How to advertise your brand in the region: available solutions

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Small local companies often have a limited budget and are not willing to spend money on advertising. But when it comes to promotion in a particular region, a small-scale local business has advantages over large companies: the extent of their market is clearly defined, and it is not difficult to manage it.

We have selected several advertising solutions that will help a small company expand its sphere of influence in its region.

Advertising in local print media

The newspaper is one of the main sources of information for ordinary consumers. It is an inexpensive and effective advertising channel. Many local publications can offer interesting methods of advertising besides the usual banners and standard ads. It is good when the subject of the newspaper coincides with the interests of your target audience.

Newspapers that are distributed on the streets for free fall into the hands of thousands of people every day and public offices are subscribed to the more serious newspapers, which are read in offices and enterprises. The newspaper is the most common format for retirees. Any grandmother who finds interesting information in the newspaper will have to tell her children or grandchildren about it.

Magazines are a more narrow channel. They attract a certain audience, which is why an advertising campaign in magazines can be targeted depending on the subject matter of the publication.

Magazines are effective when readers spend some time waiting — at the dentist, in hairdressing salons, or beauty salons. It is a worthwhile idea to place information about a local perfume shop on the pages of a magazine which is read by the clients of beauty salons.

Magazines are distributed in large shopping centers, places where local shops are concentrated which sell clothes, cosmetics, household appliances, toys, and electronics. Shopping centers themselves can publish magazines with information on the products presented in the stores of local companies.

Cable TV and local radio

On television, it is not necessary to advertise your company during the Super Bowl. The launch of a campaign in between advertisements for the sale or lease of real estate or during the announcements of TV shows can also have an effect. Such advertising is inexpensive, and the sales department of the local TV channel will help in offering good airtime.

Radio continues to occupy rather high positions among other marketing solutions. However, the cost of advertising on local radio stations is rather low. The radio has the largest audience coverage in comparison with other advertising channels. It is listened to on public transport, and music and advertising are being broadcasted on the streets on city radio stations.

Advertising on websites

Another opportunity to promote is local websites. It is useful to post information about the company on regional news, entertainment, and business sites. A thoughtful approach will allow launching an advertising campaign in local online media even with small investments. — a platform for publishing PR materials around the world – will help you create a publication plan, study information about publications — cost, size of readership, requirements for texts — and publish an article, press release, or news in one or several local media.

Information about your company, when placed in specialized databases of companies with a powerful search algorithm, is very effective. This can be a location with data about the company on Google maps or 2GIS. Placing information about companies and short promotional messages on such resources can be done free of charge.

Press releases

One of the most powerful and proven tools is the press release. Most importantly, it should not stand out from the usual format. A press release should tell the story, and not turn into a flashy advertisement. As a rule, there is a section with press releases on any news site.

Any event — discounts, promotions, an increase in the variety of the product offering — can be presented in the format of a press release. This tool is actively used by online stores and companies from the services sector: dentistry, travel agencies, cleaning companies, hairdressers, and beauty salons.

Other media reprint press releases, which can attract public attention. This will help achieve the effects of a real PR campaign, even on a limited budget. Quality material with an interesting presentation will work on its own.

The most important aspect is to strictly adhere to the canons of a press release and not go beyond the limits of the genre. It is better to order the writing of a press release from professionals. One of the companies providing this service is Our specialists will not only help you with the publication of the press release but will also prepare the text in accordance with the requirements of the client, translate it into the language of the site and recommend the best media for its placement.

Public events

It is necessary to take part in local exhibitions and organize public events, such as open days and presentations of goods and services. Mass events will help attract new customers and establish business relations with partners or suppliers. 

Conferences, exhibitions, and other local events are thoroughly covered by the press, and this is another source of advertising.

Trade unions

Participation in the professional community is also effective. As a rule, many professional or business organizations provide participants with benefits, such as free placement on their websites or in special sections of their press. Membership in a union is a sign of status and importance.

Accordingly, professional fishing unions are welcoming to local shops selling fishing gear, agrarian communities provide advertising space for specialized companies that focus on fertilizers or food for animals, and so on.

Mailing list to customers

The only thing that you may need for promotion via email is time. The “Pareto Principle” states that one-fifth of the clients of any company will account for 80% of sales. Sometimes, instead of frantically searching for new customers, it is better to spend your energy on providing excellent service to the existing ones.

Various promotions, discount coupons, newsletters, useful articles, and reviews will help with this.

The application of even just a few of the solutions listed above can give an excellent result. The most important aspect is not to worry about unnecessary spending and to discover the most effective methods. In any advertising campaign, the most important is careful planning and the analysis of the results obtained.

Try out all of the methods listed above, and, after you have decided on the most effective one, direct your advertising budget there. As a result, the best option for a barbershop might be advertising on the radio, the maximum effect for a beauty salon might come from a local magazine and the distribution of leaflets, but seasonal discounts from a travel company might be appreciated by users of social networks and local online media.

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