How Much Does a Press Release Cost?

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How much does a press release cost? For many companies, press releases are a great way to send their followers a certain message about changes, product launches, and other significant events via media. As a rule, many businesses hire professionals to do the job. It means the person should gather all the necessary information and post it on various platforms and social services for the public to receive the information fast and conveniently.

The Reasons You Should Buy a Press Release

Not everybody has qualified staff to write a release for a company. Some business owners do not even think about hiring someone for a position and do not understand why they need to post on social media. However, press releases are one of the most significant and useful parts of a successful venture. Large companies are interested in many publications already because of their size. Therefore, their press releases receive increased attention. Here, journalists have to “fish out” information in order to have a reason to write about big business.

Advertising. When you have a new line of products coming out or improved some materials to manufacture even better goods, your followers need to know about that. First of all company’s reputation depends on your customers’ reviews. Secondly, you would have to attract some users to grow when you are trying to promote a startup. By writing press releases, you will inform the crowd that you have made some changes to provide great services and things. Thus a press release will work as an advertising company. The launch of a new product or service may be of interest to industry journalists.

Supporting customers’ interests. If you already have a list of devoted clients, they will be eager to know how their favorite store is doing. What are they producing now? Do they participate in charity campaigns or organize some beautiful meetings among customers. A press release is a viable opportunity for the public to get data about you directly.

New sponsors. When you are writing for media to tell about yourself, try to describe the company’s mission, and it might find you, new supporters and sponsors, for fruitful collaborations. 

Increase of search engine awareness. Any article that you publish on media can improve your organization’s reputation and help your clients to Google reviews and other data about you. Publications is a viable marketing tool that will assist you in developing your startup.

There are times when a company’s press release is simply necessary — for example when you have a public joint-stock company, and you are required by law to notify the public about the company’s financial results or report changes in top management. Or when the well-being of the entire city depends on the activities of your organization (for example, you are responsible for electricity, water or heat supply), and an accident occurred on the line. Or when you are organizing a large-scale event and want to invite as many people as possible to it.

Tips on Writing a Press Release

Before you start writing, select the type of release. It might be the launching of new services and products, organization of special events dedicated to the company’s event, or just news about crucial changes.

The structure of each press release would be different according to the chosen type. As a rule, each news should have a heading, dates, contain the message itself where you explain the point of the release. If you lack experts and do not have time to write a press release yourself, you may apply to

How to Write Press Release – Guidelines, Formats, Free Samples

Every customer can tag some filter marks to choose the press release category, geolocation, and a suitable price. This clear navigation helps you to find what you need for the moment. Sure, you order a bunch of different works, and we will gladly create news about that.

Our professional writers can make a fine press release based on the data provided by you or your representatives. By the way, we can help with media planning, depending on your goal. We draw up a media plan for:

  1. SEO — high-quality backlinks.
  2. ORM — Positive Reputation / Fighting Negative.
  3. PR — Media Coverage and the Publicity of the Brand.
Media Planning - ask for media plan for your campaign

Depending on the service, users can pick the publications they would like to see a press release.

How Much Does a Press Release Cost?

To answer the question, we have to check the options we have. You can write it, but to get the publicity, you still need quite a big budget. Not each respected paper wishes to post news about the startup.

The following factors also can influence the cost:

  1. The site where you are posting the press release. The better, higher quality, and more popular it is, the higher its SEO indicators, the more visits it has, the higher the price.
  2. If you write a press release yourself or pay a copywriter. By the way, you can order from us here:
Order Professional Press-Release Writing Service

That is why the shortest way to go public with a press release is to order one in

Here you can appear in many popular publications without spending much money on it. We can do all the work and get you on any pages you like. Provide the information about your business, tell the details and your newsworthy event, and we will do the rest.

Check our prices for placing press releases on different sites here: Sponsored Content Online Store

How To Do Public Relations For Small Business

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