Get Noticed in Utah: Top PR Firms to Boost Brand’s Reputation & Sales

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Today, brand awareness is key for everyone. Utah’s top PR agencies stand ready to elevate business with strategic communication plans. These experts craft impactful campaigns to get the brand noticed by the right audiences, generate positive media coverage and social media momentum, and foster connections through engaging community events. This guide unveils the best PR agencies in Utah, partners in building a strong and successful brand reputation.

The Best PR Agencies in Utah

Connect Marketing

Connect Marketing is a full-service PR and marketing firm specializing in the tech and med-tech industries. They offer a comprehensive 360-degree approach, guiding clients from strategic planning to successful execution. Connect Strategic tackles the foundation by conducting research, crafting compelling brand messages, and developing target audience personas. Connect Public Relations then leverages this strategy, securing placements in traditional media outlets across business, tech, vertical, consumer, and broadcast sectors.


Alexander’s has transformed from a 1979 university copy shop into a global, full-service digital print and marketing powerhouse.  Led by founder Jeff Alexander, their 60-person team offers a “can-do” approach across print (traditional & digital) and marketing (PR, online, website, social media). From automated appointment reminders for medical professionals to personalized family histories, Alexander’s embraces innovation to help clients thrive in today’s cross-channel world.  


SnappConner PR is an innovative PR agency, redefining the industry with a focus on client results. They move beyond trends, setting the pace for impactful communication strategies. Their commitment to client success and dedication to quality have built an unmatched reputation, poised for global expansion.

Wall Street Communications

Wall Street Communications, a PR firm established in 1996, boasts a global reach. Specializing in media relations and content marketing, they champion brands shaping the broadcast, production, cinema, and video technology landscapes. Their expertise caters to a diverse clientele – from equipment manufacturers to software providers and production studios. Wall Street Communications leverages a powerful mix of media channels, including the trade press, social media, direct outreach, conferences, and events, to elevate their clients’ visibility within the industry.

WE Codeword

WE Codeword is a dynamic PR agency, renowned for its innovative approach and unwavering commitment to excellence. With a team of seasoned professionals, they are crafting strategic campaigns that propel businesses to new heights. From launching startups to executing multichannel initiatives, WE Codeword empowers companies of all sizes to amplify their presence, captivate audiences, and forge lasting connections. Their expertise lies in cultivating a personalized approach and ensuring that each client’s unique story resonates with their target audience, driving growth and success.

Baker Web Solutions

Baker Web Solutions, established in 2018 and based in American Fork, Utah, is a dynamic web solutions provider committed to delivering fast, mobile-responsive, and elegant websites. With a keen eye on the latest web trends and technological advancements, their team of experts dedicates themselves to studying and implementing cutting-edge strategies to ensure clients’ online presence remains relevant and impactful. Baker Web Solutions’ mission is to free the client from the complexities of web development, allowing them to concentrate on their core business objectives. Whether the client needs a captivating website, an online presence overhaul, or a comprehensive business website solution, Baker Web Solutions is poised to be a trusted partner, delivering elegant and functional solutions that drive growth and success.


PilmerPR LLC is a leading public relations and marketing communications firm specializing in crafting customized campaigns for small to midsize businesses. With a keen understanding of the unique challenges faced by businesses in this segment, PilmerPR delivers exceptional results through a strategic approach. Their expertise lies in securing coveted press placements and effectively communicating key messages to target audiences. PilmerPR’s campaigns are meticulously tailored to amplify brand visibility, enhance credibility, and drive meaningful connections with stakeholders. By leveraging their industry knowledge and media relationships, PilmerPR ensures that their clients’ stories resonate powerfully, positioning them for sustained growth and success in the marketplace.


XL PR is a trailblazing regional agency, dedicated to helping B2C and B2B brands unveil their authentic narratives through XL storytelling. With a deep understanding of the power of reputation, recognition, and impact, XL PR meticulously maps out the path to repute, acknowledgment, and desired outcomes for its clients. As a thriving full-service marketing and PR agency, XL PR enhances visibility nationwide, rebuilds damaged reputations, fortifies credibility, and strategically empowers market positioning. At the heart of XL PR lies a collaborative approach, working closely with companies to craft personalized and fail-proof media strategies through campaigns, endorsements, and awareness initiatives. XL PR embodies the essence of storytelling, serving as the story-makers and story-spreaders for leading brands that believe in the transformative power of recognition and its profound impact. 


