Fundraising Press Release: How to Write & Distribute

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Fundraising Press Release.

If you at least once in your life tried to organize a charity fund or any other non-profit organization, you probably faced such a thing as “fundraising.” If you are only going to deploy activities in this direction or you want to improve the exchange and markets for crypto-currencies, then the information below is absolutely useful. Also, you will be interested in the services of the, which will help to popularize your organization at the local or global level by placing fundraising press releases in prominent media.

The Concept and Features of Fundraising

Fundraising is the process of attracting financial investments, which the organization needs to realize a project. In addition to cash, other types of resources can also be attracted.

Various companies, individuals, and state and private funds are the most common sources of attracting investments. They are called sponsors, donors, investors, and patrons. All of them can have the right to wear the title “partner,” regardless of the size and type of investment.

Strategy of Fundraising

When forming a strategy, some aspects are taken into account:

  • Create a business plan;
  • Preparation of partnership conditions for cooperation;
  • The choice of the CA to determine the range of potential sponsors;
  • Formation of satisfactory relations between the parties;
  • Correct closure of the project (implies maintaining contact with partners to form further mutually beneficial cooperation on a long-term basis).

If we talk about the full cycle of fundraising, we should note such steps as carrying out a detailed analysis of the problem, generating ideas, determining the CA, setting goals and tasks, identifying the necessary tools to solve the problem, writing estimates, starting from the audit of existing opportunities, selecting potential sponsors, organizing an appropriate cultural event, an analysis of the results obtained, drawing conclusions, and expressing gratitude to investors. Thus, it becomes possible to meet the key goals of fundraising: obtaining the right amount of resources, ensuring donor satisfaction, and achieving goals.

When composing a donor proposal, it is worthwhile to create and allocate several packages with different conditions of cooperation, in which some privileges will be described (for example, for the general sponsor, the media, and the exclusive donor). To date, the cost of some packages reaches several million US dollars (the amount depends on the scale of the projects, their territorial location, and their coverage of Central Asia).

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Ways to Attract Resources

To obtain the necessary amount of resources, you need to “reach out” to your potential donors. Below are the most common methods that can be combined and intersected in the process of fundraising:

  • Dispatch (direct mail);
  • Pasting into the journal;
  • Addressless addresses;
  • Boxes for donations (donation boxes);
  • Real dialogue (face-2-face);
  • Conducting charity events (concerts, marathons, bike rides, lunches and so on);
  • Advertising in mass media;
  • Telemarketing;
  • Partnership in business;
  • “New media” (new media);
  • Sponsorship;
  • Bring a friend (donor gets donor).

Thanks to the worldwide Internet, most of the above methods are implemented in a more short time. After all, you can organize mass mailings, advertising, events and so on.

Fundraising Press Release Format

A press release or news release is an informative story usually written by a journalist or PR (public relations) specialist. The press release is written for the media and/or public and answers the 5 Ws (who, what when, where, and why) and sometimes ‘how’. 

The purpose of a press release is to get attention, make news, and generate publicity. It’s cost-effective marketing (free) and they can be used to create brand awareness for your association.

press release format.

The Basics of Crafting a Press Release:

  • Make it newsworthy; it’s not an ad, it’s a news article.
  • Use an attention-grabbing headline.
  • Be time sensitive – no one wants old news.
  • Stick to one topic.

Cooperation with

Today, the team of professionals in our agency is ready to help you notify the public about your project, that you need sponsorship and resources that will help improve the crypto currency market around the world. We will assist you in achieving your goal if you have been nurturing an idea and have finally decided to implement it. Our competent staff will create quality content and place it in various media. You can go through a simple registration on our online site and independently select publications in which press releases will be published. If you are having trouble using the platform, our managers are always available to help. 

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