10 Verified Chicago Immigration Attorneys: Realize Your Dream of Moving

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Immigration Lawyer Chicago. Each year, about a million new immigrants cross the American border. People who leave behind their home country want to improve their lives: get new career opportunities, increase well-being or find a comfortable place for foraging.

New restrictions and current US immigration policies make foreigners feel less welcome in some state regions. Nevertheless, many cities in America decided to reconsider the cooperation of local police with immigration services and also settled lots of rules to counter federal immigration policy and ensure a peaceful life for immigrants. Among these is Chicago.

This city has become an innovator in the field of assistance to immigrants. It was here that a unique visitor program was launched, providing various types of support, including legal and psychological, that immigrants so need on their way to citizenship. Chicago supported the work of the Identity Card Programme, which allowed for the maintenance of good wages and universal policies for preschool education and asylum. 

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We’ve compiled a list of 10 immigration attorneys for you to help fulfill your dream of moving to Chicago.

Mary K. Neal

  • Languages: Spanish, German, Estonian, Russian, English 
  • LinkedIn

Professional, founder of the law office. Helps organize full documentation assistance. Its work is guided by the principle of “freedom and justice for all.”

It provides services in such matters as citizenship, visa processing, the right to permanent residence, family sponsorship, and other areas. Also, in her arsenal, there are cases related to the criminal past of people, on the registration of short-term guardianship, and powers of attorney. 

Julia Sverdloff

A resident of Chicago, founder of Sverdloff Law Group. Practicing immigration counsel on protection against deportation, green card, citizenship, and asylum, as well as such visas:

  • family;
  • marriage;
  • bride’s visa;
  • investment visas for businessmen;
  • student;
  • workers;
  • guest.

The work experience in the immigration field is more than 12 years. High-end consultations and full customer support from all parts of the world. Protection of clients in all litigation, helping to achieve the goals with minimum costs.

For its professional work, Julia is in the leading positions in the ratings of lawyers. She studied in such educational institutions as:

  • St. John’s University (2003);
  • C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University (2004);
  • UIC John Marshall Law School (2007).

She is also admitted to practice in the states of New York, New Jersey, and Illinois and their districts.

Sofia Zneimer

Legal representative for protection against expulsion, immigration, family, and business. Works on appeals before the BIA and AAO. Member of the Northern District of Illinois judicial board, practicing lawyer in federal courts and the Supreme Court of the United States. It also helps in the processing and filing of all types of immigration and non-immigration visas for employment (compliance I-9). 

She received her law degree from Chicago-Kent College of Law. It also has many legal publications in its arsenal. Member of the Illinois Bar Association and the American Justice Association.

The leading representative of various corporations, non-profit organizations, individual investors, and commercial entities.

Luciane F. M. Tavares

Specialist in solving complex immigration issues, as well as commercial law. She began to practice law in December 2012. Licensed to operate and is a member of the bar in Illinois, Florida, New Jersey, and New York and has experience in representing and protecting clients from Washington. She works with various types of companies (small and large businesses) and provides private consulting services. 

Luciane is active in journalism as a speaker at various events, seminars on immigration law. Many articles were published in thematic newspapers and magazines.

She received a law degree from Barry University, also has a bachelor’s degree in accounting.


  • American Bar Association;
  • New York State Young Lawyers Association;
  • American Association of Immigration Lawyers;
  • New Jersey Young Lawyers Association.

Work in American Immigration Associates LLC.

Gerald Cipolla Immigration Lawyer Chicago

Founder of Cipolla Law Group, a firm is providing a full range of immigration law services. Represents the rights of customers from all 50 states and all around the world. Having combined experience for more than 30 years. The Company has established itself in the field of jurisprudence. 

Some services provided:

  • employment/residency visas;
  • PERM, H1B, L, NIW, and other investor visas (such as E and EB5);
  • family immigration;
  • green card design;
  • paperwork for legal status in the United States and others.

He began his activities in 2000. Since then, hundreds of satisfied customers who have fulfilled their dream. A member of the American Association of Immigration Lawyers and Member of Chicago Mercantile Exchange, he is also an immigration adviser in the newspaper.

Educated in Sweden, France, China, Finland, and America. Work as a Former Law Professor at the City Colleges of Chicago.

