ChatGPT for Content Marketing: AI is the Future of Content?

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ChatGPT for Content Marketing: AI is the Future of Content?

There’s been a lot of hype lately about ChatGPT and how it’s going to kill search engines, and SEO, take away copywriters’ jobs and steal Christmas. So I decided to research this topic and calm you down. Or not.

What is that ChatGPT

ChatGPT, a new chatbot from OpenAI, is the first multitasking AI available to any user. Researchers believe that ChatGPT will seriously change many areas of our lives. ChatGPT can conduct a dialogue, find errors in the code, compose poetry, write scripts and even argue.

Is ChatGPT a killer?

I do not reject the future when machines will rise up and the world will become slightly different. But for now, everything is at the level of fiction, and chatGPT-type bots should be considered exclusively as useful assistants and automatizers.

In general, we have been successfully using AI in marketing for a long time. For instance, Grammarly couldn’t replace any copywriter, but it has helped many of them. Copy.ai, jasper.ai, writesonic.com, and writer.com are among the popular AI services that marketers STILL use every day. Today ChatGPT enters the arena.

What can’t ChatGPT do?

At this stage, ChatGPT is unable to write a decent non-template piece of content. I tried many times with different requests, but as a result, I received not very high-quality materials. In addition, the uniqueness of these texts remained at a low level.

That means you will not be able to use these texts in your blog. They are suitable only for social media and Telegram channels.

What ChatGPT can’t do:

  • start a conversation independently;
  • understand our own context;
  • guarantee the accuracy of their conclusions;
  • access information dated after 2021.

My rather subjective opinion is that in the future ChatGPT can replace low-quality copywriters who create copycat content. Of course, if it overcomes the problem of content uniqueness. Also, it can greatly help with the work of people who deal with content at a strategic level. But in no case will ChatGPT kill either content marketing or SEO. Yet.

Use ChatGPT to make your life easier, but know your limits. Now I will show you how to do it correctly.

ChatGPT will not kill content marketers, it will make them more effective.

But what ChatGPT is indeed capable of is accelerating and increasing the effectiveness of content marketers. I think most of you have already guessed how. But let’s explain for those who slept through the previous stops.

Keyword selection

For keyword research, it is better to use special services such as Ahrefs & SEMrush. But quite often it takes a lot of time. ChatGPT can compile a list of long-tail keywords for you in seconds.


On the other hand, the Kparser.com service already performs the same function.

What Kparser can’t do is match semantic keywords. Integrating conceptually similar terms on a page provides more context for search engines. Content will rank higher because algorithms recognize depth as a signal of trust/authority.

Creating such lists using old methods can take hours, but with ChatGPT it takes seconds.

Here is another cool example of working with the chat for collecting keywords Generate Keywords clusters

Generation of ideas

ChatGPT can help with content ideas. In general, developing ideas for future blog posts is quite painstaking work even with such services as Ahrefs, SEMRush, Google, and others. Your content marketer may spend several weeks creating a content plan for a quarter or six months. Therefore, any help in this hard work will be timely.

You can simply ask ChatGPT to generate “10 blog ideas for X…” and update its ideas until you come up with something really worthwhile.

Here is another cool post on the topic of generating ideas Generated 625 post ideas in less than 5 min

In addition, you can pull up many topics related to your blog that you may not immediately think about. Use an AI-generated topic map to save hours/days of content planning.

Creating a brief of the future article

After you have decided on the topics of future blog posts, you need to create quality technical tasks (briefs) for copywriters. Usually, a content marketer spends quite a lot of time at this stage as well, because at least it is worth conducting preliminary research on the topic and seeing what and how competitors write.

ChatGPT will give you a rough outline of a future article on a given topic. Of course, it should not be considered as the truth in the last resort, but you can always glean a few ideas. A well-structured article is always a plus for both the usability and SEO promotion of the material.

Titles of articles

Yes, I know, there are already many services that will help you create cool headlines with a high CTR. But we are talking about ChatGPT, which has combined a bunch of useful functions for a content marketer, including the generation of cool headlines.

Ask ChatGPT to embellish your boring headline, and the result will amaze you. You can change:

  • tone (joking, serious, etc.)
  • optimize for search
  • consider CTR

This example is, of course, a little hypertrophied, but I hope you understand in which direction you should dig.

Markup of structured data

The code below is the code that makes it easier for search engines to understand the content of the page. Google uses structured data to display content in the form of rich results. This is a super important point in optimizing your content because it affects “advanced snippets” or other search areas in Google.

One type of structured data you can add to any material is the FAQ block.

The FAQ block will be displayed on the search engine result page, potentially increasing CTR. Here’s how it works in practice:

With ChatGPT you can properly markup:

  • Video
  • FAQ
  • Recipes

Just enter the link and that’s it.

Script for Youtube or Tik Tok video

Yes, everything is that simple.

More on the topic: Generate TikTok video script for influencer

In general, the active community has already generated a bunch of instructions on how to use the chat for various purposes. Here are some examples:

Why ChatGPT can be dangerous

For the user, the main difference between the data provided by Google and ChatGPT is their quantity.

We are used to Google giving dozens of pages of search results and we have to look for the answer to our questions among them. On the one hand, this guarantees some variability (although quite conditional as well), and on the other hand, it is not always convenient for the user who is just looking for a quick answer. Artificial intelligence makes decisions for you.

It would seem, why do you have to search for an answer on the search engine result pages, bringing Google corporation revenue from advertising if artificial intelligence can immediately find the answer to our questions?

Artificial intelligence can advise you on the perfect (in its opinion) product, saving you hours of searching and comparing.

There are two sides to this coin. On the one hand, it is incredible time savings, and on the other hand… you have limitless possibilities for manipulating people’s thoughts. It is convenient when you are offered one correct answer to a question, isn’t it? And you don’t have to choose from many options and make difficult decisions.

According to the research by the Allen Institute for AI, it turns out that there are many troubling ethical concerns that should be taken into account before allowing robots to speak out. And this was confirmed by the Ask Delphi bot.

Thus, in one answer, Delphi stated that being a white man is “more morally acceptable” than being a black woman. It turned out that we cannot yet create an artificial intelligence system that “understands” ethics or morality.

In general, even HR AIs have been observed to become racist over time and select white heterosexual men as candidates. Therefore, many bots today have a list of prohibited topics on which they cannot express themselves or give advice. The system seems to work, but sometimes crashes 🙂


In no way do I believe that chatGPT should replace copywriting, but as a starting point from which you can push off – it may well exist. For me, this chat is an incredible source of inspiration.

Therefore, it is important to use ChatGPT as a tool and be aware of its limitations. Use it wisely and consciously, bearing in mind all possible consequences.

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