Springboard5 PR specializes in simplifying public relations for life science, medical device, biotech, and smart technology companies, as well as those in other industries. Unique among Utah PR firms, Springboard5 focuses on these high-growth segments, delivering unmatched global lead generation and brand visibility. By tailoring their activities, they ensure the strategy and program are perfectly sized to meet each client’s needs. Their expertise and targeted approach make Springboard5 the go-to agency for companies looking to elevate their brand and achieve significant growth in competitive markets. 

The Walton Group

Founded in 1985, The Walton Group Inc. is one of the oldest public relations and advertising agencies in Utah County, offering over 30 years of expertise in strategic communication planning and advertising. They help businesses and non-profit organizations achieve their communication goals, enhancing their visibility, profitability, and competitiveness. Led by founder and CEO Linda P. Walton, the agency is deeply rooted in community service, with Linda actively involved in numerous non-profits, committees, and local events. Her dedication to mentoring future PR professionals ensures that The Walton Group remains at the forefront of the industry, embodying integrity and community responsibility in all client projects.

Osmond Marketing

Osmond Marketing is a full-service content marketing agency specializing in premium-quality content for healthcare companies and professionals. With experience serving over 40 healthcare organizations, they create business cards, brochures, white papers, eBooks, screen ads, billboards, websites, and books. Their services extend to web hosting, SEO/SEM development, marketing plan creation, and pro formas. In public relations, they manage publicity campaigns, content writing, blog tours, events, public speaking consulting, review campaigns, social media monitoring, and press release distribution. By pairing designers and content writers, they deliver top-tier service at competitive prices, tailored by project, retainer, or hourly rate to meet each client’s unique marketing needs.

Nona Rose

At Nona Rose Agency, they forge partnerships built on mutual respect, passion, and understanding, going beyond client acquisition. They are dedicated to delivering custom, high-quality results that support their clients’ growth and expansion. Specializing in brand awareness and community building, they excel in organic marketing, events, and PR. Their mission is to collaborate with clients who value exceptional work and appreciate their unwavering commitment to their brand’s success. By enhancing marketing performance and ROI, Nona Rose Agency ensures that every client achieves their business goals through strategic and impactful marketing solutions.


Forthgear, a marketing powerhouse since 1995, delivers a comprehensive suite of services designed to propel the client’s brand. Their expertise spans the spectrum, from cutting-edge design and website development to targeted online marketing strategies (SEO, PPC, and social media). Content development, public relations, and more round out their offerings, ensuring a holistic approach to maximizing your ROI and customer loyalty. In short, Forthgear is a one-stop shop for crafting and executing winning marketing campaigns.


Rukkus, a marketing and communications agency, prioritizes results and client success. Their strategy-first approach ensures a customized plan tailored to each client’s unique needs and resources. Free from commission bias, their team of hand-picked specialists delivers impactful campaigns across various marketing disciplines. This focus on client advocacy sets Rukkus apart in the industry.

Concept Marketing Utah

Concept Marketing Utah crafts strategic advertising campaigns tailored to the client’s business goals. Their experienced media buyers leverage expert negotiation skills to secure up to 4x the market value in ad space and time. This focus on maximizing return on ad spend and driving business growth positions Concept Marketing as a valuable partner for Utah businesses seeking to expand their reach.

Maloy PR

Maloy PR is a purpose-driven public relations agency dedicated to helping organizations communicate, engage, and achieve their missions effectively. With a lean and cost-effective operational model, Maloy PR delivers high-value PR programs at reasonable prices, ensuring that every client’s investment yields maximum impact. Their approach centers around developing focused strategies that resonate with target audiences, shaping perceptions, raising awareness, and inspiring action. Maloy PR leverages its deep industry expertise and connections to craft compelling narratives that capture the essence of each client’s story. With an unwavering commitment to mission accomplishment, Maloy PR’s PR programs remain laser-focused on reaching and influencing the right stakeholders, driving tangible results that propel organizations towards their goals.

C&S Creative

C&S Creative is a renowned western marketing boutique that has carved a niche for itself by delivering exceptional services to a nationwide clientele. Since its inception in 1987, C&S Creative has been the partner of choice for numerous clients across diverse industries, including real estate, resort & hospitality, healthcare, professional services, and manufacturing. What sets C&S Creative apart is its hands-on marketing expertise and unwavering commitment to quality. This boutique agency prides itself on making a significant impact on its clients’ businesses while maintaining creative excellence and adhering to budgetary constraints. From crafting compelling brand identities to designing captivating websites and executing multimedia campaigns, C&S Creative consistently conquers marketing challenges and exceeds expectations.

