Top Picks: Finding the Perfect PR Agency Partner in Santa Monica

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Santa Monica is a hub for innovation and creativity. To stand out in this vibrant city, you need a PR agency that understands the local market and can connect you with the right audience. In this article, we will show you the best PR agencies on the Pacific Coast.

The Best PR Agencies in Santa Monica

Blaze PR

Santa Monica’s Blaze PR is the fuel lifestyle brand that needs to take market share. Led by seasoned veterans who’ve seen it all, Blaze combines experience with fresh thinking. Their strategic approach crafts creative media plans that resonate with the client’s unique brand identity. Blaze PR doesn’t just get brand noticed, they ignite long-term success.

Beantown Media Ventures

Beantown Media Ventures is a one-stop shop for tech startups and high-growth businesses. With a decade of experience guiding innovative companies, BMV offers a powerful combination of PR, content marketing, social media, and influencer engagement. Their deep understanding of the tech landscape allows them to craft targeted strategies that drive leads, accelerate growth, and boost clients’ valuations.

Reformat Agency

Team Re/Format believes in building strong, lasting relationships with their clients, founded on a bedrock of integrity. Unlike others, the team who pitches the client’s business will be the same team working with them throughout the project. This ensures a deep understanding of the client’s goals and a seamless collaborative experience. Re/Format empowers the client’s brand through creative problem-solving and a commitment to seeing their vision through.

Kel & Partners

Kel & Partners isn’t a typical PR and social media agency. They’re the “anti-agency” focused on getting results for clients struggling with low brand awareness.  Their high-ROI strategies and standout PR & social media initiatives are designed to break through the clutter. Kel & Partners combines their anti-agency approach with a “Client-Side DNA” mentality, creating a powerful partnership that gets the client’s brand noticed and drives success.

Benenson Strategy Group

Benenson Strategy Group is a premier strategic research consultancy advising the world’s most successful corporations, heads of state, and institutions. Their mission is to be the trusted partner that global leaders call upon when seeking to drive performance and growth, address critical issues, communicate effectively, and prevail in high-stakes situations. With deep expertise in strategic research, Benenson Strategy Group provides invaluable insights and counsel, enabling clients to make informed decisions, connect with audiences, and achieve their ambitious goals when everything is on the line.


Harmonica is an agency of skilled storytellers, fluent in public relations, social media, and digital communications. They collaborate with companies that bring the world into tune through wellness, style, innovation and unforgettable experiences. Harmonica activates core and mainstream audiences simultaneously and authentically, knowing where to find your audience and what messaging resonates. With a holistic strategy, impeccable execution and an insatiable appetite for results, Harmonica grows the client’s brand. Their blend of PR, social media and digital expertise allows companies’ stories to strike the perfect chord.

Kapor Hamilton Public Relations

Kapor Hamilton Public Relations is the collaboration of two PR experts who pooled their talents to provide lifestyle PR for fashion, fitness, and action sports brands. They develop customized strategies, deftly implement plans, represent brands in the media, evaluate effectiveness, and maintain constant client communication. With a selective roster, they represent brands they genuinely believe in and can grow alongside. Described as “hip” and “quirky,” Kapor Hamilton does things differently, aiming to be the cool measuring stick for emerging and established brands alike.

Beck Media & Marketing

Beck Media & Marketing provides strategic communications engineered to achieve business goals. As a small agency with big ideas, they live at the intersection of entertainment and technology, representing TV programs/producers, interactive entertainment companies, and firms on the cutting edge of sports, broadcasting, and consumer technology. Beyond core PR and media relations capabilities, Beck Media produces high-quality custom video content and experiential marketing events. Headquartered in Santa Monica with offices in NYC, Austin, Atlanta, and San Francisco, this agile team combines nationwide reach with nimble expertise at the forefront of entertainment and tech innovation.

Gilt Media, LLC

Gilt Media, LLC represents an all-inclusive establishment specializing in comprehensive marketing solutions, programmatic advertising, public relations, and media expertise. Their organization thrives on the collective brilliance of a diverse and enthusiastic ensemble, comprising visionary thinkers, accomplished creators, cutting-edge technologists, and captivating storytellers. Their resolute dedication revolves around the creation of awe-inspiring, indelible, and groundbreaking brands that leave a lasting mark on the world. With a focus on innovation and excellence, Gilt Media ensures that each client’s story is told in a unique and impactful way, making them a standout choice.


M&C Saatchi LA was founded in 1995 by Maurice and Charles Saatchi. From its inception, the network was global, becoming the fastest growing start-up in advertising history. M&C Saatchi LA thrives on the principle that simplicity is powerful. “Brutal Simplicity of Thought” guides their approach, ensuring that simple ideas enter the brain quicker and stay longer. This philosophy drives the creation of compelling and memorable campaigns, making M&C Saatchi LA a standout among PR agencies.

Melrose PR

Melrose PR is a public relations and creative marketing agency. As millennials working in new media, they sit at the intersection of traditional PR channels and emerging engagement platforms. They provide integrated marketing communication solutions for lifestyle and technology brands, ensuring that the client’s message reaches the right audience. Melrose PR excels at getting the right people talking about the client’s brand, making them a standout choice among PR agencies.

Haven Tower Group LLC

Haven Tower Group LLC is a strategic public relations firm specializing in comprehensive communications and media relations solutions for the retail financial services sector. From initial message development to PR strategy and execution, Haven Tower excels by combining unparalleled industry knowledge with extensive media contacts. Their track record for generating actionable ideas and delivering significant results sets them apart, making Haven Tower Group LLC a trusted partner in PR and media marketing.

Klick Communications

Klick Communications is a solutions-led collective that blends traditional and digital expertise to create lasting brand influence. Their team of curious and creative “Klickstars” believes in the power of authentic connections. They prioritize building meaningful conversations, woven with data-driven proof points, over fleeting campaign spikes. Understanding the marketing landscape, Klick Communications helps brands connect with their audience in a way that resonates and endures.

Gypsywing Media

Gypsywing Media isn’t just another full-service agency. They understand the powerful link between branding, marketing, and driving real business growth. Their team prioritizes strategic thinking over empty promises. They’ll work with the client to develop thoughtful, results-oriented campaigns that deliver positive and lasting impact for brands.  

Creative Media Los Angeles

Creative Media Los Angeles offers a comprehensive suite of digital solutions to elevate clients’ brands online. From building user-friendly WordPress websites to crafting engaging social media campaigns, they’ll help establish a strong digital presence and achieve marketing goals.


Quaintise is a branding, marketing, and advertising agency specializing in the healthcare and hospitality industries. Through insightful strategy combined with emotionally charged storytelling, Quaintise delivers impactful, revenue-generating campaigns for prominent healthcare brands across the U.S. Quaintise’s expertise in crafting compelling narratives that resonate with target audiences has allowed them to create highly effective branding and marketing initiatives that drive tangible business results for leading healthcare organizations nationwide.

Chemistry PR

Chemistry PR is a public relations firm specializing in media relations, social media, and special events for travel, hospitality, restaurants, healthcare, beauty, consumer products, and real estate companies. Their dynamic team develops strategic solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs, helping expand outreach to drive business growth. With expertise across multiple industries, Chemistry PR crafts impactful PR campaigns that leverage media relationships, engaging social content, and memorable events. Their insightful professionals attend to clients’ distinct goals, creating seamless integrated communications that elevate brand visibility and cultivate valuable connections.

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