He has dozens of publications in various editions (books, newspapers, magazines), and also acted as a speaker at various legal events. Today successfully represents the interests of many business owners, entrepreneurs, companies, and individuals. 

Laureen Anderson-Stepanek- Immigration Lawyer

Laureen Anderson-Stepanek- Immigration Lawyer

Since 2020, she has devoted her life to immigration jurisprudence as a lawyer. Collaborated with the best professionals of her business. She is engaged in solving complex, controversial issues.

She studied at Illinois State University, University of Wisconsin-Parkside, and University of Iowa College of Law.

An excellent specialist in all areas of immigration law. Practices in:

  • advice to international and external clients on non-immigrant employment-based visas;
  • PERM visas;
  • international relocation;
  • family protection and deportation;
  • criminal and appellate matters.

Represents clients in federal courts. Laureen is a member of:

  • Illinois Bar Association,
  • United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois;
  • United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.

In addition to advocacy, she works as an adjunct professor of immigration and employment law at the College of Lake County.

Yevgeny Meltser Immigration Lawyer Chicago

An immigration lawyer with impressive experience and an impeccable track record. Founder of MELTSER LAW GROUP.

Among the most popular services are:

  • visa L-1 (transfer to a foreign branch);
  • H-1B (working visa for specialists);
  • E-2 (investor visa);
  • O-1 (visa for the talented in sports, science, business, art);
  • P-1 (visa for creative people to tour in the USA).

He received a doctorate in law from DePaul University College of Law. Successfully closed 2,000 cases and helped thousands of immigrants get green cards and US citizenship.

MELTSER LAW GROUP helps with immigration issues of different complexity:

  • work visa processing in the USA;
  • assistance in obtaining a green card;
  • issuing an investment visa in the United States;
  • assistance in obtaining political asylum in the US;
  • protection against deportation from the United States in immigration courts in different states and cities;
  • family reunification (parents, children, spouses);
  • assistance in obtaining US citizenship;
  • waivers (exemption from penalties for the illegal stay or two-year stay at home).

Matthew Ian Bernstein Immigration Lawyer Chicago

The specialist has more than 20 years of experience in the field of immigration and nationality law. Works with corporations, non-profit organizations, as well as private individuals. Advises artists, scientists, professors, artists, businessmen who want benefits for themselves and their family, asylees, and persons threatened with deportation.

Besides the bar, he taught civil and immigration law in higher education institutions. He also worked as director of the Chicago Kent College of Law Immigration Clinic.

He often acts as a speaker at events of a legal and public nature. 

Robert Aaron Perkins Immigration Lawyer Chicago

Robert Aaron Perkins Immigration Lawyer Chicago

Began his professional career back in 1989. Since then, he has successfully assisted thousands of people in resolving and immigration cases throughout the United States. He also practices client consultation by phone and other social media messengers (WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger, FaceTime, and others).

He studied at the University of Illinois College of Law. In 1994, he founded a law firm that specialized in immigration law, including the granting of visas, citizenship, and other aspects. They include: 

  • protection against deportation;
  • business immigration;
  • investment;
  • working and tourist visas opening (H-1B, E-2, PERM, L-1, H-2B, J-1, etc.);
  • issues including citizenship and much more.

He is a defender of all citizens’ rights and gives everyone a chance to realize their dreams.

Maksim Tikhvinskiy Immigration Lawyer Chicago

Maksim Tikhvinskiy Immigration Lawyer Chicago

Before moving to the US, he was a successful lawyer in Moscow. He is still a member of the prestigious Moscow Bar Chamber.

The client defense attorney in Chicago and Illinois County. He is engaged in family and crime affairs. He has a lot of professional experience. He was well aware of the peculiarities of judicial practice in various districts and various courts. All this, of course, helps protect customers. 

Among other things, in the past, Maxim worked for a long time as a public defender in Illinois. He represented the interests of poor citizens in court. Thanks to this, he is well aware of the importance of professional legal protection.

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Conclusion: Immigration Lawyer Chicago

Unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous lawyers and simply fraudsters in the immigration services market — unlicensed “assistants,” who call themselves “paralegals,” “notaries,” and so on. Their services, which most often cost as much as good immigration lawyers, break the fates of thousands of immigrants and lead them to deportation. An immigration visa to the US and family reunification is not as easy a process as they say, so by making a mistake, you can forever close the way to the US to your family!

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