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Press release with images. Well, imagine for a moment a world without images, photos, videos, without visual content! Ugh! Emptiness. How can a human live like that? 

After all, graphic imagery surrounds us everywhere. Therefore, everything can and should be illustrated! Plus, according to the Social Science Research Network – 65 percent of human beings are visual learners.

Press release with images

Long gone are the days when press releases came to a journalist in the form of a piece of paper from a fax. Nevertheless, for some reason, the use of images has not received proper distribution in the creation of press materials. But a bright image is a guarantee of the reader’s attention, and you should take care of this.

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It does not matter if you are introducing a new product, a description of a website or an application, opening a restaurant, or some news – texts need an additional beacon that attracts attention. But be careful, faceless collage pictures from photo banks do not help your text stand out from other news but on the contrary make it even more faceless. What should you pay attention to?

Photos and images are good at grabbing the attention

Photos and images are good at grabbing the attention

Photos and drawings bring rational information to life. Moreover, they are memorized much easier than words and are stored in memory.

In a press release, you should always use exclusive illustrations that no one has seen before, as well as the original presentation of a familiar image. After all, people are by nature curious, strive to study everything unusual that falls into their field of vision. People are constantly looking for novelty, surprise, variety. And something well-known and predictable can easily be dismissed.

Images in your release should be of high quality: sharp, with normal exposure and sharp edges, preferably without using filters and without for example fish-eye effects, unless this was due to artistic necessity. For a press release, a wide-angle panorama of a factory or port is taken from a long distance is not suitable – your image will land on a media page or an Internet resource about 450×600 pixels in size, and the reader is unlikely to peer into the horizon between the green field and the blue sky, trying to discern the pride of the domestic industry.

If the key objective of the release is a product then a banner with its image and name will help to immediately display the product.

A word about photoshopped pictures: do not use them! A press release is not a post on a social network and requires the correctness of the data. The Internet is full of examples of the spread of fake images all of which have damaged the reputation of the company, media, or agency that published them.

Copyright: press release with images

Make sure you are not violating copyright laws. Large print media and news agencies prefer to use images from their archives or purchase illustrations from databases of commercial photo stocks. In addition to the guaranteed quality and confirmed the reality of the event and characters, such images are safe from the point of view of copyright law. If you specially organized a photo session to receive a photo for a press release, then relations with those people whose image will appear in the photographs must be settled in advance. Especially carefully you need to approach this issue when using famous people and professional photo models.

The customer can buy full rights to the received photos. He can also use these photos but the copyright will remain with the photographer and he can use them at his discretion.

The issues of possible processing of the material must be settled with the photographer. For example what extent it will be possible to retouch and edit the resulting images.

It is necessary to monitor the observance of copyright not only between the customer and the photographer but also with the participation of a third party – the media. They get the right to use the photos under certain conditions. Usually, the photos are sent to the media with a note that they can publish them for free.

The copyright for the use of a photograph can be transferred for a certain period (several years) or indefinitely.

Avoid attaching files


Avoid attachments as much as possible. High-quality images or videos weigh a lot and the large size of the letter or its suspicious content will immediately bring you into the spam folder by any email client. But you can not sacrifice quality in this case.

If you need to add heavy files, series of pictures, or videos to a press release be sure to use the links. Materials can be uploaded to Google Drive or file hosting services, for example, Dropbox or WeTransfer and others. And just share the link in your email!

Consider the type of the edition

In each edition, each editor has different requirements for illustrations and these requirements may change every day. Therefore it is worth sending several variants of illustrations to the media at once. For example, some photographs may be traditional while others may be unusual. In one drawing your hero is in a work environment and the other he is on vacation. One illustration is horizontal and the other is vertical, etc. Even the direction of gaze or facial expressions of the hero of the photo can influence the decision of the editor to print it or not.

Individual approach: press release with images

Individual approach

Or maybe you do not need a picture for your press release at all? You should not use any image in pursuit of trends if it does not fit the topic of your press release. In this situation we propose to limit yourself by using a high-quality logo:

  • this will continue to grab the attention of a journalist;
  • this will be what they can include when they publish your press release;
  • this will draw people’s attention to the post.

Most importantly think about how the image or video fits in with what you are writing about. Today, for a photograph to be interesting and fresh it is necessary to find original options when developing a plot. Such, to which journalists who have seen thousands of pictures will pay attention.

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Conclusion: press release with images

The value of a press release lies in the information and multimedia associated with it. We transmit information in the form of a literate, “clean” text. And multimedia gives a little more room for imagination.

You have to admit that text without visual accompaniment will be interesting to very few people. After all, our brain works in such a way that it will immediately pay special attention to pictures. It is obvious: the original images and videos in the materials attract us much more than the text, no matter how brilliantly it was written. For example, look at the stats for the popularity of Pinterest TikTok, and Instagram. And what is their main feature? 

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