TCS Advertising

TCS Advertising and Public Relations is a full-service marketing powerhouse. Boasting a team of seasoned professionals with diverse marketing backgrounds and extensive expertise, TCS Advertising is dedicated to driving business growth through effective and efficient advertising and integrated brand, identity, and promotion strategies. TCS Advertising seamlessly combines creative prowess and strategic acumen to develop tailored solutions that resonate with target audiences and deliver measurable results. From crafting compelling brand identities to executing integrated campaigns across multiple channels, TCS Advertising’s comprehensive approach ensures that every client’s unique story is told in a captivating and impactful manner.

Redhead Marketing & PR

Redhead Marketing & PR, founded in 2010 by Hilary Reiter, redefines the concept of personalized and accountable marketing services. Recognizing the growing demand for a more tailored and high-level approach, Redhead Marketing & PR offers a unique blend of flexibility and expertise that sets it apart in the industry. The agency’s small and highly responsive nature allows it to seamlessly integrate with its clients’ teams, becoming a valued partner, particularly for those who may not have the resources to maintain in-house marketing and PR staff. Redhead Marketing & PR excels at refining its clients’ messaging and effectively communicating it across various marketing channels, ensuring that their stories resonate powerfully with their target audiences. What truly distinguishes Redhead Marketing & PR is its ability to forge meaningful relationships and network fiercely on behalf of its clients. The agency takes pride in its unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results and exceeding client expectations.

Panic Button Media

Panic Button Media is a dynamic agency that specializes in unlocking the full potential of businesses and brands. With a comprehensive approach that combines storytelling and strategic execution, Panic Button Media ensures that its clients’ narratives resonate with their target audiences in a compelling and impactful manner. Leveraging a rich network of business contacts, media connections, writers, photographers, designers, and videographers, Panic Button Media orchestrates cohesive campaigns that captivate and engage. Their team of experts meticulously crafts compelling stories, weaving them into integrated marketing strategies that amplify brand visibility and drive meaningful connections. What sets Panic Button Media apart is its ability to seamlessly translate the client’s vision into tangible results. Whether the client is seeking to launch a new product, reinvigorate the brand’s identity, or simply elevate their market presence, Panic Button Media is a trusted partner, ready to execute at the push of a button.

Thirsty Minds: Keynotes & Seminars

Thirsty Minds: Keynotes & Seminars, led by Jeri Mae, blends unique humor and storytelling to deliver “Western Wit and Wisdom for the Workplace”. Jeri Mae has empowered businesses, nonprofits, schools, government agencies, and associations with legendary leadership, communication, and customer service insights. Invited to speak in 39 states, Canada, and the US Virgin Islands, her engaging presentations leave a lasting impact. With over half of her engagements being return invitations, Jeri Mae’s ability to connect with audiences and deliver valuable, entertaining content makes Thirsty Minds the go-to choice for transformative keynote speeches and seminars.

Stage Marketing

Stage Marketing is a full-service content marketing organization founded by Dr. Amy Osmond Cook. Their five core competencies include content, PR, design, web services, and G Suite. As a Google Partner, they offer a comprehensive suite of business and marketing services tailored to clients across various industries, with notable success in healthcare and technology. At Stage Marketing, they believe that the foundation of all effective marketing is great content. They understand that people think in stories, so they craft meaningful communication through storytelling, ensuring impactful and memorable marketing solutions.


At REALIFIER, they provide solutions for a wide range of visualization and marketing needs, partnering with architects to ensure customers receive the product they envision. They bridge the communication gap between architects, builders, and customers, making the process as smooth as possible by working closely with the client until they are satisfied with the results. Understanding the anxiety of making a large investment, they meticulously focus on details to ensure perfection.

Exploration Marketing

Exploration Marketing offers a unique approach to navigating clients’ biggest challenges, developing real solutions, and driving results for businesses. Their diverse experience, founded on large agency hustle and enriched through local business and nonprofit work, combines sophisticated marketing expertise with an understanding of local needs. Whether the brand requires full-service marketing, strategic consulting, or tactical execution, Exploration Marketing is here to help. Their goal is to be a trusted strategic partner, deeply understanding the client’s business and crafting a unique marketing path to meet your challenges head-on.

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