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Press Release Writing Service

Our skilled team will write a powerful press release that you can use anywhere throughout the web. 

We know you appreciate the time, so fill out this short form, and our writers will do the rest for you:

PRNEWS.IO may not only distribute your press release on the best media outlets in the world but also write the press release for you. Our professional press release writing service can create the right messages at the right time for the right audience. 

Through effective media coverage, we will build a strong positive reputation for your brand. We will choose the right words to describe your business offers for great communication and significant impact. 

Successful brands in any industry know how to get benefits from the media to their advantage for marketing, public relations, and attracting new clients. When you have an important event, a new product launch, an amazing discovery, or any other news-worthy announcement, it’s very important to deliver the right message to the audience and get full attention. It’s time when an effective press release could benefit your project.

But to make it work a press release needs to be professionally written. It’s important because a badly written one can nullify the efforts of the whole company. Our professional press release writing service will provide you with well-written and effective press releases. It is a proven powerful tool in your media arsenal, which can boost customer confidence, dramatically increase sales, convey your message to the target audience, and build your business image. 

What You Will Get

  • A concise, well-written press release
  • An optimized for search press release 
  • Grammatically accurate content
  • Click worth announcement
  • Second-tier proofreading by an editor
  • Satisfaction (we will stop working until your final approval)
  • On-time delivery

Your press release will be written by professional journalists and checked by experienced editors to ensure grammatical accuracy and polished professionalism in every word. 

PRNEWS.IO is a service, which will help you save your most valuable resource - time. We will help you avoid duplicated content, delays, excuses (at best :)), and low-quality news platforms.

Who We Are

Our team has years of journalistic experience writing featured stories, advertising articles, and press releases. Writing and distributing the press releases is our business and we do it best! We also promise to have your press release written, proofread, approved by you, and uploaded within 2 days. 

Our online press releases can cover many topics - describing your products and services, spreading important information about your brand, or broadcasting some industry-specific news featuring your business. Our skilled press release writers can write all that and more. 

We also understand search engine optimization, know how to create the content around naturally embedded keywords, so that your press release will come fully SEO optimized to provide the best search engine ratings. 

We Make It Easy

Our short input forms make it easy for you to submit your press release request very quickly:

  • Fill out the short form above
  • Provide us the details and place your order
  • Get your press release on time
  • Use your press release

Making regular newsworthy announcements is important for any brand. We can help you write and distribute that voice. Just fill out the form (be sure to include contact information for the feedback and order details) and we will do the rest for you!