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Terms Of Use For Publishers

This Terms of Use is a legally binding Agreement (“Agreement”) between you ("user", "you" or "your") and PRNEWS OÜ (including its subsidiaries PRNEWS LIMITED in Hong Kong, PRNEWS Inc in the USA, affiliates, agents, and assigns) ("", "we", "us", "our"), regarding your use of the PRNEWS.IO services. They shall apply to all users of the PRNEWS.IO website. Please read the Terms of Use carefully. If you do not agree with them, you should leave PRNEWS.IO website and discontinue use of the PRNEWS.IO services immediately.

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General may modify the Terms of Use occasionally. You agree to be bound to any changes to this Agreement when you use the PRNEWS.IO services after any such modification is posted. Therefore, you must review this Agreement regularly to ensure you are updated as to any changes.

Last update of this agreement - May 30, 2024

Publisher Registration, Personal Identification, Entry into The Terms Of Use

PRNEWS.IO allows Private Persons and Companies who have passed identification procedures (such as KYC, AML, etc.) and read and agreed with these Terms to use the services offered by PRNEWS.IO, including offer services via the Platform and entering into agreements. An unidentified Publisher cannot use the Platform services except to modify or supplement their data and personal identification.

Our service provider, Veriff, carries out the identification procedures in connection with legal requirements and full compliance with the GDPR and other legislation in personal data. You can learn more about the processing of your data in our Privacy Policy.

The publisher status is acquired at the moment that the user registers on the website as such and is recorded of his entry in the "Register of Publishers".

Once registered, the Publisher (whether editor, editor, or influencer) must check the websites or social accounts included in his editor profile. The data provided by the editor must be verified by the appropriate means and at all times PRNEWS.IO deems appropriate to ensure the quality and safety of its service.

Under no circumstances will PRNEWS.IO. be responsible for the veracity of the data provided by the publisher and reserve the right to cancel the publisher's account if this provides false data or does not verify in due time the ownership of the websites provided and social profiles.

On the necessary quality of the websites owned by the publisher

PRNEWS.IO may not accept websites or blogs owned by the publisher when these are considered by the quality team of PRNEWS.IO as:

  • Link farms: those pages that have a large number of outgoing links, whether contextual or not, and that could harm our advertisers, either through a penalty in search engines or with a transfer of LinkJuice far below what would be expected from the service provided by PRNEWS.IO.
  • Review farms: we understand those pages that are dedicated to selling reviews in large quantities to make your website profitable. PRNEWS.IO considers a blog or website a review farm when the ratio between sponsored articles and own articles is less than 1 to 10 (1 sponsored article for every 10 own articles).
  • Low quality: Those pages that do not meet the requirements of domain rank or minimum stylistic quality and optimization for the quality team of PRNEWS.IO.
  • Duplicate: Websites with content duplicate, partially copied, translated, or spun content will not be accepted in the Editor's profile. Likewise, websites created using the Wix platform or containing advertising that prevents smooth navigation through the website will not be accepted. This being the most common case, the company reserves the right not to accept any other websites that it understands do not meet the minimum standards to be offered on the platform.

On the execution, nature, conditions, and deadlines of the work entrusted to it

The publishers' services must be 100% original and exclusive for the work contracted by the advertiser. Likewise, the posts must be written by the editor, who assumes full ownership of the text and exempts PRNEWS.IO from any liability and the advertiser from the misuse of protected material. Sponsored posts can only contain the links indicated (from 1 to 4 maximum) by the advertiser in the order.

The services provided by the publisher are PERMANENT and, therefore, posts contracted during the life of the website may not be deleted. If the website is deleted within one year after the service is contracted with the advertiser, the amount the client pays will be deducted from his purse. In case of sale of the website, the post contracted must be notified to the new owner to maintain them, not being an excuse to buy and sell to delete them.

Publishers have a period of 2 calendar days to accept the work and, for the completion of the work, the time limit is set by the advertiser. After this period, PRNEWS.IO understands that the publisher has not complied with the obligation and, therefore, may take appropriate measures to ensure that its service is not interrupted by the malpractice of the publisher, resulting in the cancellation of the work sent. Under no circumstances will works submitted after the deadline described above be accepted. If a post has been contracted within the "press" section, the Editor coordinates the publication times according to their publication schedule.

In case the advertiser considers that modifications should be made to the originally submitted work, the publisher will have four days to resubmit the work with the relevant changes. If the deadline is not met, the work is not delivered and, therefore, canceled.

Once the commissioned work has been carried out and when it has been reviewed and approved by the advertiser, the amount of the service will be incorporated into the publisher's purse, and the right to collect the agreed amount will be recognized. Approval by the advertiser will be limited to verifying that the mandate has been executed in the terms negotiated.

Article Writing Services

The editor exclusively cedes the rights of exploitation of the intellectual property sold to the advertiser, granting the same power to exploit the work to the exclusion of third parties, including the assignor himself, and empowers him to grant non-exclusive authorizations to third parties. Likewise, it confers legitimacy, independently of that of the assignor, to prosecute violations that affect the faculties assigned to it.

