Crafting Narratives: The Best of Greenwich’s PR Storytellers

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These PR agencies work behind the scenes to build and promote brands, organizations, and public figures. From small boutique firms to large national companies, Greenwich’s PR professionals are experts at shaping narratives and getting their clients’ messages heard. This article highlights some of the standout PR agencies operating in Greenwich and the talented teams driving their success. Whether through media relations, social media strategy, crisis communications or other PR tactics, these firms showcase the best of the industry right here in our town.

The Best PR Agencies in Greenwich

Dukas Linden Public Relations

Dukas Linden Public Relations is a trusted advisor for businesses navigating the financial landscape. Their expertise lies in crafting strategic communication plans that enhance financial PR, strengthen investor relations, and safeguard online reputation. They empower companies to build strong relationships with investors and media outlets, ultimately propelling them towards financial success.

Great Ink Communications

Great Ink Communications is a one-stop shop for crafting a stellar reputation in the real estate industry. They specialize in developing targeted PR campaigns that elevate clients’ brands and projects. From media relations to strategic messaging, their team ensures the story reaches the right audience.

Reputation Management Company

Reputation Refinery is a comprehensive PR and reputation management firm caters to both individuals and businesses. Their team of experts craft strategic online PR campaigns that showcase clients’ strengths, while their robust reputation management services address negative content and build a positive online identity. With Reputation Refinery, brands can confidently establish a trustworthy online presence.

Status Labs

Status Labs is a premier global reputation management firm headquartered in Greenwich. With a team of experts in digital marketing, crisis communications, and strategic advisory services, Status Labs helps individuals and businesses craft and protect their online reputations. Their comprehensive approach combines cutting-edge techniques in content creation, search engine optimization, social media management, and monitoring to build positive narratives that resonate. Status Labs has gained recognition for its innovative digital solutions and successful campaigns, restoring and enhancing client profiles across industries.


NetReputation is a leading firm specializing in public relations, media relations, and reputation management strategies to boost business visibility and credibility. Their seasoned professionals craft compelling narratives that reinforce brand trustworthiness across digital channels. NetReputation’s multi pronged approach leverages targeted content marketing, influencer outreach, review management, and crisis communications to amplify a positive brand presence. From small enterprises to Fortune 500 companies, NetReputation’s tailored campaigns raise awareness, build lasting connections with audiences, and protect hard-earned reputations in the online arena.

PRCG Haggerty LLC

PRCG Haggerty LLC is a full-service strategic communications firm delivering value, service, and results. For over 25 years, their expert consultants have provided tailored solutions across industries – from Fortune 500 corporations and financial institutions to professional services, nonprofits, and high-profile individuals. PRCG Haggerty’s multidisciplinary approach encompasses media relations, crisis management, digital marketing, SEO strategies, and environmental/social governance communications. Whether enhancing brand reputation, managing issues, or driving thought leadership, their data-driven campaigns distill core messages that resonate. With a track record of advising an impressive global clientele, PRCG Haggerty excels at safeguarding images and shaping narratives that solidify credibility and trust.


Edelman is a communications firm renowned for its expertise in public relations and online reputation management. They offer innovative solutions tailored to elevate brand visibility and manage public perception. The firm excels at crafting compelling narratives and leveraging digital platforms to build and protect the reputations of its diverse clientele. Edelman’s comprehensive services include media relations, crisis communication, and social media strategy, ensuring robust engagement and trust. Recognized for its strategic insights and impactful campaigns, Edelman continues to set the standard in the PR industry.

Weber Shandwick

Weber Shandwick is a leading communications agency offering integrated media and digital communications solutions, including online reputation management. Weber Shandwick merges traditional PR with cutting-edge digital strategies to create cohesive and impactful campaigns. Their comprehensive services encompass media relations, content creation, social media management, and crisis communication. Weber Shandwick ensures the stories of clients are told effectively and their reputations are meticulously managed.

Finn Partners

Finn Partners is a dynamic communications agency specializing in public relations, crisis management, and digital communications. Finn Partners offers strategic and creative solutions to help clients build and protect their brands. Their services include comprehensive media relations, expert crisis management, and innovative digital strategies designed to engage audiences and enhance their online presence. Known for their client-centric approach and deep industry expertise, Finn Partners consistently delivers impactful campaigns and effective reputation management.


Greenwich isn’t just home to local gems; it also boasts a branch of FleishmanHillard, a recognized PR and reputation management powerhouse. They bring their extensive experience and strategic expertise to the table, offering local businesses the advantage of a global network. Whether the client needs to build brand awareness, manage a crisis, or navigate complex communications challenges, FleishmanHillard has the resources and know-how to deliver impactful results.


Ketchum doesn’t just handle PR, they tell stories. Their services encompass both traditional public relations strategies and cutting-edge digital expertise. This combined approach ensures they manage and enhance clients’ reputations across all channels. Whether it’s crafting compelling press releases or developing a data-driven social media strategy, Ketchum helps build a strong, lasting reputation.

Ogilvy Public Relations

Ogilvy Public Relations has an expertise spanning brand strategy, reputation management, and integrated marketing communications. Ogilvy crafts innovative campaigns that drive real impact. Their team combines profound industry knowledge with creativity to develop compelling narratives that authentically connect brands with their audiences across traditional and digital channels. Ogilvy’s sophisticated online reputation management solutions monitor and enhance client visibility, harnessing data-driven insights to proactively shape perceptions. From multinational conglomerates to emerging startups, Ogilvy’s strategic public relations prowess positions companies at the forefront, building visibility, equity, and trust.

Hill+Knowlton Strategies

Hill+Knowlton Strategies is a respected public relations consultancy delivering comprehensive communications solutions. They leverage decades of expertise in strategically enhancing brand reputations across industries. Hill+Knowlton’s integrated services encompass media relations, influencer marketing, digital campaigns, and crisis preparedness. Their skilled practitioners excel at deftly navigating issues through proactive online reputation management and crisis communications. By combining research-driven insights with creativity, they craft resonant narratives that engage audiences and protect corporate equity.

Burson Cohn & Wolfe 

Burson Cohn & Wolfe is a top-tier integrated communications firm specializing in reputation management for global clients across industries. BCW’s team provides cutting-edge solutions encompassing public relations, digital marketing, data-driven insights, and creative campaigns. Their seasoned experts craft unified brand narratives that authentically connect with stakeholders through strategic messaging and channel execution. BCW excels at transforming communications challenges into opportunities through comprehensive reputation tracking, crisis preparedness, and issue mitigation strategies. With a worldwide network and localized cultural expertise, BCW develops breakthrough programs that protect corporate reputations, build brand equity, and deliver measurable business impact at the intersection of communications and marketing.

MSL Group

MSL Group is a leading strategic communications consultancy renowned for its innovative, audience-centric approach to reputation enhancement. The firm’s Greenwich professionals specialize in crafting integrated campaigns that seamlessly blend public relations, digital and social media marketing, influencer engagement, and premium content creation. MSL’s data-driven insights inform powerful storytelling that authentically connects brands with their stakeholders across channels. Their skilled practitioners provide expert counsel in crisis communications, reputation management, product launches, and purpose-driven initiatives.

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