Discover the Top 10 PR Firms in Denver and Learn Why Your Business Needs One

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One of the main purposes of using a series of PR agencies is to get earned coverage, which mainly includes guest posting, organic traffic, backlinks, online reputation, and brand visibility. Many PR agencies also refer to offline coverage, which includes operations with local news, radio, TV, magazine coverage, and other types of non-digital media. Let’s take a look at the list of the top 10 PR firms in Denver that can meet your expectations and assist in fulfilling your ambitious plans.

The Best PR Agencies in Denver

Hiring a PR agency can be a smart solution for a company. If your reputation is damaged, it can be a handy and efficient way to solve the issue. Maintaining your crisis management and hiring a PR agency go hand in hand. It’s time to position your business for a faster recovery.

Communications Strategy Group (CSG®)

Communications Strategy Group works in Denver and provides high-quality services in public relations, strategic communications, marketing, content writing, brand communications, digital marketing, social media, web design, and more.

The company is ready to help businesses in the following sectors: finance, technology, healthcare, education, wellness, aerospace, sustainability, and green energy. The team is interested in assisting organizations in solving their ambitious business challenges through PR and marketing communications. Every PR campaign is approached with a well-structured strategy, creativity, and enthusiasm.

Volume Public Relations

Volume Public Relations is a well-known PR agency in Denver that focuses on strategic communications. By ordering a marketing or public relations campaign, you are investing in the speedy growth of your business.

The senior-led team can create better brand awareness, attract the right customers, design corporate presentations, and help you climb to the top.

This PR practice has an unmatched reputation thanks to more than 20 years of devoted work.


9thWonder is one of the best PR and marketing agencies in Denver. It consists of ambitious and independent experts. Hundreds of clients appreciate relationships with the team and a long-lasting impact on their business and brand positioning in the local or international market.

The team can help you reveal a lot of hidden opportunities in public relations and marketing in order to create unique campaigns and stand out from the crowd. The best test of time and 9thWonderknows how to use it efficiently and with maximum advantages for both sides. The team consists of diverse minds who are ready to serve numerous clients.

Feed Media

Feed Media is a leading PR agency that specializes in culinary, travel, and lifestyle brands, and B2B/technology. With a deep understanding of the ever-evolving media landscape, Feed Media helps clients captivate audiences, elevate their brand story, and generate buzz. Their team of skilled PR professionals creates impactful campaigns that resonate with target audiences. From securing media coverage in top-tier publications to orchestrating influencer partnerships and impactful thought leadership campaigns, Feed Media crafts tailored strategies that deliver measurable results. With their extensive network of media contacts and expertise in digital PR, Feed Media positions brands at the forefront of their industries, driving brand awareness, engagement, and growth. 


10Fold has been providing PR and marketing services in Denver since 1995. The main focus of the company is the B2B tech sector, including social media, IT security, big data, cloud storage, enterprise software, app development solutions, wireless, and more.

If you don’t have an in-house PR department, the highly specialized managers at 10Fold can help you build and maintain either PR or marketing campaigns, as they have vast experience in public relations, broadcasting, journalism, web design, and more. The agency provides services such as media relations, unique web content writing, social media management, and web production.


If you want to find a high-authority PR/marketing agency, try the services of uSERP. It can do miracles for B2B SaaS companies. It is the best provider of SEO, link building, and digital PR services in Denver.

Serving well-known clients, such as, Robinhood, and ActiveCampaign, the team built an excellent reputation and trust. The agency guarantees a significant increase of your organic traffic within two months of your cooperation, thanks to using the most advanced tools and tactics.

Brand Iron

Brand Iron is a known PR agency in Denver. This digital agency was created in 2002. An experienced team has been providing professional services in transforming and shaping brands with big ambitions. If your company wants to order a professional public relations campaign to achieve specific business goals, Brand Iron is the right choice.

The company has successfully cooperated with more than 200 clients from Denver all around the country. There are no boundaries for such an experienced and creative team.

Barokas Communications

Barokas Communications is a tech-oriented PR agency that works with both high-growth companies and startups. Many industry leaders use the services of this company because of its excellent reputation and numerous positive testimonials from clients. The team members have deep experience and profound professional knowledge in working across enterprise, consumer tech, and B2B sectors. Clients can get a full set of public relations services for a reasonable price, including brand messaging, PR communications strategy, media relations, web content, and close cooperation with top influencers. Barokas Communications is proud to have a rich history of accomplishing the most challenging assignments and campaigns.

Word PR + Marketing

If you need a professional firm to launch efficient PR and Marketing campaigns, Word PR + Marketing is an excellent choice. The team implements a considered and nimble approach to social media and public relations.

The experts know how to create eye-catching web content, protect your reputation, and make your brand known online.

The firm has been providing professional services since 1996 for the following sectors: travel, hotels, hospitality, resorts, restaurants, design, social events, etc. 

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Did we forget to include other PR firms in Denver? Do not hesitate to share your recommendations based on your personal positive experience. Good luck with your PR campaign!

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