, SEO metrics, geography and number of visits, as well as prospective views. After selecting one or more sites, you set up the list of publications and publish the material.