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Art Press Release Template!

Since you’re here, you’re probably interested in gaining more recognition for your work. Being an artist means you are a creative person. But creativity itself is not enough. To make people talk about your art, be a business person. And a good art press release can help you attain that goal.

In other words, an art press release is a newsworthy statement issued to the news media with the purpose to generate a buzz around your achievements. Think of it as your ticket to publicity via all possible media channels. If written properly, it could create additional interest in your art. As a result, you can reach a wider audience of potential art buyers.

Although writing a PR story is not everybody’s cup of coffee, yet it’s not rocket science, as one might think. The good news is that you are not alone. There are those who tried and benefited from the art press release template. Even if you think of the media as an inaccessible planet open to only a limited circle of famous artists, you’re wrong. Learning from the experience of others is one of the best ways to write a great art press release.

Download Art Press Release Template

As a creative, you will always have something or event you want to share. Whether it’s to publicize your work, announce your upcoming art exhibition, or an award, an art show press release is the way to get the word out. Press releases can help anyone, especially a creative mind who wants to bring attention to his art.

So where to start? The best way to write a good art exhibition press release is by following the best practices and rules. If you check any art press release example, you’ll see that it emulates a news article format. So, you place something newsworthy your audience will care about first and odds are, your release will earn coverage.

Simply stated, keep your formatting consistent and you’ll be able to generate your own buzz. Reporters will always know where to look, for which information, so save their time. Elements like the headline, date of publishing, contact information, summary, and three paragraphs are a must for any PR story.

Your headline is the hook that makes your story interesting and important. No hook, no buzz. To add, a headline that includes numbers generates more social shares and engagement. Begin your art opening press release with the date. Then go to the lead of your story.

For journalists, your first paragraph matters. Always give the Why in the first sentence. No reader/reporter will go further than that if there is no key point here. Try to draw attention to why your art gallery press release is important and it will increase your chances of media pick-up.

Your second and third paragraphs should contain secondary or supporting information. To make sure your piece is effective, it needs to answer the Five Ws. Once you are ready, try to include the How.

Write your press release art show as a news story. Focus on relevant and newsworthy facts and information to make sure your piece sounds like it’s news. Formatting your press release will help rank it higher in search engine results, too. Keep sentences and paragraphs short. Forget about jargon or terminology the average person won’t understand. And of course, no errors are allowed if you don’t want a reporter to hit the delete button.

A good rule of thumb in writing a press release for an art show is to show, not tell. Providing a reader with additional information like multimedia will enhance your story. Feel as you can’t write your piece in the proper format? Then you might want to order a press release writing service to take the hassle out.

Event Press Release Example

Art Press Release FAQ

How to write a press release for an art show?

Writing a press release can seem challenging. Just because it needs to be short and formulaic, you should nail the formatting every time. For best results, it’s easier to replicate success when you have examples to follow. Be patient. Focus on your target audience’s wants and needs to bring great results.

How to write a press release art exhibition?

An effective press release is between 300 and 600 words. Think of it as a sales tool that is interesting, concise, and lively. A clearly identifiable topic is the basis for your story. Take the time to format your piece like a professional news story and odds are, it will go into publication.