The Best B2B Digital Marketing Agencies You Should Know

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Creating an effective Business to Business (B2B) marketing strategy can be challenging. Especially if you don’t have experience and time. It also isn’t easy following up all the updates in B2B marketing tactics that are constantly evolving. Just as you think you’ve mastered them, then voila, there you discover others ad again start trying to adapt them to your business. I bet this can get stressful. Well, this article will help you to find a credible partner – B2B Digital Marketing Agency.  

You wouldn’t need to follow the latest trends, as these guys will do that work for you. While you’re focusing on your business, its products, and services, they’re doing all the promotional work for you, which is B2B marketing. Sounds like a win-win offer. And now to help you in looking for the B2B marketing agencies, I have done some research work for you. Check out this article to choose the most appropriate for you, from across the globe. But first, let’s determine what a B2B digital marketing agency is, what they do, and how they differ from the B2C digital marketing agency.

What is a B2B Marketing Agency?

A B2B marketing agency includes a team of marketing experts who are there to offer you all the guidance you need to get your B2B marketing strategy to boost your project.

Now as we all know already, a B2B digital marketing agency focuses primarily on ‘business to business marketing. An agency like this will provide specialized services to companies who are trying to sell their products or services to other businesses.

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What’s the Difference Between B2B and B2C Digital Marketing Agencies?

As most of us know, Business to Consumer (B2C) marketing focuses on boosting businesses’ products or services to customers. Here, the marketing activities are constantly looking at how to satisfy the needs and interests of individuals, who would be making personal purchasing decisions for their day-to-day lives.

This differs very much from a B2B marketing approach. It’s important to understand that B2B marketing focuses on services to professional buyers within another business, such as procurement officers, key gatekeepers, or senior management.

While there are some things in common between B2B and B2C marketing, the difference lies in the target audience, and how to appeal to their attention effectively. The core element is that you would communicate with a B2B audience very differently from how you would communicate with a B2C audience. 

Basically, B2B and B2C customers will be searching for different things from your business.

For example, a B2B client will try to find and understand all the finer details about your product or service. A B2C agency will be focused more on whether a product or service will satisfy their more immediate needs.

A B2B individual will be assessing whether to build a longer-term relationship with your business based on their ROI. While a B2C customer will not be considering a company from a long-term investment perspective.

So, essentially, a B2B and B2C digital marketing agency will use different methods and tools to help you approach each of these audiences differently. And sometimes, an agency will have the opportunity to serve within both B2C and B2B marketing strategies.

The Best B2B Digital Marketing Agencies

The Crocodile

  • Type: Full-service agency
  • Location: London (UK), with a global reach.

The Crocodile is a well-known, UK-based marketing agency with an international reach through their Affinità agency alliance. It was founded in 1990. Thanks to their collaboration with various platforms, such as HubSpot and Google Partners, they can provide services such as digital development, web app development, automation, SEO, and CRM.

This full-service marketing agency also offers personalized cross-channel campaigns and strategic B2B campaign services. Among their top clients, you can find Dell, KPMG, the London Stock Exchange Group, and Nectar.

Capabilities: content marketing, UX design, social media, advertising, strategy, automation, and customer experience.

Viral Nation

  • Type: Full-service agency
  • Location: London and New York

Viral Nation provides the entire set of digital marketing services. Their professionalism and big experience allow them to connect audiences and brands’ messages making them a smart B2B marketing agency to collaborate with. They also provide a strong performance-based and analytical vision to digital marketing, something any B2B company serious about ROI will highly appreciate.

Capabilities: Influencer marketing, SEO, CRM implementation, marketing audits, research audits, brand strategy, content creation, paid media, earned media, paid placements, sponsorship and experiential, and email lead generation. 

Proper Expression

Proper Expression is a B2B digital marketing agency that specializes in helping businesses of all sizes achieve their marketing goals. Their team of experienced marketing professionals works closely with clients to develop and execute customized marketing strategies that are tailored to their specific needs and objectives.

With a focus on delivering measurable results, Proper Expression provides a range of services, including SEO, PPC advertising, content marketing, social media management, email marketing, and more. They use the latest digital marketing tools and techniques to drive traffic, engage audiences, and generate leads, all while optimizing campaigns for maximum ROI.

What sets Proper Expression apart is its commitment to delivering exceptional customer service. They take the time to understand each client’s unique business needs and work collaboratively to develop strategies that align with their goals. Their goal is to help clients grow their businesses and succeed in today’s competitive digital landscape.

The MX Group

  • Type: Full-service agency
  • Location: Burr Ridge, Illinois, United States.

The MX Group is a global, full-service B2B marketing agency, with many years of experience and expertise. Created in 1989, they are a member of the Network One Alliance and have won five awards for the 2019 Horizon Interactive Awards. Siemens, Cummins, and Atlas Copco worked with them.

