This comprehensive workbook is ideal for do-it-yourself publicity plans. 100+ Ideas to get your business noticed.

Informed by the authors' decades of public relations professional and teaching experience, this hands-on book gives 100+ content ideas for your B2B startup.

Your prospects are being buffeted by a firehose of information. If you’re hoping to win their attention, you’d better be prepared to earn it.

Here are five ways businesses can use publicity to help their brand:

  1. Focus on your image and reputation

  2. Bolster your social media presence

  3. Be transparent about your brand's values

  4. Build lasting relationships with the media

  5. Increase brand visibility

Publicity allows you to reach your audience in a strategic way. Crafting press releases and pitching exclusive stories to the media can really help get your brand seen. The media coverage received can help create a lasting relationship with the customer while you are building trust with them. And trust is everything in the business world. 

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“It might take a lot of patience and perseverance to manage one's online reputation. It complements your internet presence and content marketing approach, but it also calls for certain unique strategies. Negative publicity cannot be undone, but you can protect your practice from it by generating enough favorable news. In this eBook, you will find 100+ topics for media publications about your business.”

- Alexander Storozhuk, Founder & Board Member at PRNEWS.IO, content marketing platform helping brands be mentioned in online media.

Online Publicity Workbook: 

Effective Strategies to Increase Publicity for Your Business