How to Get 450+ Links from Quality Domains for Free

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If you are involved in the development of your website, business, or personal brand in digital, sooner or later you will face such a concept as link building. In other words, you have to get backlinks to your content anyway.

For sure, you’ve already read lots of articles and instructions about the different methods of link building. Today we will not dive into theory or analyze one or another approach. In this post, I want to share an example that brought our site many quality links for free.

So, buckle up, we’ll continue with a lot of practice and a little theory.

What’s happened?

On the PRNEWS.IO blog, we have an article called “Twitter Shadowban: What Is It and How to Remove It”, which got 450+ backlinks received completely organically (that is, for free).

Moreover, among the free links there are quite high-quality ones, for instance, from the domain, where in their article they literally quote PRNEWS.IO:

So let’s try to understand how this could happen in a world where link building is quite a profitable business, and what you can do for free is just look at links.

Analysis of the article

First, let’s analyze the article that brings traffic and backlinks to the site. As you can see, the number of backlinks to the article has steadily increased for the second year already, which means the effect is long-term.

This is the main superpower of quality content marketing. Yes, you will spend a lot of money on creating and distributing content, but the effect of those actions is quite long-lasting, if not a lifetime.

Quality content will bring you traffic and backlinks throughout the existence of your website, YouTube channel, or any other project focused on organic traffic.

This is one of the main differences between content marketing and paid advertising. Once you disable the ad, the lead generation will stop instantly. Content does not require additional investments “after” and can organically bring you leads and traffic for a long time.

If you look at the keywords for which the article is ranked, it becomes obvious – with the increase in backlinks to the article, the number of keywords also increases, which means a traffic boost.

On the other hand, the higher the article is in the Google search, and the more traffic it brings, the more backlinks it gets organically. We’re receiving a  vicious circle.

Analyzing the backlinks of the article, we see many links from domains with high DR:

Moreover, every day the number of backlinks gradually increases, that is, after a while, the effect of the article will multiply:

It’s not an article, but the goose that lays the golden eggs, isn’t it?

How to write such an article?

If you look at the result, everything looks quite obvious. I don’t want to quote a marketing “guru” here, but the basic recipe looks like this: write quality content, people will like them and they themselves will organically link to your content.

It’s simple, right? Why then is it so difficult to repeat success?

Because we live in a world of optimized content. Literally, EVERYONE tries to write “good” longreads and give comprehensive information in their articles. By choosing this path, you enter the path of fierce struggle and high competition. Not everyone will survive there.

So what to do?

There is a fairly simple technique, the result of which is the article we are talking about today. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the PRNEWS.IO blog mainly covers the topics of PR, personal branding, and reputation… so why is there a topic about Twitter?

The bottom line is that we write a certain percentage of blog content for keywords with low complexity (KD), but the high frequency (Volume), even if such topics are somewhat distant from the main topic of our blog. That is, part of the articles on the blog are written on topics with which it is relatively easy to get to the top of Google without additional efforts on link building.

Of course, in an ideal world, such keywords should comply with the niche of the blog… but small (the key here is small! Don’t lose your head) deviations often bring positive results.

How to choose a topic?

There are many instructions on how to make a content plan on the Internet. They all deserve a place to live.

In our case, it makes sense to choose keywords that:

  • have the lowest possible KD and high volume;
  • don’t conflict on topic with the blog, ideal if you find such keywords in your niche.

That is, you need to think carefully, and then conduct research using Ahrefs, Semrush, or any other service convenient for you. Picking up topics for such articles is not an easy task and requires some ingenuity.

If you analyze the Twitter shadowban key, it turns out to be not so simple (We estimate that you’ll need backlinks from ~68 websites to rank in the top 10 for this keyword):

But further research shows that there are quite a lot of long-tail keywords that are in the green zone (that is, have a low KD), but at the same time their volume (the number of Google queries per month, roughly) remains high:

It follows that the “Twitter shadowban” key is perfect if you want to get a lot of traffic to your site with minimal effort.

Next, it’s a matter of small things – writing a comprehensive, high-quality article on the topic. The only thing I warn you about is not producing copycat content. You should not rewrite the three most popular articles on the topic on the Internet. What is the point of such content? What is the added value?

Brief instruction

So how to get free links from quality domains?

Choose a topic for the article where KD+Volume = Love

  • write a quality article (I understand, it sounds like a challenge — HOW to write quality articles that Google loves is a topic for a separate article);
  • do minimal distribution (your newsletter, social media, etc.);
  • wait for the result.

If you did everything correctly, you will definitely see the result after a certain time. We received the first results for our article after 2.5 months. The search network needs this time to index and analyze your content.

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