TOP 10 Immigration Attorneys in Miami 2024

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Immigration lawyer Miami. Miami, Florida in the USA is a great place to move to. It is a center and a leader in commerce, media, finance, culture, the arts, entertainment, and global trade. In 2010, this city was categorized as an Alpha City in the World Cities Study Group’s inventory. This creates a perfect environment for foreigners who want to immigrate to Miami, USA.

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TOP 10 Immigration Lawyers in Miami

The immigration in Miami process can be reached in several legal ways. There are two main options to move to the United States of America (USA), one referring to receiving a permanent (immigrant) visa, and the other one to obtaining a temporary (non-immigrant) visa. At the same time, people who are experiencing different issues in their home country can apply for refugee status, on which the Miami immigration lawyer can provide legal help.

Check out the top 10 Immigration Lawyer Miami:

Stanislav Shamayev

Stanislav Shamayev Immigration Lawyer in Miami

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Stanislav Shamayev is an experienced immigration attorney based in Miami. As the founder of Shamayev Business Law, a renowned global business immigration office, he specializes in providing customized and affordable immigration services for individuals seeking business and investment opportunities in the United States. With a focus on assisting entrepreneurs, investors, and highly skilled professionals, Stanislav Shamayev guides clients through a seamless transition to the US, ensuring their immigration process is handled efficiently and effectively.

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Roberto J. Ortiz Immigration Lawyer in Miami

Roberto J. Ortiz Immigration Lawyer in Miami.

LinkedIn | Twitter

Languages: English, Spanish

Roberto J. Ortiz is a Miami immigration attorney with over 15 years of experience. 

Attorney Ortiz has assisted individual clients as well as multinational corporations in their various immigration needs, such as receiving employment-based visas. He offers customized services for both individuals and companies. He has worked as a liaison to clients from many countries, including Colombia, Brazil, Paraguay, Guatemala, and Venezuela. 

Roberto Ortiz previously worked as the managing counsel at Colombo and Hurd, PL, in the Miami area of Florida, where he provided law services in the part of litigation, business immigration, and family-based immigration. Before his practice at Colombo and Hurd, PL, Attorney Ortiz owned and worked at Cuevas, Ortiz, & Cubas, P.A. for more than 12 years. Located in Miami, Fla., this full-service law firm provided help in the areas of immigration and naturalization law, business and corporate transactions, litigation, real estate law, and more. 

Attorney Ortiz is a participant of the Dade County Bar Association and the Florida Bar Association. He is also a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association and represents the Southern Florida Chapter’s Board of Directors. In 1998, he obtained his Juris Doctor from the St. Thomas University School of Law, and his bachelor’s degree in business management and organization from the University of Miami, Coral Gables in 1995. He is licensed to work in the state of Florida and the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida for the practice of Federal litigation.

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Elina Magaly Santana

Elina Magaly Santana, Miami Florida Attorney on Lawyer Legion.

Website | Twitter 

Languages: English, Spanish

Elina Magaly Santana is an attorney admitted to work in the state of Florida, the U.S. District Court, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Southern District of Florida. Ms. Santana helps the immigrant community nationwide. Elina concentrates her work on assisting immigrants in affirmative petitions with U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (“USCIS”), as well as helping at interviews and in deportation proceedings before U.S. Immigration Courts nationwide.

Ms. Santana received her Juris Doctor from Boston University School of Law, where she worked as an editor for the Public Interest Law Journal. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Spanish Literature at New York University with honors.

Ms. Santana is a member of Board Member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (“AILA”) in South Florida, as well as a member of many other organizations in the community.

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Patricia Elizee

Patricia Elizee, Miami Florida Attorney on Lawyer Legion.

Website | Twitter 

Languages: English, French, Haitian

Patricia Elizee works as a managing partner of Elizee Law Firm, P.A., a firm dedicated to assisting its clients and the community.