The MX Group is a sought-after agency for mid-size and big B2B clients in many industries. They assembled a highly qualified B2B marketing team, such as marketing strategists, business analysts, graphic designers, web developers, data specialists, and sales operation experts. This agency is collaborating with their partner Bray Leino Limited, a B2B marketing agency, based in the UK, allowing them to attract and service more clients on a global scale.

Capabilities: content marketing, event marketing, creative, web design and development, strategy and consulting, marketing automation, analytics.


  • Type: Full-service UX design agency
  • Location: Offices across the globe.

Jellyfish is an international marketing agency, famous for its dynamic take on B2B marketing strategies. They are famous for helping a range of companies realize their international plans of development.

The agency works with both B2B and B2C clients. They are also a certified Google Cloud Training Partner. Jellyfish has also worked as a technology reseller and Google training partner for many years. They take their training and equipping very seriously, and offer a range of marketing masterclasses, courses, and training seminars to help supply their clients, Disney, eBay, Slack, Samsung, and Uber, with the necessary skills to stay ahead of the game. 

Capabilities: advertising, consulting and training, SMM, branding, analytics, content marketing, SEO and app store optimization (ASO), email marketing, and strategy.


  • Type: Full-service marketing and design agency
  • Location: Tampa, Florida, United States

Sparxoo is a prize-winning full-service marketing agency that creates successful brand strategies and other B2B digital marketing services. It was founded in 2007. Their Digital Team contains a long list of strategic and technical experts, to boost their clients’ business performance across numerous digital marketing channels.

Sparxoo provides the services to both B2C and B2B clients but has successfully carved out their place and perfected their success in the B2B area, working with a variety of B2B companies across multiple industries for more than a decade. As an industry-agnostic agency, they center on strategically analyzing and understanding each client’s industry, market, and positioning. They use a collaborative approach and create personalized unique marketing campaigns for each customer, including such companies, like Tech Data, KSKJ Life, Westshore Alliance, and CROOW.

Capabilities: lead and demand generation campaigns, search engine marketing & optimization (SEM/SEO), UX/UI Design, Email Marketing & Automation (Drip Campaigns & Retargeting), Web & Mobile Development, Conversion Rate Optimization, Content Marketing & Creation (Organic and Earned Media), Social Media Marketing & Advertising (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.), Analysis, and Optimization.

Bray Leino B2B Digital Marketing Agency

  • Type: Full-service marketing agency
  • Location: Devon and Bristol (UK), Singapore, Shanghai (China), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), and Chicago (USA).

Bray Leino started their business in 1980. The agency is an award-winning, full-service B2B marketing agency located in eight offices across the world, with its headquarters in the United Kingdom. From starting 40 years ago in the small fishing village of North Devon, they have become a famous and credible B2B marketing company in the industry today.

They are also well-known for providing a wide range of services, both in B2C and B2B marketing, e.g. Mondelez, Clarks, and Wylex. For B2B they work with clients needing customized campaigns in a particular topic, as well as offering a more integrated approach to marketing campaigns. Bray Leino is considered to be one of the 3 best B2B marketing agencies in the UK.

Capabilities: brand identity, direct marketing, PR, conferencing and events, creative, experiential marketing, strategy and consulting, etc.

Bader Rutter

  • Type: Full-service marketing agency
  • Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA), with a global reach

Bader Rutter is a B2B agency that has had a lot of experience, starting in 1974. They are a full-service agency, that offers its marketing services to all kinds of businesses. However, when it comes to the agricultural sector, they certainly win the competition among their colleagues, being well-known experts in marketing in this unique sector.

The agency has its offices in 29 different countries. Over the years, they have collected several well-known clients, with many remaining loyal to them for up to 3 decades now, including Pioneer, Raymond, Zoro, and MobCraft Brewing.

Capabilities: advertising, PR, media planning, and buying, social and digital marketing, analytics, design, experiential marketing, business consulting.


  • Type: Full-service marketing agency
  • Location: New York (USA) and London (UK)

Earnest is a B2B marketing agency with many awards that achieved awesome results in developing ‘out of the box’ marketing solutions for businesses. They offer a range of services in different topics, such as branding, campaigns, strategic planning, content, and experiential.

Earnest services many different kinds of businesses. Always aiming to raise the standard of B2B marketing, Earnest has an ‘innovation arm’ in the agency. This department is looking for ways they can always improve with the latest technology and trends, as well as how to educate and train their customers to understand and take advantage of these changes.

Capabilities: brand management, demand generation, marketing strategy, content marketing, organizing online events, website, and UX design, campaign management, etc.


  • Type: Full-service UX design agency
  • Location: Global (San Francisco-based)

Clay is a digital product and UX marketing agency based in San Francisco. They carry out the strategy, design, and development across all platforms.

