Best Digital Marketing Agency in Atlanta 2023

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Looking for the best Digital Marketing Agency in Atlanta? Online marketing has forever changed how brands attract their clients and generate revenue. If you’re thinking about hiring a digital marketing company to help you promote your brand image, position your company in search rankings, or enhance your social media presence, we’re here to help. Here you can find the most appropriate digital marketing agency Atlanta-based. Read descriptions, functionalities, and awards to find which can best suit your company’s needs.

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Digital Marketing Agency Atlanta 2023

The NineHertz

The NineHertz - Digital Marketing Agency Atlanta.

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The NineHertz is a digital agency that was founded in 2008. It is dedicated to providing seamless ideas that will connect technology and the different industries that they support. 

The NineHertz is a top-rated company known for their app and mobile app development services, they also provide digital marketing services and work on Search Engine Optimization, PPC management, Facebook marketing, online reputation management, social media optimization, LinkedIn marketing, and email marketing.

With the best digital marketing specialists in their team, they guarantee to boost your marketing image through the use of different online services and ideas that they have.

Brown Bag Marketing

Brown Bag Marketing- Digital Marketing Agency Atlanta.

Website | Twitter

Brown Bag Marketing is a digital marketing agency based in Atlanta that specializes in offline marketing, social media, and digital marketing. The marketing experts at this agency will provide you with innovative marketing strategies with expert execution to achieve business results. Its list of services varies from web development and content and social media marketing to media solutions. They also have the experience to manage and create advertising campaigns, develop and promote brands, and increase conversions.

Brown Bag Marketing is a digital marketing agency that focuses in traditional, social media, and digital marketing. The professionals at this agency provide innovative marketing strategies with expert implementation to achieve the highest business results. Its services range from web development to content and social media marketing and media campaigns. They also have the knowledge and expertise to manage and create advertising campaigns, develop and promote brands, and increase conversions.

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency - Digital Marketing Agency Atlanta.

Website | Twitter

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency was created from the philosophy that a great online marketing strategy can help companies outperform their competitors. This idea drives their primary service line of SEO, PPC, and social media strategy for their range of small business clients.

Imagine Media Consulting

Imagine Media Consulting - Digital Marketing Agency Atlanta.

Website | Twitter

Imagine Media Consulting is an Atlanta-based digital marketing company that helps brands in many types of businesses with social media marketing. They serve businesses and industries like fashion, food and beverage, professional services, bridal, real estate, B2B, and health and fitness. The agency offers analytics and reporting services, blog and newsletter content, video campaigns, custom content creation with search engine optimization, social media paid campaigns, and photography and styling to boost brand recognition.

Vision Works PR Firm, LLC

Vision Works PR Firm, LLC - Digital Marketing Agency Atlanta.

Website | Twitter

Vision Works PR Firm, LLC, provides public relations and digital marketing services for public persons, small businesses, and companies. The firm’s PR and marketing services offer operations such as market research, print, and social media campaigns, web development, and press relations. Vision Works also provides help throughout crisis planning activities and special events. This marketing agency has been in business for more than a decade and also serves clients around the New York City region.

M16 Marketing

M16 Marketing - Digital Marketing Agency Atlanta.

Website | Twitter

M16 Marketing is a premier web design agency that promises the best marketing results to all its clients. They deliver the best brand campaign outcome through their cumulative processes of strategy and research, web design and development, analytics, and marketing. Big or small projects, they can operate within it and provide a customized plan to guarantee that their online marketing will reach a large target audience and get more potential customers.

Even located in Atlanta, the M16 Marketing agency is one of the top digital marketing agencies in the US. They ensure to boost traffics on your website and get a lot of potential leads that will expand your company’s profit and revenue. 


Hum JAM - Digital Marketing Agency Atlanta.

