Why Do You Need a Personal Branding Website in 2023? Learn How to Nail It from the Best Examples

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Don’t mistake yourself thinking that it is enough to pitch yourself on all kinds of social media channels. Think again. Everything you post on social media doesn’t belong to you. No doubt, social media tells much about you. But if you want to be more accessible and visible to your target audience, go one step further. And having a personal branding website is a new ball game.

The Whys to Having a Personal Branding Website

Even though the idea of a personal branding website sounds unusual to you, it’s still worth your time. Maybe you feel like you don’t have enough content to start it; you’re wrong. Even before you start thinking about what to include there, there are some benefits to consider. 

  • visibility;
  • control;
  • competition;
  • globalization;
  • differentiation.

#1 Visibility

You make it easier for our target audience/hiring managers to find you. Even one page of your brand site will give much information about who you are and how to get in touch with you. Want to get more interviews? Build a website.

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#2 Control

You can pitch yourself the way you want and the way you can control.

#3 Competition

A personal brand site is a way to stand out from the masses and don’t blend in with the crowd. Even with a minimal skill set, creating a website today is easier than you think. Also, it shows that you can go the extra mile to learn something new, so you have some skills other people don’t. 

#4 Globalization

Being visible online means being reachable globally. So, you can build connections with people you haven’t imagined existed.

#5 Differentiation

Think of it as a dynamic and accessible calling card rather than a business card lost in a pile of papers. And it’s not another boring and static resume but a compelling calling card that lets you have a moment in the sun.

Of course, just creating a website is not enough to stand out, but it’s still a way to spread your word out there. If you want to attract a potential audience, you have to follow the best rules and add some well-executed features that are more likely to double your chances of success. And the best part is that it’s not a guessing game. And it all starts with a plan in place.

Convinced yet? Then let’s see what features to include to make a personal branding website the one worth a visit. 

The way you will present yourself online is extremely important. It can affect both personally and professionally.

A Few Techniques to Build Your Personal Branding Website

#1 Be authentic

Whatever is your talent, chances are your niche is competitive. With so many experts popping up like mushrooms in the rain, how do you plan to become a one-of-a-kind? Your personality, values, beliefs, and experiences are the key to what it means to be authentic. That can be the glue that builds a connection with people. Difficult to differentiate? Then do it another way. 

Think about what can damage your image. It can be anything from pictures, posts, or comments to polarizing news or bullying. Do research. You can even audit search engine results. Found something unsavory? Then it’s time to push the bad results down. And that’s where your branding site can do the trick. 

The good news is that anyone can be a brand. It would help if you found your unique superpowers to start your branding game. Feel uncertain about your superpowers? Then it’s always smart to start with Whys. Also you can ask yourself:

  • What can I see more clearly than other people?
  • What do people tell me I’m good at?
  • When do I feel fearless?
  • Who is my audience? Who can I help?
  • What do I struggle for?

These are only the beginning. You can ask even more questions until you find your passions. Think of those as your benefits, list them, and consider whether you can make money from them. It’s smart to focus on two-three passions you believe are your sweet spot and try to include them in your branding statement. 

#2 Keep it professional

Your branding website needs to look professional. Compared to social media accounts where you can be whatever you like, your website makes you different. It’s where you separate your professional life from private and build a vision of who you want to be known as. Sure, you can leverage social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, or Medium, but it’s too risky to rely on those alone.

Your branding site is a house for all your content. It’s a place where you control everything. That involves evaluating your professional persona from the inside and outside. And as a result, your personal brand statement explaining who you are, who you serve, and what your unique value proposition shines there. Your brand is how you present yourself to the world and how the world perceives you from a business perspective. The rules of doing business have changed; therefore, being the face of yours is yet another tool that will help you stand out from the crowd.

#3 Be visible

From the moment your website goes live, your job is to keep it fresh and updated. It’s not enough to showcase who you are. It’s much important to showcase what you do. Thus, you need to update your status with each project you work on. Have you read an interesting book recently? Great. Write a review. Enjoyed a great event? Nice. Tell why it’s worth attending. 

Take care of your professional profile pictures. Write content and blog posts, get feedback from your audience, comment to understand the most significant pain points, and fine-tune your content to match their needs. Thus, you can build relationships and get backlinks. The latter can be done by sharing someone’s content. Why? Well, it’s obvious – to be helpful. You need to be as helpful as possible, or otherwise, what’s your value?

Make sure your biography and contact details are up-to-date. And whatever is your website theme, make sure it looks consistent across all platforms, smart devices, and screen sizes. And along with your successes, afraid not to share your failures, too. A good rule of thumb is to give all of yourself, rather than one polished version. Otherwise, you’ll look unreal. Finally, a sure-fire way to have people coming back for more is to give them your best content for free. 

 #4 Think long term

Building a personal branding image needs time. Think of it as your biggest investment that will pay off in the long run. Big brands don’t grow overnights, so don’t expect yours to have an overnight success.  If you take extra efforts in building your branding, high-quality content, and sharing your ideas, the result it can get you can’t yet imagine. Who now your thoughts might live on long after you’re gone.  

If you want to get inspired by big brands, Oprah Winfrey’s is one of those. A journey full of obstacles that last over 30 years is definitely one to consider for anyone. There are many more, Steve Job, Elon Musk, or Richard Branson, they all had not an easy way to succeed.

You’ll meet new people along your journey, and they are more likely to affect you. Whether for better or worse, but that will help you in building your personal image.

#5 There are more opportunities than you think

One thing is sure there are more opportunities for building a brand these days than ever before. And making a website for selling yourself as a brand is one of the surefire ways for that. Social media profiles and polished resume is enough to open up a career opportunity but not enough to open yourself for the world. So, even if you don’t know what you want yet, it doesn’t mean you don’t need a website. Quite the contrary. The opportunities will come when you make the first step in that. 

There’s nothing wrong if you want to speed up that journey. Today it’s so easy to create and share your stories with the world by contacting PRNews.io. It’s a perfect tool for distributing content around the world on your terms. If you don’t know where to start, that doesn’t mean you have to resort to what you have. Instead, check your options and see how much you can get with a little help from professionals.

A Few Examples of Personal Branding Websites for Inspiration

Ashley Dier

Ashley Dier’s website is a great example of a personal branding website for an illustrator or designer. As a creative person, what would you do to showcase what you are good at? Definitely, you will put your best works in front of your users’ eyes. Ashley did the same way by showcasing her best illustrations. Thus, right off the bat, she comes with a unique value proposition in the form of images. As a target audience, what would you do? Sure, click the More button to see the whole gallery.

Matthew Barby

Matthew Barby also doesn’t go around the bushes and shows his trump card. No matter how deep is your SEO knowledge, this technique is hot in the online world. In Matthew’s case, he doesn’t show his best works but emphasizes his Pro status. So, sounds inviting from the first words and welcomes anyone to see how much he can help with SEO. What about SEO tutorials or case studies? You’ll find a lot.

Gary Varneychuk

It’s safe to say that Gary Vaynerchuk’s website is a masterpiece in personal branding website design. It’s captivating and makes you want to learn more. How would you know that? From a video featured on the site’s homepage. Gary himself says he is an entrepreneur. Also, he is an investor, business content leader, and influencer. So, if you’re thinking of adding a video showing your accomplishments, make sure it’s not a crappy phone one.

So, what are your thoughts? Hope you’ve got a dose of inspiration and know the direction to go. Whether it will be your first personal branding website or you want to give your current one a makeover, starting with the best practices is always smart. And forget not that get assistance in spreading your brand out there is never a bad idea.

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