How to Send a Press Release to Local Media

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How to send a press release to local media?

Every company that embarks on the path of sustainable development and wants to declare itself to a wide audience is faced with the need to disseminate press releases on activities. The publication of press releases in the media and on news sites increases the company’s positive image, brings new customers, and, if there are links, increases the position of the site in search engines.  

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Media Distribution Benefits

Media Distribution Benefits

Distribution and posting of the press release give:

  1. Formation of a positive image. Regular mention of the company in the media forms a positive brand image. If news sites do not write about you, you simply do not exist.  The publication of press releases in the media forms the image of the brand’s credibility and reliability in the eyes of partners and customers.
  2. Increase sales. The distribution of press releases leads to an increase in traffic to the company’s website, which increases the number of orders for your goods or services.
  3. Site Promotion (SEO). The text of the press release is instantly indexed by search engines. The links contained in it are perceived by search engines as natural. The increase in links significantly increases the position of the company’s website.
  4. Neutralize negative content. It is no secret that sometimes unscrupulous competitors engage in a dishonest struggle and disseminate negative information about other companies. The distribution of press releases will help to displace the negative from the first positions in the search results.

Explain: a press release will not help the brand magically find itself on the cover of Forbes or Fast Company. But if you do everything right, then the release becomes a really powerful tool for promotion. With it, you can talk about significant things that your company does.

How to Choose the Right Time for Sending?

Many think that you can send a press release immediately after it is ready. But it’s not at all. You need to plan the day and time of dispatch carefully. If you make an email newsletter, it is better to do it in the morning. However, take into account that an average of 300 emails is waiting for journalists in the morning. Maybe it’s better to wait an hour or two. This will increase the likelihood that your email will be read faster. 

Consider the day of the week and do not forget about weekends. According to statistical calculations, the best days for mailing are Tuesday and Wednesday.

How to Send Out a Press Release?

Every publisher knows that the creation of high-quality content is not limited: it still needs to be conveyed to readers. Therefore, it is best to publish press releases on news resources and news collectors simultaneously with posting on the corporate website.

There are many resources available to host corporate press releases. Some of them are universal; others specialize in specific topics (oil, hi-tech, medicine, etc.). They are virtual analogs of traditional news agencies, and one of their advantages is the possibility of subsequent reprinting of published messages in online and print media and even news aggregators.

A regular search allows you to track the fact of reprinting. Usually, the moment of truth comes on the second or third day after the publication of the press release — on sites interested in the news, the first publications appear that bring new visitors to the site. If after this time reprints do not appear, then the press release failed, and it is worth analyzing why. Having discovered and taken into account the mistakes made, you may well get access to dozens or even hundreds of Internet resources through a single release next time.

Distribution in RSS Feeds of News Portals

Many distribution services also have RSS feeds (the Really Simple Syndication news export standard) of published messages available for other sites, blogs, and individual users. Thus, each release presented in RSS format can view thousands of subscribers of the RSS feed. 

News services such as Google News, where the newsletter is based on keywords and phrases, also have this opportunity. That is, the subscriber receives directly and almost in real-time each press release containing a predetermined word or expression.

How to Submit a Press Release to Local Media?

Press releases should be transmitted to the media in a timely and effective way. The recipient’s name should always be included in releases whenever possible. Releases can be sent immediately to a large number of recipients — this approach is called macro-distribution — or carefully selected target sources in the media; this technique is called micro-distribution. 

The high costs of mail and specialized delivery services result in most public relations professionals carefully selecting recipients’ press releases, avoiding those who are unlikely to use their material. Therefore, public relations specialists should identify media sources suitable for their firm or customers.

Press releases to local media can be delivered by first-class mail, fax, e-mail, or courier if they contain urgent material. Using regular mail to save on mail costs is unreasonable. Delivery is delayed, and mass mail recipients usually discard it as unimportant.