Website | Twitter

Atlanta-based Hum JAM is a digital marketing company created by Joseph Kahn and Joey Trend. With over 25 years of experience, the agency is able to create digital strategies to involve audiences and potential sales conversion. Its team of SEO professionals creates relevant content through videos, graphics, emails, and social media engagement on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube. Hum JAM also offers web design services that focus on user experience, appropriate infrastructure, web hosting, data backup, and security.


Infinitee - Digital Marketing Agency Atlanta.

Website | Twitter

Infinitee is a full-service digital marketing company that services large and small businesses. It specializes in brand identity building, social media marketing, and marketing campaigns. The company has over 240 years of overall experience in retail and real estate marketing, and it has realized over 150 integrated marketing campaigns. They also provide services in creating advertising materials, retail marketing and visual merchandising, SEO optimization and email campaigns, visual and written content development, and recruitment marketing.

Morrison – Digital Marketing Agency Atlanta

Morrison - Digital Marketing Agency Atlanta.

Website | Twitter

Morrison is another experienced digital marketing company located in Atlanta. The agency has worked with many well-known brands, such as Samsung, Mitsubishi, and RaceTrac. Its team has experience providing an online presence for its clients through the use of search engine optimization and social media management. Their goal is to lead potential clients to the website using specific keywords and content on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Double Up Digital – Digital Marketing Agency Atlanta

Double Up Digital - Digital Marketing Agency Atlanta.

Website | Twitter

Double Up Digital is an Atlanta full-service web design and digital marketing company. The agency is good at providing UX/UI design focused on driving higher conversion rates, custom web development projects, and SEO campaigns for improving organic search rankings. Its team develops apps compatible with Android and iOS systems and creates content for all major social media networks. Also, the agency offers copywriting and content marketing services. Double Up Digital belongs also to a list of Google Partners.

LYFE Marketing – Digital Marketing Agency Atlanta

LYFE Marketing - Digital Marketing Agency Atlanta.

Website | Twitter

YFE Marketing is a digital marketing company that services its clients since 2011. The company uses a variety of services to boost traffic and customers to its customers’ websites. The members of its team are experts in pay-per-click management, search engine optimization, content, and email marketing, and consulting. They also help their clients with advertising and management of social media profiles, such as Facebook and Instagram, to create a successful online presence.

Newman Web Solutions, LLC – Digital Marketing Agency Atlanta

Newman Web Solutions, LLC

Website | Twitter

Newman Web Solutions LLC is a digital marketing company with over 20 years of experience, specializing in web design and SEO. This marketing agency, which helps small and large businesses locally and nationwide, was awarded Best Marketing Consultants in Atlanta by Expertise in 2019. Its web design and development services include website audits, page optimization, and creation and distribution, as well as on-and off-page SEO. Newman Web Solutions also help clients in building WordPress sites, and it offers professional logo design.

Vert – Digital Marketing Agency Atlanta


Website | Twitter

Vert is a digital marketing and advertising agency that was created by Kevin Planovsky, Matt Griffin, and Michael Lentz in 2009. They were the first in mobile advertising. They have maximized the potential that the digital landscape brings and innovated it to help create awareness on the different companies and clients that they collaborate. Boasting a pool of professionals when it comes to digital media, digital brand strategy, web design, full-stack development, analytics, and CRM, they can guarantee to help your project create a lasting mark in the industry. 

Go Getter Marketing Group, Inc. – Digital Marketing Agency Atlanta

Go Getter Marketing Group, Inc.

Website | Twitter

Go Getter Marketing Group Inc. is a digital marketing company in Atlanta. The agency’s team has over 35 years of experience with marketing and sales, and their client base includes small businesses and corporations. The team helps its clients with digital and pay-per-click advertising, online marketing training for management, and SEO services. Additionally, its team helps clients create a strategy and content plan for social media platforms to attract more users.


When it comes to choosing the right digital marketing agency to promote your business, it’s important to find someone that’s trustworthy and reliable. If you want someone with a good reputation, experience, and the skills to tackle whatever challenge you may throw at them, you’ll find it in this list. If you want the same compilation in other cities, let us know in the comments below.

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