The editor, as guarantor of the authorship of the works, exonerates both the advertiser and PRNEWS.IO from all liability to third parties and consequently assumes all claims, including compensation for damages, which may be exercised against those mentioned above by third parties who could understand their intellectual property rights or industrial property infringed on the works subject to the assignment.

On possible incidences related to the work carried out

The following are the most common incidents recorded between publishers and Advertisers. In any case, and even if it is not expressly included, any anomaly must be compulsorily reported to the website to organize a solution. Any incident that involves the reimbursement to the advertiser of what has been paid will suppose a correlative decrease for that amount coming from the publisher's purse.

Related to the disappearance of the post:

  • In case of a sale of the website or low PRNEWS.IO, the new owner must be notified not to delete sponsored posts sold on the platform. The social mentions must remain for a minimum of 30 days published.
  • In case of website disappearance within one year of hiring the advertiser, the contract with the Publisher will be canceled and legal action will be taken to recover the subscriber.
  • In the event of erroneous deletion, the "website" will contact the publisher to restore the link. In the event of a refusal, it will be deducted from the balance in your wallet.

Change post URL:

  • The editor will be obliged to make a 301 redirection so that the post is available from PRNEWS.IO and the traffic is crossed, regardless of whether the URL change is motivated by a change in the domain address or in the post itself.
  • Change of link from "follow" to "no follow"
  • The "website" will contact the publisher to transform the link. In the event of a refusal, it will be deducted from the balance in your wallet.


Amounts received from the Advertiser, less any commission due to PRNEWS.IO, shall be deemed payable to the Publisher and paid to the Publisher upon request.

Payments will be made considering the appropriate withholding taxes for each type of publisher and its tax regime. PRNEWS.IO is not responsible for non-compliance with the tax obligations of its publishers and will consider valid the data provided by the publisher as "TAX DATA".

In addition to the above, will only proceed to give the order for payment if there is an invoice issued for the service performed. If they are individuals and cannot issue an invoice, they will be issued a receipt for payment.

Payments will be made by Bank transfer (Wire transfer) or Payoneer (option will be available in August 2021).

Payments by bank transfer: The minimum credit to request payment by bank transfer will be 25 USD. The publisher will assume all the commissions that may result from the use of this system of payment to publishers.

Payments through the Payoneer system: The minimum credit to be able to request payment through Payoneer will be 5 USD.

Finally, a period of up to 2 working days may elapse between the payment request and the corresponding verifications and final payment by PRNEWS.IO.

On confidentiality

Finally, the publisher is bound to the strictest confidentiality on accepted, rejected or canceled orders. In cases where the publisher does not comply with this obligation, PRNEWS.IO reserves the right to cancel the account and take legal action to safeguard its interests and those of its clients.

On unfair practices

Under no circumstances may the publisher offer its services directly to the advertiser using bridging or any other technique. In the event of such a situation, PRNEWS.IO reserves the right to take appropriate legal action to safeguard their interests.


You shall indemnify PRNEWS.IO against any and all liability, claims, losses, damages, costs, and expenses (including reasonable attorney fees) that PRNEWS.IO incurs or suffers as a result of any breach by you of these Terms or any third party claim arising as a result of any content.


You agree that PRNEWS.IO may terminate your access to the PRNEWS.IO services for violations or suspects of violations of the TOU and/or requests by authorized law enforcement or other government agencies.

Dispute resolution

If a dispute arises between you and us, our goal is to provide you with a neutral and cost-effective means of resolving the dispute quickly. In the event of a dispute, we encourage you first to contact us at to try resolving your problem directly with us.

Governing Law; Jurisdiction

This Agreement, and all matters arising out of or relating to this Agreement, shall be governed by the Estonian laws. The parties hereto consent to the jurisdiction and venue of the courts of Estonia and agree that all disputes between the parties shall be litigated only therein.

Mandatory Litigation

Except as explicitly provided in this Agreement, any dispute or claim relating in any way to your access to the PRNEWS.IO website or your use of PRNEWS.IO services, or otherwise arising out of or relating to this Agreement or the PRNEWS.IO services that cannot be resolved directly between you and us shall be resolved by the respective court of Estonia. You and agree that any litigation shall be limited to the dispute between PRNEWS.IO and you individually. website performance

You acknowledge that maintenance, upgrades, “bugs” and other planned or unplanned causes or circumstances may result in interruptions or errors in the PRNEWS.IO services and accept that (although will make reasonable efforts to keep and maintain the service uninterrupted, timely, secure, error-free accessible and error-free) your use of the PRNEWS.IO services may be subject to such interruptions and errors.


By submitting information to PRNEWS.IO through or in relation to the services provided by PRNEWS.IO (or registration for an account with PRNEWS.IO) you accept that will use such information to administer and provide the services and to analyse the use of the services. Registration data and certain other information about you is subject to our Privacy Policy.

No Third Beneficiaries

This Agreement is concluded between you and PRNEWS.IO. No user has any rights to force to enforce any rights it may have against you or any other user.

For any other questions or concerns, please contact us at

PRNEWS OÜ (ID number: 14603363)
Address: Laeva tn 1, Kesklinna linnaosa, 10111, Tallinn, Harju maakond, Estonia