Press Release Distribution As a Tried And True Way to Get Your Story Noticed

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PR distribution. If you think that issuing a press release is as easy as pressing the Send button, you’re wrong. Whatever you send would be published the next day, doesn’t cut out, too. Yes, journalists still view press releases as the most useful information source to create a brand story. No, they don’t read every piece they get. Even using a press release distribution service doesn’t guarantee your story will get media coverage. Then what Does?

As long as you know who your media relations targets are, you’re bound to succeed. It helps when you are sure that the content you want to distribute will reach the right people and get noticed.

PR Distribution: Meaning and Purpose

The idea behind a press release, as timeless concepts go, is simple. You or your PR team create a piece of newsworthy content about your company and send it to journalists and media outlets. Yet, things do not work this way in 2021. Since you are interested that your story can reach the right journalist at the right time, it’s smart to know how to distribute a press release and get noticed.

Managing a positive company’s image might be the yearly goal of any business today. And developing a strong PR strategy is key, whether you have a PR team behind it or only you. It helps to get your business or brand name into the public eye. And no one will be aware of your story or services if you don’t bother pitching it to journalists and publishers.

Public Relations Distribution: Prepare to Fail

When you know how important a story is, you need to make the writing process worth it. That means that even with a newsworthy story at your fingertips, you can fail. The reason? Your audience.

  • Who is the readership of your piece?
  • How relevant is your piece to them?

That’s the key step you can take to prepare for your press release distribution. This step will affect not only your piece but the whole of your marketing campaign. And that’s where press release distribution services can be a help. They’ll offer to share your story with a wider or narrower net of the target audience.

Let’s say you provide services for regional clients primarily. Thus, for your piece to get noticed, national publications are a bad idea. But regional and industry ones will do the trick. And vice versa. If you serve a particular niche, then a national strategy can be helpful. Thus, you can start sharing your piece with a regional audience and then move to highly targeted journals, print media, TV, radio, you name it.

When you think that your news is ready to go, check whether it matches the following boxes:

  • Your story is newsworthy/compelling.
  • You mapped your audiences.
  • The two points above are tied to your PR strategy and campaign goals.

How to Get a Press Release Published: Methods to Use

In general, you have two options for press release distribution. First, you can use a service provider, such as PRNEWS.IO, for example. And the second one, to do it yourself.

When you do it yourself, the last thing you want is to get no results. And if you want to skip all those tricky issues from finding contacts to building media relations, use newswire services to do the trick.

Since launching in late 2017, PRNEWS.IO has helped over 1000 customers from 65 countries gain mentions in online news media. How high would their chances be with DIY? How long would it take them to get the same kind of results? Well, the question is open.

But today’s question is not about whether to use or not press release distribution services. Instead, find methods that will best suit you and your needs.

Thus, services such as can help deliver the news to a broad network of news portals. Therefore, your story reaches different media outlets. And how many journalists use this method? Well, it turns out that 2/3 of journalists use a newswire service. 

On the other hand, when you pitch PR yourself, you reach out to relevant journalists/bloggers/influencers; you name it and help them put their face into your story. The trick here is to find the appropriate contact for your news. Sure, you can use dedicated tools for that, but it still takes longer than services such as There is also the benefit of the DIY method. You can reach a more targeted audience that will respond to your news.

So, what’s the best way to distribute press releases?

Like many questions in our life, this one also has no right-for-all-situations answer. First, you need to understand that both methods work for a reason. And to see which one is the right fit for you is to try both. Well, who can find a more obvious answer?

Final Dos and Don’t

Of course, whatever path you go, it all depends on the newsworthiness of your piece. A lot will be down to your personal and business needs. To ease your choice, consider the following three suggestions for distributing a press release:


All modesty aside, pricing is the most important factor when it comes to PR distribution. It might come as high as a thousand dollars or as low as $29 if using services. For extra services, such as writing services, guarantees, or views, you’ll have to pay more. So, if you don’t want to come with surprises in the end, double-check it. Some might add as many extras as you can think of. So, guess what you want to get and find the provider who can offer the most affordable price for that. 

The Choice of Outlets

How many outlets do you want your story to share? Or maybe you’re looking for some special news portal? As you see, this question also depends on you. Although the wider choice can help multiply your chances of getting noticed, it’s not always a win-win. 

How Far Can You Go

Whatever you do, measure success. Otherwise, it makes no sense. And PR distribution is no other. So, having reporting as a part of your package is huge. If personal outreach is a part of your PR strategy right now, take care of tools to help you with that.

Bottom Line

Pitching a story yourself can take a lot of time & effort. Yet, like with everything in our life, it has advantages. And never skimp on editing. Even small errors can be costly. Anyway, whatever method you’ll end up with, the success of your PR distribution journey starts with a compelling story. 

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