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What Native Advertising Is

Native advertising is a modern way of promoting products. It mimics the content of a platform it is published on. Since it doesn’t look like a traditional advertising, users accept these pieces of content much better than direct promos.

The main advantage of native advertising is in its use for the reader. It not just looks like an editorial article or a blog post, it contains information that appeals to readers. There are several types of native advertising that include advertorials (articles that mimic the form of traditional editorial articles) and well as images, infographics, videos etc.

Advantages of Native Advertising

  • You are not restricted with the choice of formats or the amount of text. Create the informative story with the inclusion of images, charts, diagrams, videos.
  • Native advertising goes alongside the editorial content without a “sponsored post” mark. It successfully passes the banner-blindness zone of most users and performs perfectly well like an editorial.
  • It fits well any platform and stays mobile-friendly. Since most users block banners in their browsers and on mobile devices, native advertising easily passes such filters and will look natural on a smartphone screen or in the email.
  • Permanent publication. Unlike banners and other ads, native advertising is placed on a website “forever.” It is perfectly indexed by search engines and can be “extracted” anytime from any archive. It exists as long as the website that published it does.
  • Native advertising doesn’t provoke rejection. It doesn’t force the user to buy products here and now. Native advertising nurtures the relationship between the brand and its customers. In simple words, native advertising shows the solutions of users problems instead of directly promoting the brand or service.
  • Native advertising looks and feels natural. It provokes the users to share advertorials and native advertising articles through social media.

Native advertising is a natural and sophisticated way of presenting the info about the brand and subtly promoting its products or services. It’s not the easiest way of advertising. To prevent native advertising from slipping back into a simple press release, you should intrust its creation to professionals.