By using behavioral science for customer experience, they develop engaging digital products used by millions of people. They also develop human-centered software for companies that have the fame of the best consumer apps. As a UX design agency, they design products and services that provide outstanding usability while fully presenting your brand’s personality. From Slack to Facebook, they collaborated with marketing teams of big enterprises and startups to provide them with award‑winning websites.

Clay is also a branding agency offering a complete service, including naming and logo design to communications and style guides.

Capabilities: User research, prototyping, web design, user interface, and user experience design, product strategy, usability testing, and development.

Expandi Group

  • Type: Digital marketing agency
  • Location: London, Vienna, Dubai, Madrid (Spain), Milan, Paris, and München.

Working for more than 20 years, Expandi Group is a leading global B2B marketing agency that specializes in expanding the digital footprint of technology companies. Their marketing ideas focus on increasing their client’s ROI, and in developing innovative digital marketing activities and sales programs.

Expandi Group is also an expert in performance-based marketing. Through their innovative solutions, they introduced the concept of an agency getting paid based on the results they are bringing their clients, among which are Google, IBM, and HP.

Capabilities: BI, analytics, channel marketing, performance-based marketing, demand generation, digital solutions, co-marketing, etc.

Velocity Partners B2B Digital Marketing Agency

  • Type: Full-service marketing agency
  • Location: New York (USA) and London (UK)

For more than 20 years Velocity Partners has been one of the top B2B marketing companies in the United States, with offices in the UK. This agency offers a wide range of B2B marketing services, but the key area of their expertise is expert guidance in developing a client’s content marketing strategy.

Velocity Partners provides professional marketing services in four main areas, content, namely strategy, data, and digital. They offer up-to-date innovative digital marketing services, as well as web design and brand positioning services. Among their big clients, you will find HubSpot, Sprint Business, Amazon Web Services, and Citrix Systems. They also won The Drum’s B2B Awards Agency of the Year for 2019.

Capabilities: content marketing, marketing strategy & positioning, branding & design, web development & digital marketing, content performance.

Disruptive Advertising B2B Digital Marketing Agency

  • Type: Specialised (PPC management, site testing, analytics reporting)
  • Location: US (Utah-based)

Disruptive Advertising specializes in many aspects of PPC management. These contain paid search marketing, Facebook advertising, eCommerce management, handling AdWords account suspension, Google Ads audit, retargeting, display advertising, and LinkedIn advertising. Disruptive Advertising also works on conversion rate optimization (CRO), including landing page design, design by evolution, testing strategies, and existence testing. Their professional marketing team provides cutting-edge lifecycle marketing services, concentrating on email marketing, chatbots, and Text/SMS systems.

Capabilities: web analytics consulting, PPC management, site testing, lifecycle marketing

Gyro B2B Digital Marketing Agency

  • Type: Full-service marketing agency
  • Location: Global

When it comes to business marketing, Gyro has done everything with big expertise. They have won many prizes over the years and are considered one of the biggest creative business agencies in the world.

Recognized for being a global marketing ‘think tank,’ Gyro is very innovative and practical in its marketing ideas. Since their joining by the Dentsu Aegis Network in 2016, they are even more capable of meeting the requests of all types of businesses across a wide range of industries, like HP, Oxford, eBay, and Forbes.

Capabilities: SEO, CRM, Social media marketing, Loyalty marketing, Media planning and buying, Modelling and econometrics, Content marketing, Public Relations (PR), Marketing automation, Sustainability marketing, etc.

Mower B2B Digital Marketing Agency

  • Type: Full-service marketing agency
  • Location: United States

Founded in 1968, Mower is an independent, famous B2B marketing agency, providing its services in nine cities across the United States. They are skilled in realizing various marketing services but are more specialized in PR, public affairs, and strategic consulting.

Mower is very progressive in its marketing, providing a more integrated communication marketing approach to their clients from different areas. They are specialized in strategic marketing for several certain industries, such as finance, tourism industry, energy and sustainability, health care and construction, etc, such as Helio Health, GE Energy, and Bosch.

They also won the award for multichannel lead generation at the 2019 B2 Awards. 

Capabilities: Integrated marketing communications (IMC), Strategic consulting, PR & public affairs.

Stein IAS

  • Type: Full-service marketing agency
  • Location: Global (with alliances)

This is an internationally famous, award-winning marketing company that can do everything from creating your brand identity to generating demand for your products and services. They serviced brands like Merck, Ingredion, and Sylvania.

Capabilities: media buying and planning, social media marketing, building marketing strategy, implementing marketing automation, analytics, research, advertising, etc.

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I hope this list will be useful for you as you think through your B2B marketing needs. If you’re looking to create and distribute your content – get in touch with us. Here, at PRNEWS.IO, we want your business to grow with intelligent marketing that drives measurable results. 

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