Ms. Elizee worked as a president of the Haitian Lawyers Association. In 2016, she was voted valedictorian of the Haitian American Chamber of Commerce’s first top 20 under 40 class and currently works as a board member of the Chamber.

By Commissioner Jean Monestime Patricia Elizee was invited to the Hispanic Advisory Board of Miami Dade County. Ms. Elizee also has completed the prestigious Florida Bar Leadership Academy. She currently works as the chair of the Immigration Committee of the Dade County Bar Association.

In 2017 the Miami Herald selected Patricia Elizee to take part in their CEO Round-table series, where the experts in the business and law community explain and answer business questions for their readers.

Illya-Karina Bonet

Illya-Karina Bonet Immigration Attorney Miami (IKB) Immigration Lawyer Miami.

Website | Facebook

Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese

Illya-Karina is a lawyer with over 10 years of litigation experience. For almost six years she has exclusively worked with Immigration Law in Miami, Florida. Illya is very passionate about Immigration Law and serves fervently for immigrants to assist them with their civil and human rights. In her current role position she is busy with many processes from getting clients, consulting with immigration courts, immigration removal proceedings, handling orders of deportation, deportation removals or deportation stays.

Illya was inspired to follow her dreams of becoming an immigration lawyer since her first case in receiving refugee status for her client. She struggles for all causes of Human Rights and will continue to fight for victims (both adults and children) of domestic violence, women who have been moved to the USA and left by their husbands, amongst many other human and civil rights causes.

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Antonio Calero

Lawyer F. Antonio Calero, JD - Immigration Attorney, Miramar.

Website | Twitter 

Languages: English, Spanish

Antonio Calero is the founder and lawyer of The Law Firm. He is a successful transactional lawyer, who has consulted with various companies in various fields on both contractual matters in a sales-driven and client-centered environment.

Antonio was born in Colombia and immigrated to the U.S. at about the age of 10. He graduated from Miami Beach Senior High School with high honors in 1999. Mr. Calero earned his Undergraduate Degree from St. Thomas University in 2003 in criminal justice and a minor in psychology.

Later, he received his Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Nova Southeastern University (2007). In addition, after receiving his Master’s Degree, Antonio earned his Juris Doctorate (J.D.) in Florida A&M College of Law (2011).

Antonio has performed across the country for roughly 10 years on topics that include education and financial issues. Some of the speaking venues cover financial organizations across the country, at government entity events, and at universities across the U.S. As a result of many years of public speaking, Antonio was asked to be the keynote speaker at the 2014 Academic Excellence and Scholarship Ceremony at Miami Dade College.

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Luiza Miller Immigration Attorney

Luiza Miller Immigration Attorney

Website | Facebook 

Languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Romanian

Luiza Miller is a lawyer licensed to the District of Columbia Bar. Luisa has more than a decade of experience in legal immigration cases. As an immigrant herself, Luiza Miller moved to the United States in her adolescent life. The United States allowed her to accomplish herself and find her career in Immigration Law.

She earned a degree in law from the University of Spiru Haret in Bucharest, Romania. Also, she graduated from the University of Bucharest with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology (1999). The unique mixture of law and sociology, the study of law, and the study of society, united with a fast apprehension of foreign languages render Luiza Miller as a competent and proficient lawyer passionate about her work and very understanding of the background of each of her clients.

The key factor of her expertise in immigration matters lays in employment-based and family-based nonimmigrant and immigrant visas. Her focus lays on employment-based visas for experts, international transferees, investors, skilled workers, individuals with exceptional abilities in the fields of arts, business, sports, and sciences. Furthermore, she is a firm promoter of keeping families together, therefore she is helping families with family petitions, legal permanent residency, and waivers for grounds of inadmissibility. She also has a big experience in cases concerning J-1 visa waivers, Temporary Protected Status (TPS), FOIA, FBI background checks, and deportation.

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Kristy Figueroa-Contreras

Kristy Figueroa-Contreras immigration lawyer miami.

