National vs. Regional: what media to choose for the article publication

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By preparation of the media plan, many are getting lost: publications on the large national websites cost much, on the other hand, local mass media have low attendance. Let’s discuss, what will be more effective for your company.

National mass media: Long, Expensively, Effectively

Such platforms will be suitable if you need a ‘large fish’. Business sharks think globally more often and read the top media. If you post good stuff on these websites – you will manage to catch such clients.

National (federal) media have a huge coverage: Their audience is several hundred-thousand times more than at local mass media. They are read by the whole country; it is obvious that the article devoted to medical care reform concerns a much wider range of people, than news about charitable action in Springfield.

The team of a large platform can offer more options if you need not just the link to the publication but achievement of the necessary result. Here you will be provided with hitting the target audience, using native advertising and special projects. Here you will get the viral solution, which will be reposted for a long time by social network users.

However, the costs of such solutions pay off quite quickly, their cost for building materials online store from Springfield can be equal to the annual marketing budget.

National media will suit those, who try to catch a large fish and are ready to pay for it.

National media will suit those,who try to catch a large fish and are ready to pay for it.


The journalists of the local platforms are often fed on the top RuNet media websites. If your article is connected with an important event that concerns one or several towns, the material published in large mass media gives a chance to receive free reprints or event mentions.

The keyword here is “free”. The editorials that publish such materials can remove some details, first of all of the commercial character. For example, the name list of event sponsors or link to your website. When it all was extremely important – it is better to apply for smart publications in local mass media.

One would think: why not send your press release directly to journalists of local mass media? Later, all of them will anyway reprint the same from the national websites. Why not give them a chance to receive an exclusive first?

However, everything is not so simple. If you will send the press release directly to the local online newspaper in the hope of free publication, the journalist will have to report on your material to the sales department. It will then suggest you place the article for a price, even with an excellent noncommercial newsmaker. But if the journalist uses the good text or a newsmaker from the capital press – there will be no claims.

The Local Media: Cheap but Good

These platforms are a real catch for you if it is necessary to catch many small fishes. Though the local mass media will provide quantitatively smaller audience coverage, it is sometimes more expedient to post the materials on these websites.

First, it is favorable in terms of cost; the publications in small media will cost several times cheaper. Secondly, if it is a speech about regional-scale business, its target audience is interested in the local news first. Therefore, if you carry out flower delivery in Springfield, there is no sense to apply for the press release to Forbes. The publications on the websites of Springfield’s local media will be much more effective.

The companies, which work overall country, have some use to pay attention to local platforms if they plan to strengthen the presence in certain regions. The publications in regional mass media give an opportunity to aim more precisely with the customized message at the audience in this region. One thing is to read how the large international supermarkets’ network comes into the country, and absolutely another – to learn from local “evening newspaper” about the opening of one in the nearest shopping center.

The regional mass media is a real catch for you if it is necessary to catch many small fishes.

The regional mass media is a real catch for you if it is necessary to catch many small fishes.


The small business should apply to the large platforms only in one case: if you have a really abrupt idea. It can be a view of usual things at an essentially different angle, the brilliant and simple solution, perhaps even in something obvious. That case, in which you will be surprised how nobody could guess it before you.

If the Huffington Post will write about it, this is how the media of various levels will write about you: “The pizzeria from Springfield surprised the whole world”. And guess what? You won’t care how many direct links to your website will stand in hundreds of such materials.

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