The delivery of releases throughout the region or the country is more difficult due to the time belts and the need to attract the media and persons’ attention in areas where the sender is not sufficiently aware of the local situation. Accurate, regularly updated address lists significantly affect the amount of coverage that a press release will receive. For this reason, many organizations hire special distributors to work with distribution.

Giving the Press Release a Specific Local Character

Nationwide corporations realize that when the releases they send are tied to a specific area, they are much more widely used by the media. The local “feed angle” should, if possible, be reflected in the chapeau. Using the names of local celebrities and regional names or statistics attracts editors: they know that this interests readers.

For example, a certain corporation with offices and factories in 20 cities sends a press release stating that at present there are 30 thousand workers in its system who last year received salaries and payments for health needs in such and such a volume. This release may easily pass in the newspapers of some of the cities where the company operates but will not receive any or almost any coverage in the broadcast media because it is too general. Even the company’s employees themselves will hardly connect this release with themselves. However, if press releases sent to the media of each city where the company operates report how many employees the company has in this area and how many of these workers receive in the form of salaries and payments for health care each year, this release is likely to be used widely.

Lack of attachment to local conditions is the main reason for the editors’ complaints about the press releases they receive. In a comprehensive study of press releases and their appeal, Professor Linda P. Morton of the University of Oklahoma revealed that less than 10% of releases viewed by her were adapted to local conditions. When they took into account the local situation, their practical use jumped sharply up. About one group of studied texts, Morton reported about one group of studied texts: “For example, out of 174 releases that take into account the local situation, 78 were published. Compared to these figures, of the 1,174 general releases, only 87 were used.”

Should Press Releases be Distributed by Special Services?

Using special services is a wild card for business owners (especially small ones). They allow you to send your release to the appropriate journalists without having to do any manual work yourself.

The most convenient distribution service is PRNEWS.IO. We offer a full range of services: from writing to distributing a press release in any regional or general media.

Although the cost for distributing press releases may seem high, just remember that time is money. And by allowing experts to distribute your news, you will be able to devote more time to what affects your profits.

Do you Need Help in Drafting and Preparing a Press Release?

Most often, PR employees are interested in distributing news and press releases. These are professionals; they know how to prepare a document for placement in the media properly. However, if you have a small company and a PR specialist in the company staff, we are ready to write. Our experts will bring the text to the optimal option, which may interest the media. Working with text is one of the hallmarks of our PRNEWS.IO, compared to other services.

How to Send a Press Release to Local Media Using PRNEWS.IO?

How to Send a Press Release to Local Media Using PRNEWS.IO?

If you don’t want to fool your head with outreaches, site editors, and others, then you can simply order publications in local media of interest for several clicks.

To do this, you need:

  1. Go to the site
  2. Sign up or Log using your data.
  3. Select the desired country and region to publish your press release.
  4. Add to your cart a list of available local media you want to publish.
  5. Make an order and pay for it.

We are not just a service for sending out press releases. We are a company with a lot of experience, and we know how to make the press release interesting for journalists, having received the maximum number of publications. With our help, you will save time and resources for your company. Compared to other services for sending out a press release, our main advantage is a careful approach to the client. 

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How to use

In this video, I share a great tool called PRNEWS.IO – a marketplace where PR specialists, internet marketers, and advertisers can buy sponsored content. PR is great for visibility, business growth, and SEO backlinks (it can help you rank in Google)

FAQ: how to send a press release to local media

📍Where to send a press release?

To decide where to send a press release, you just need to open the catalog on the PRNEWS.IO website and choose the necessary options. Before choosing publications for publication, you just need to sort by your region.

📍 Who to send a press release to?

It is necessary to send out press releases first of all to journalists who will be interested in its publication. Local newspapers and other printed publications in your region. Contact the editors of local news channels. Use targeted newspapers, news sites on the Internet, and other media in those regions in which you are interested in expanding business. Send a press release to key players in your business, including industry leaders and famous bloggers.  

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