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Product launch press release. The press release has long become an actively used tool of PR technologies. It is purely informational. Therefore, forget about direct advertising, head, and all the chips that are characteristic of advertising texts.

It is a very useful form of communication. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that companies use the best methods when writing them to communicate efficiently with society. Wish to know how to write a statement that attracts public attention? Then I advise you to read a few examples on the PRNEWS.IO.

Event Press Release Template

You will find for yourself all key points, building rules, materials on how to begin the document correctly. And if you do not want to bother, simply order service for handwriting a press release. The team will respond quickly to your message and offer the most appropriate options that will satisfy any customer.

Press release opportunities:

  • competently approached its compilation — it works for you;
  • did not pay due to attention — they profaned a cool reason.

It is an irreplaceable thing when you have concrete and important news for the audience, such as an exit of new goods to draw users’ attention to a new object and, respectively, to the brand.

What is Product Launch Press Release?

What is Product Launch Press Release?

A press release is the company’s official reporting for online or offline resources. The main goal is to help a business, company, or country attract valuable PR, which, in turn, increases the positive reflection of the corporation. A good press release holds key components, and most legal persons use it for PR purposes.

As a rule, thematic stories are published to allure the attention of the press. This is what firms need if they want to be talked about and if they want the news to be edited on more platforms.

Content of a Good Product Launch Press Release 

A good release should have the following main components:

  1. Banner — must contain the date and contact info of the person or firm issuing the press release.
  2. The title is quick and capacious, aimed at attracting a reporter and reader’s attention, at first sight, revealing the essence of the informational occasion.
  3. Lead — the first paragraph of the release that contains a digest of the note. High-quality leads previously to create a picture in the reader’s head and motivates them to read further. He can also be interestingly beaten by adding a couple of intriguing phrases.
  4. The body is the part that explains in more detail the essence of a product launch press release. It must reply to the questions of what, where, and when happens, who takes part, why it is done and what prospects it has. The submission of material is based on numbers, facts, comments (if necessary).
  5. Info about the corporation (direction of activity, products, services, etc.).
  6. Contact info (link to the internet site, telephone, email, fax, press contact person, and position). Simple and restrained, without excessive use of smart terms.

An excellent example of a product launch press release can be found on the PRNEWS.IO. Nothing extra, just the right material, after which everyone will know about your product.

product launch press release template

The major feature of it is the emphasis on the uniqueness of the item or on the obtainment conditions tempting the user (something that is especially attractive to your viewers). First of all, attention should focus on the benefits and innovations of the item and/or a seductive offer for potential customers, then everything else.

Press Release Filling 

Press Release Filling

Do not forget about significant nuances: 

  1. This should not be a detective with an intriguing denouement in the finale — all the most interesting writing at the beginning of the material.
  2. Brevity and simplicity. Do not complicate the article with long sentences with partial turns, complex phrases, and unknown abbreviations. And if you add the latter, then do not forget to decrypt them.
  3. When the article is written, it is time to read it aloud to yourself, a co-worker, a cat, and everyone else. This will help check the text for the absence of tautology, stationery, and verbal tinsel.
  4. After the release is subtracted, check punctuation and spelling again, and better give it to the corrector. The journalist is not a teacher with red ink; he will not rule anything in the fields but will simply close the document. 

Stages of Best Product Launch Press Release

Stages of Best Product Launch Press Release

Your handout, well written and strategically distributed, is a good weapon that will make your firm more visible in the market and raise your sales turnover. However, for the media to take your release and print the news, the item must be very interesting.

Let’s look at where to start, how to properly show all the advantages of a new product to take it to a new level: 

Begin with product research. You have to know the goods from A to Z. And for this purpose, you should study IN DETAIL it and to structure the obtained data in an accurate list.

Explore the target audience. When compiling a press statement, it is significant to take into account the type and profile of the publication to get as close as possible to understanding the crowd. These can be both print projects and online resources — youth, children, scientific and technical, entertainment, political, women’s, men’s. And they all have a particular circle of readers.

Also, each platform for publishing a press release puts forward its requirements that should be known. This is the allowed number of references, the size of the text, and even how the material is presented.

Compare the released product/version. Select the category to which the item belongs:

  • A new creation that opens a separate direction in your business. In this case, you can safely skip further study of this block.
  • The new product is an improved version of the old representative of the model line. Here you need to indicate what innovations have been introduced and how they simplify the life of users.
  • A new product that is not an advanced version of the old one but performs the same functions. It is necessary to explain in the language of facts why this product solves problems better than analogs.

Make a press release. Follow the rules described in this article or use the examples already available. When writing, use additional information: manager comments, quotes, photos of the product being released, reviews of those who already know it.

9 Characteristics of a Good Press Release to Pay Attention to

9 Characteristics of a Good Press Release to Pay Attention to

Writing a good release implies understanding what makes it effective in the modern world, where most statements are published on the Internet and not in print media.

Order Press-Release Writing Service Now

We highlighted key points that will help you make a good press release:

  1. It’s written professionally. It should be written by someone who has deep knowledge of the company or brand and has the skills necessary to compile it.
  2. Focused on one aim. In addition to the fact that striving for several goals in one press release would build it too long, this may leave the reader confused and not enlightened.
  3. The problem is discussed in detail. A good press release focuses on one problem and exhausts it. Provide complete relevant and comprehensive product info.
  4. Concise. People’s concentration is becoming increasingly difficult to attract, and publishing a press release filled with unnecessary words and suggestions will push people away.
  5. Indicates the location of the company. Although the particulars of the company can be found using a simple search on the Internet, most readers will not do this. This may not represent any discomfort for large and very popular companies or brands, but for small or emerging brands, this is a huge drawback.
  6. Multimedia. It is vital to add relevant photos in the press release to feature it and make it more attractive from an aesthetic point of view.
  7. Visual scanning. A good release should hold small paragraphs containing several sentences and spaces. This is because people’s attention intervals have become shorter, and they now scan the text visually rather than reading it. Plus, it’s a huge time-saving.
  8. References present. The aim is to prove to the reader that the author has not made any unverified allegations. This will increase confidence in the information.
  9. Encourages the exchange of information. The ultimate goal of the press release is to distribute the corporation’s message as it is possible for a bigger number of people. A good way to facilitate this is to contain release buttons on social networks and encourage readers to share information with friends and relatives.

How To Do Public Relations For Small Business

How to use

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FAQ: product launch press release

📍 How to write a press release for a product launch?

When preparing, pay attention to the value of the product, show all the benefits. Formulate short and understandable sentences without excesses of incomprehensible terms and abbreviations. Supplement the press release with multimedia data (pictures, infographics, videos) and links.

📍 What to include in a product launch press release?

5 main components of the product launch press release:

  • Memorable title.
  • The primary value in the first paragraph.
  • Inclusion of quote (1-2 pieces).
  • Details.
  • Firm contact information.

📍 How much would it cost a press release for a product launch?

You can order the writing of a press release on our site. The price is $40-45.

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