What is Semrush Rank?

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What is Semrush rank? SEMrush was created in 2008. It started with a mission to make online competition transparent and fair. The idea was to create such a platform where everyone can get equal opportunities to boost their projects and businesses. Just in 9 years, the company grew itself in such a way that everyone wants their service starting from small start-ups to big companies. For SEMrush it all became possible due to their experiments and huge work. Now they are a world-leading reliable research service for digital marketers.

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What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is a web-based trustworthy analyzing tool, allowing users to monitor not just their own, but also organic and paid keyword activity of their competitors. This service works scanning the search engine result pages (SERPs) of Google and Bing US to pick out and pull together the top 20 results for both organic and paid keyword searches. 

With a databank that is constantly increasing, SEMrush claims to analyze data for more than 100 million keywords and 71 million domains. This database allows users to analyze their competition operating with keywords, organic rankings for domains and landing URLs, AdWords ad copies, backlink analysis, CPC and ad positions, search and traffic volumes, and more. And with these instruments SEMrush allows businesses to improve their marketing and advertising strategies of the companies.

SEMrush uses a live update algorithm to revise all of its databanks on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The program is useful for SEO/SEM professionals, digital marketers, copywriters, business owners. It does not require downloading and is subscription-based.

SEMrush Rank

What is SEMrush rank?

The main aim of any online project is to provide a high rank. A high ranking of a website gives your business big opportunities. The assigned rank to the website itself shows which place they take in the competition.

Semrush Rank is its exclusive ranking of the domains on the Internet with the highest organic visibility. It is a custom ranking assigned to each of the 784 million desktops and 32 million mobile domains that Semrush tracks.

SEMRush reveals whether SERP results are overcome by high authority domains with well-established organic rankings for multiple keywords. It is the rank that the domain ranks in its domain database, how visible a domain is in organic search rankings for the one hundred million plus keywords Semrush tracks. So the lower the rank number, the bigger the website’s online presence, the better the rank. For example, websites like Wikipedia, Youtube, and Facebook all have SEMrush rank less than 10. 

How Is It Calculated?

What is SEMrush?

The ranking is built on monthly data from the Semrush database and can be used for any of the regional databases. Historical data in this report turns back to January 2012. SEMrush rank is based on how much estimated monthly traffic websites are getting from organic search. This feature estimates the exact domain against 40 million domains based on traffic/costs/ad keywords etc. 

SEMrush rank is calculated by measuring the estimated traffic that goes to a domain from all of the organic positions they have for the domain in SEMrush’s database. 

This rank is based on the total organic traffic and the value of this traffic. So if you see a domain with high traffic but a relatively low traffic price, you may conclude that it has targeting keywords that do not convert very effectively.

Keep in mind that SEMrushes’s database can keep all of the rankings that a domain has within Google’s first 10 results pages. To be able to analyze this report you need to understand the next parameters:

SE Keywords stands for the number of organic keywords that the domain has rankings for within Google’s first 10 results pages.

SE Traffic is the estimation of how much traffic the domain gets from its SE Keywords. It is calculated by multiplying the average click-through rate for the positions the domain has. It also shows how much monthly search volume each keyword has. Therefore this number is a monthly valuation of organic search traffic.

Costs are the approximated price of acquiring that level of organic search traffic if a domain were to pay for Google Ads ads and get traffic from the same keywords. So, this is not an amount that the domain is spending. This is an estimation of how valuable their organic traffic is based on the price of advertising on the keywords that they get organic traffic from.

Paid keywords show you the number of keywords, where Semrush found out the domain buying in Google Ads to launch a PPC ad on the search results page.

Paid traffic is a metric that shows the amount of monthly traffic the domain receives from the paid keywords Semrush found the domain advertising on.

What Are the Best Uses of It?

This report is useful if you are going to create a brand new website and need to find positions that aren’t dominated by major high-authority online projects. The first step is getting a URL in the top 20 results which aren’t so valuable. Later, when your domain becomes well-established, you’re ready to attack the first page. The next reports will be useful for this:

Competitive Analysis Reference

You can use this report as a helpful tool for any competitive analysis or Internet research. Compare Semrush ranks between multiple websites to understand how much stronger or weaker a competitor’s web presence is to yours. The closer the Semrush Rank is to the top, the stronger the website’s online presence. 

Lead Generation & Prospecting

With this report, you can find out which domains from this list have the most paid keywords, paid traffic, and approximate paid traffic budget. 

If you work in marketing and want to find leads that already spend a certain amount of money on PPC ads, this report will be a great place to look for you.

Global Internet Research

Since Semrush Rank can be calculated in any of our local databases, you could identify the top websites in various global niches to compare how popular domains perform in different parts of the world.

For more information you can cross-reference Semrush Rank with other ranking-related metrics and reports on Semrush:

1. Winners & Losers – a list of the domains that have made the biggest progress and fall in a global view. This report is a great resource for scanning the top domains and identifying popular websites that are improving their presence on search engines.

You can discover each month’s biggest winners and losers by:

  • Organic search keywords
  • Organic search traffic
  • Costs (value of organic traffic, based on Google Ads pricing for organic keywords of a domain)
  • Paid search keywords
  • Paid search traffic
  • Paid traffic price

2. Traffic Rank – a list of domains based on how many monthly visits they attract. It measures the most popular websites within our database based on the number of users visiting their sites.

Bottom Line

SEMrush is your keyword private researcher. The website and keyword databank are updating so often that your competitive analysis and keyword (organic and paid) research will always be up-to-date, helping for more efficient SEO and PPC campaign development.

The service is clear, intuitive, and engaging. SEMrush can also be used for strategic online planning. You may find potential gaps in your business that are yet to be targeted by your competitors, which is a great way to tap into new segments of the niche.

Whilst the traffic analysis provided by the service may not align with your traffic reports in Google Analytics, the keyword data is highly precise. SEMrush can serve you with great confidence when performing a competitive analysis or planning your next SEO or PPC campaign. Having this knowledge will allow you to do more to improve your strategies and gives you the chance to move up the ladder, both on organic and paid searches. 

SEMrush is one tool marketers should use. Do you use SEMrush? Tell me about your favorite features and experiences with this tool.

FAQ: What is semrush rank

? What is SEMrush rank?

Semrush Rank provides a range of data about each domain in the business niche. It allows to estimate the size of the business compared to each other, and find out how big their advertising budget is, how many keywords they cover and how their websites perform in different countries and locations.

? What is a good SEMrush rank?

The lower the number, the better the rank.

? How to check ad rank SEMrush?

To check ad rank SEMrush you should go to the  Position Tracking report in SEMrush. The Advertising toolkit covers the following processes:

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Ad Research and Creation

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