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Top Websites for Branded Content in Turkey

Reach the Turkish audience through PR publications on local websites using PRNEWS.IO plaftorm. It has never been as easy to make your way onto local news as it is now.

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Turkish Internet media

Turkey is a modern bridge between Europe and the East. The country is famous for its traditional textile and leather industries. People go there to relax and enjoy Eastern exoticism and European comfort.

Most of the online publications publish materials in Turkish. There is also media in English, Russian and Arabic.

Among the most read online news publications, one can find both modern digital media and online versions of the oldest newspapers that were founded in the early twentieth century.

Popular news sites in Turkey:

  • Milliyet — the website of an influential Turkish newspaper. More than 126 million visits per month. About 1.5 million people are subscribed to news from this publication on Facebook, two million follow it on Twitter and more than 150,000 follow it on Google+.
  • Sozcu — one of the largest Internet publications in the country, which receives over 115 million views per month.
  • Cumhuriyet — an information portal that gets more than 27 million views monthly.

Turkish sites are also read by residents of Azerbaijan, Germany and the USA.

How to distribute press release through Turkish websites

After registering on, you get access to information regarding more than 7,000 news and theme-specific websites. In the description for each publication, all the necessary information is collected: SEO metrics, traffic sources, how many people and from which countries visit the resource, as well as prospective site views. After having selected the most suitable online publications, you set up the list of publications and publish the paid material.