Website | Twitter 

Languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese

Attorney Kristy Figueroa-Contreras serves exclusively in all areas of U.S. immigration, nationality, and consular law and the criminal protection of persons accused of a wide range of state and federal felony and misdemeanor offenses. Her criminal trial experience allows her to work in the complex interplay between criminal laws and immigration laws and procedures. Much of her practice is focused to assist non-citizens facing criminal charges in both federal and Florida criminal courts, as well as those with criminal convictions in their immigration and consular processes (deportation defense and waivers).

The attorney earned her Juris Doctor (law degree) in 2002 in Emory University School of Law in Atlanta, Georgia. Also, she graduated from the Universidad del Salvador, Facultad de Ciencias Jurídicas. Ms. Figueroa-Contreras also has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English (1997) and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Modern Languages (French) (1998) from Florida International University in Miami, Florida. 

Kristy is a member of the Federal Bar Association (FBA), the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL), the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (FACDL), and more.

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Jacob Ratzan Immigration Lawyer Miami

Jacob Ratzan Immigration Law.

Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese

Jacob Ratzan works for Packman Neuwahl & Rosenberg (PNR), a Miami law agency that focuses on international tax, estate planning, immigration, and real estate. Mr. Ratzan sees his mission in the PNR immigration practice:

to help U.S. laborer recruit foreign nationals in compliance with U.S. immigration laws; 

to help immigrants live and work legally in the United States; 

to help U.S. citizens and lawful permanent citizens live in the United States with their foreign-born relatives.

He concentrates on employment-based green card visas (e.g., PERM), investor visas, extraordinary ability petitions, national interest waivers, family-based green card applications, petitions under the Violence Against Women Act (“VAWA”), nonimmigrant visas (e.g., E, H-1B, K, L, O, P, R), mandamus actions for delayed applications, waivers of inadmissibility, and consular processing, among other areas pertaining to immigration law. 

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Nicolas J. Watkins

Nicolas J. Watkins Immigration Lawyers in Miami

 Languages: English, Spanish

Born and grown up in Great Britain, Nicolas has more than 30 years of experience in immigration and nationality law, and real estate law. Mr. Watkins leads GrayRobinson’s business immigration law practice group.

Nicolas’s Immigration practice is focused on immigrant (permanent/residency) and nonimmigrant (temporary) visa petitions and applications on behalf of his clients, investors, executives, managerial and other professional foreign workers, and their employers. This includes E, H, L, O, and P temporary worker visas, among others, as well as petitions for temporary and permanent employment certification and residency applications under the Immigrant Investor (EB-5) Visa Program. Nicolas also assists employers in connection with immigration-related regulatory compliance proceedings in employment matters (employment eligibility verification, E-verify, and I-9 audits) as well as persons in naturalization proceedings and consular matters.

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Mayerlin Almonte immigration lawyer Miami

Mayerlin Almonte immigration lawyer Miami

Website | LinkedIn

Languages: English, Spanish

Lawyer Mayerlin Almonte is from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. She co-founded Immigration Counsels LLC. Ms. Almonte is also writing the Latino Leaders Magazine. After her acceptance to the New York State Bar, the attorney Almonte has practiced alone with Immigration and Naturalization Law where she has a great experience.

Her company is focused on providing immigration help to persons and businesses throughout the United States and abroad. They offer personalized advice and services to all our clients effectively. Mayerlin with her colleges have a combined 20 years of immigration law experience and has represented clients in Immigration Courts all around the United States including Florida, Texas, New York, New Jersey, California, and Louisiana.

She is considering her mission to provide people with individual attention and professional services at every step of the way towards achieving immigration aims.

Wrapping Up: Immigration Lawyer Miami

Whether you are immigrating or relocating, the process raises many questions. Therefore, it might be useful to learn all the options and immigration process yourself, check out this article on How to Immigrate to the USA.

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