Top 10 Iowa Public Relations Firms Revealed

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Cooperation with professional Iowa PR firms can help you build strong and long-lasting relationships with the target audience and promote your business. We have prepared the list of top 10 Iowa PR firms for you to improve the overall image of your company,  cultivate professional relationships with the local media, and boost your online presence. 

Two Rivers Marketing

Two Rivers Marketing is proud to have a team of the most talented experts in public relations and marketing. Cooperating with this company is pure pleasure thanks to the friendly and casual atmosphere. The workspace is created to produce a productive job of fulfilling the demands of clients with the most ambitious business goals. Make your next PR campaign successful with the assistance of Two Rivers Marketing.

J.W.Morton & Associates

J.W. Morton & Associates is a well-known full-service public relations and advertising company based in Iowa. The expert team provides the following services: public relations, marketing, branding, video production, digital marketing, SMM, media research, media buying, etc. You will develop long-lasting relations that will lead to efficient collaboration and fulfillment of your business goals.  

Thelen Public Relations, LLC

Thelen Public Relations is your best choice for strategic, modern and results-driven media communications. Your organization will benefit a lot from dealing with the professional team of Thelen Public Relations. The company offers a wide range of media communications solutions: copywriting, media ads, training, strategic planning, crisis management, branding, and reputation management. It is a smart investment in the success of your business.

CornerPost Marketing Communications

CornerPost Marketing Communications is one of the best marketing, PR, and media communications companies in Iowa. The team cooperated mainly with the agriculture industry. If you want your business to succeed and stand the competition, you should give it a try. The team uses the most creative, modern, and efficient resources that are essential in the modern world of public relations and marketing. You can be sure that your campaign will be developed according to your business needs, values, and priorities. 

Hanser & Associates

Hanser & Associates is a reliable PR company that has already helped a lot of clients launch and manage successful public relations campaigns. You can follow their example. The team is based in Iowa, but provides services all around the world. Cooperation with Hanser & Associates will impact your business success in a positive way.

de Novo Marketing

At de Novo Marketing, your ambitious business goals and dreams become real. The team can assist you in determining your priorities and setting the right goals. As a result, your business will start growing very fast. The company offers diverse services: content marketing, digital marketing strategy, advertising, graphic design, branding, in-depth data analysis, local/international market research, web design, event production, and video production.


Larson Shannahan Slifka Group or shortly LS2group is an excellent public relations, marketing, and public affairs company. Its passion, creative approach and motivation helps to stand the competition on the Iowa market. The team strives to do everything better than the competitors, and they really do it better. The company offers diverse services, unique solutions, and a friendly atmosphere to meet your most ambitious business needs.

Wixted & Company

Wixted & Company knows how to use the right world to reach the target audience. We live in highly competitive world, so it is an art to deliver the message to people and get a positive reaction from them. The company knows how to do it and is happy to assist you in this matter. You can order the following services: content writing, media training, crisis communication, etc. The company has all the chanced to become your long-lasting partner in terms of public relations, marketing, strategic communications, crisis management and training.

Strategic Elements LLC

Strategic Elements is an elite team that delivers fast results. It consists of talented experts in public relations, media communications, marketing, anx government relations. Each member of the team is fully dedicated to his job and will do everything possible for your business to grow. The company was created in Iowa where it has built excellent reputation. 

AKC Marketing

The team of AKC Marketing focuses on offering the most efficieng solutions in terms of public relations and marketing. You will get assistance in interacting with your target audience and engaging them to use your services. The team will help you build positive online experience and generate stunning results. AKC Marketing is the best choice for writing your brand story and making it known online through various media resources.

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