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Let’s talk a bit about the obvious things. One of them is why even the great text needs pictures.

During the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, experiment scientists found out that it takes only 0.013 seconds for the human brain to determine the image meaning.

A bit more than one-hundredth of a second will be needed to understand that there are sea surf and two beautiful girls in swimsuits depicted above. Girls run into the sea. It seems they are enjoying the rest.

Sea rest usually causes positive emotions. In case if you have not been on vacation yet, you are probably planning it. If you already tired of sea photos, perhaps you grimaced discontentedly. Well, if you basically do not like a seaside vacation, you probably react neutrally.

We wouldn’t describe all the emotions that you could feel by watching this picture. But we state that it took from 0.013 до 0.08 seconds.

You will need 10 to 20 seconds to read the description of the picture. Thus, in order to read the text with the same amount of information, you will have to spend 125-1500 times more time.

Even if the text is laconic, accurate and interesting.

Note that if you buy the text and pay at the same time for the number of characters, the author with a sufficient degree of intoxication or inspiration will try to flash intellect and vocabulary, waving in front of the reader’s nose with all the same amount of useful information per capita alphanumeric population. All these rapturous descriptions of the sea, beach holidays, beautiful women, and holidays could be boring. If this bad person will break his clever thoughts into paragraphs only once in 5-10 sentences, allowing himself to break a maximum of 3-5 times for the entire text of 10 000 characters, even an attentive and meticulous reader will start to stir up around the third paragraph. Depressing the fifth piece of text so imposing in size that the letters pour out of their ears, the most plodding one will wonder whether the story of a sea tour really hooked him so much to spend a rather indefinite amount of time trying to extract from this long result the persistent labors of graphomania any benefit. The most patient ones will become tired by the middle of the text. The average reader stopped reading this text five minutes ago.

If you mastered the previous paragraph, we assume that it was given to you with much greater difficulty than the beginning of the article where the picture was shown to you. If you have not even read it, congratulations, you have already understood what is the essence.

Save Reader’s Time

Time is the most valuable resource. The number of important and necessary texts is growing exponentially while the number of unimportant and unnecessary ones exceeded all conceivable scales. Every second you save for the reader is important.
Saving the reader’s time could be managed by a good headline and sub-headings, competent layout, and formatting. But the main thing is qualitative illustrations, each of which reflects the idea of ​​the text, and sometimes can replace the whole paragraph.

It’s easy to accept and comprehend the information offered if the text is well-structured.

Structured information and thoughtful illustrations are the basis for submitting educational material.

It is easy to understand the text if it’s well-structured. In this case, it is easy to remember something important. The easier it is to remember, the more likely the reader will remember about you, especially if he or she needs your product.

If a paragraph of text can be conveyed by an illustration, you should use a picture. Save reader’s time.

Illustrations Convey the Idea More Effectively

Channel, which is most actively filled with “information noise”, works worse than the rest ones.

In the grocery store, you visit after work your emotions are usually influenced visually but not via scents or voice.

When the visual channel is full of information, and already tired buyer is more interested in the scent than in the beautiful packaging of the goods. Especially if there’s a set of a beautiful package of cookies around but the smell of fresh, warm, and soft bread is only one. And it’s beckoning from somewhere around the corner.

If there are a lot of beautiful packages fresh bread scent works effectively.

The text is still used more frequently on the Internet in order to convey information. So even the strangest picture, which is relevant to the context, has a chance to be more effective than the text. Because there are a lot of letters, and not so many pictures there.

Actually, this explains the popularity of Instagram and Youtube, vlogs, and podcasts. Through the new information channels, where there is less noise, it’s easier to get through with the average quality of content.

On the Internet, we read millions of authors and billions of texts. Too many people write the texts. However, even good authors do not always know how to select or, even more so, create relevant, qualitative, and relevant text illustrations.

Many people write cool texts, many of them choose excellent illustrations. Very few people know how to do both.

Illustrations Are Always Remembered

Images that evoke vivid emotions remain in memory are better than imaginary, causing equally vivid emotions, but is built on the basis of text in the reader’s brain. Visibility is one of the important principles of preserving information by the human brain.

The fact that is backed by emotions (for example, an emotion-inducing image) remains in memory for a long time. One of the evolutionary features of our body is a more careful treatment of situations that cause an emotional reaction. At the same time, studies confirm that “emotional” memorization focuses on the essence of the experience, discarding details that can be recalled if necessary, restoring the main picture of events.

Therefore, if you have a choice of two illustrations, where the first one causes emotions, and the second does not, you should give preference to the first one. It will prove to be more effective.

We will make your moving comfortable: these illustrations will be useful to the carrier company.

In this case, positive emotions are remembered better than negative ones because memory dislodges unpleasant memories and enhances pleasant ones. This is due to the fact that if the good and bad in the situation was 50/50, after a while in our memory this ratio will change and we will remember positive ones.

Perhaps the reader will not remember the text in detail, but he or she will easily remember a bright positive picture.

Nothing Illustrates Your Product Better Than an Image

Yes, it’s obvious. And yet the cost of quality texts, SEO, and other PR for business owners often look more reasonable than the cost of a photoshoot.

The latter often seem to be self-indulgence “for those who have already achieved everything”, so many prefer to use images from photo stocks. Well, we are doing the same.

But if your business has a material expression, then damn it, invite a professional photographer once and make high-quality photos. Real, sincere, your own ones.

Even imperfect, your own photos are always better than stock images.

Do this trick from time to time, especially after the next re-branding or release of a new product line.

The thing is that real photos of real products do not create high expectations for the customer, which means they help to satisfy him. The client receives exactly what he sees in the picture, neither more nor less. And a satisfied customer is a loyal customer.

If the goods in fact do not hold out to licked stock illustrations, the buyer will probably be disappointed. Even the curves of “pictures on the sneakers”, if they demonstrate real products, can be useful. Proved by AliExpress.

Stock photos can work against you. Make your own.

Any Illustrations Are Better Than Nothing

Year by year you hold a fashionable digital conference, where you gather the most famous experts of the industry and you still could not invite a professional photographer. It sounds strange.

The more technologically advanced your business is, the more you need cool illustrations. This causes the confidence of customers. In addition, the client is willing to pay more if he sees in advance that there is something to pay for.

But if your fashionable digital conference is illustrated from year to year with equally dark, blurry photos, made by a pompous PR man through the minds of listeners, this does not cause confidence. Is it really 2018, if you still do not know how to work with graphic content?

If your services do not have material expression, then think out interesting concepts, visualize ideas, embody them in images. Attract not only photographers but also designers. Create memes, collages, posters, photophones.

On the wall of our office we created our own background for corporate photos.

In the future, the company’s own photobank will facilitate any communication. Here, look what we had yesterday and that’s how we finished it today. Here we slapped the button, and there we have a new color. Find 10 differences.

Technological business needs steep illustrations.

The importance of images is often underestimated. However, quality images can have even greater significance than quality text. Good illustrations allow you to remember the essence of the text better, and good photos of the goods contribute to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Even if you are offering services that do not have material expression, develop its own concept of high-quality graphic content and collect corporate image bank. In the future, this will greatly enhance the effectiveness of any marketing and PR communications.

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