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Press Release Sample for Product Launch

A handout is media material that contains some news, the company's position on some issue, informs about the event. Unlike the announcement of the event, it has much more details, contains quotes from speakers or organizers, and is handed out to media representatives at the event.

What and Why: Press Release for Product Launch

If your company launches a new product or introduces a new service, a press statement can tell you about it. However, for the media to take your release and print the news, the product must be very interesting. Focus on highlighting your product, among others, highlighting its unique features and benefits.

The press release is an important information message for journalists, the purpose of which is to incite media interest in the topic, followed by the publication of articles based on it. An example of a text written on the fact of the new car model release may contain information about its merits and be sent out to publications for further publication (if the topic seems relevant to readers).

The handout is not an advertising publication, so the decision to issue it in the publication is made exclusively by the editor. If the message contains purely commercial elements, the publication will pass through the advertising department and be paid accordingly.

Press Release Sample for Product Launch

Writing and presenting this type of document is no different from any other press release. When writing a release, you should adhere to a certain information structure that resembles a pyramid turned upwards by the basis, at the beginning of which the most significant facts are presented.

A good communiqué shows how your product is interesting and gives a clue for the customer's follow-up. As a sample, you can use a press release sample for a product launch on our website. It includes everything necessary for the correct format.

Structurally, the press release shall consist of the following parts:

  1. Title. This part shows the whole essence, describes the event that will occur. Many professionals advise writing it after writing the body of an article. It must contain the article keywords. This will help increase the release's search properties and make its essence more understandable to journalists.

  2. Lead. It is necessary to accommodate all the best that you have. The audience should understand that it does not waste time on your text, so focus on what is interesting to her and not to you.

  3. Body of text. The text should carry an informational assignment, contain data on the product's event or features, its place on the market. The text must contain as many facts as possible. Brevity is the soul of wit, but for a press release to gain media attention, it is necessary to make it as informative and interesting as possible for readers of your sector of activity.

  4. Reference and contact information (backgrounder). In the end, you must specify the company's website, as well as, if necessary, a full URL for representatives of the media. In the end, you should also indicate the contacts of the person responsible for public relations, as well as the contacts of people responsible for specific processes described in the press release. 

Product press release example can be downloaded on our website in an accessible format. By using it, you will simplify your life. After downloading, you will only need to fill in the relevant fields with your event data. 

Similarity to Selling Text

Even though the purpose of the press release and selling text is approximately the same, the style of writing the release should be exclusively informational. It has no advertising and calls to action. The text aims to attract the audience with novelty, facts, statistics, and numbers (depending on the format).

A few more items that everyone forgets:

  1. Delete all non-essential information.

  2. Do not use unverified facts.

  3. Remove all possible mistakes from the text - the text should be subtracted several times.

  4. Do not use complex terminology, since the release is designed for a wide range of readers who often do not belong to experts in the sphere.

  5. Pay attention to the style of publication in which the text of the release will be published, and adhere to it (if you prepare for different editions, prepare several versions of the press release).

  6. Text size - not more than 1-1.5 pages.

The ability to correctly compose and write a press release is useful not only to professional authors but also to ordinary people. Especially those who are somehow connected with business. Who knows when the next time you have to write a new product press release? Now imagine how much money you can save on copywriting services by using our writing template.

Event Press Release Example

Press Release for New Product Launch FAQ

How to write a press release for a new product?

When compiling, be sure to indicate and emphasize all the advantages of the new product, its innovativeness. Follow the general rules of writing. Add pictures and other media items, which will significantly increase the chances of publishing your release.

How to write a press release for a product launch?

In order not to forget and not miss important points when writing a release, we recommend using a template. It will make it much easier and save you time. And as you know, time is money.